Monday, 23 July 2012

A successful Sunday!

Hey everyone!
How was your Sunday? Relaxing? Get much done? 
Well, I certainly did! Today was super successful for me! I did sleep in a bit late (I dragged my butt out of bed at 10am'ish). But I was straight into doing my 'jobs'... I started with laundry, super fun as always! 
And then I randomly decided to mow the lawn, I figured it is a good work out (I've been lazy and haven't worked out in a little while!) & plus it needed to be done...
How my morning was spent... Mow some lawn, throw a toy... Seriously, mowing with dogs is tough!

 After that I played with my dogs for a little while, I was washing down our lawn mower and Duke was super excited, so it turned into me hosing him and then we played fetch, that dog has way too much energy! Daisy however is not a fan of the hose and stays well away! It's so funny to be how all my pets have such different personalities - I love it!
It somehow turned into me hosing down myself & the cleaning the lawn mower to....
This kind of craziness!
Constantly wanting to play... Too much energy!!
My Dukey, what big teeth you have!! I love him, he is such a beautiful dog and I feel so safe with him guarding the house & looking after me!
Playing & relaxing on the freshly cut lawn! I LOVE the smell of fresh cut grass!

Then I had a list of housework jobs to complete, we are heading away shortly for our anniversary and I have this insane habit that if I am going away on a trip I need my house to be clean for when I return and to have fresh sheets on the bed etc. Is that just me, like am I weird? Or do y'all do that too? I have obviously inherited this trait from my Mother, each time we would be doing a family holiday we would have to clean our rooms and Mum would clean the house, so yeah where I get this odd behaviour from is obvious - thanks Mother! 
So today I tidied up, mopped the floors, cleaned the bathroom - you know, all that super fun stuff! And guess what, as soon as I mop the floor Spook thinks it's a fun idea to jump in the kitty litter tray and then walk all over the wet floors leaving tiny paw prints everywhere, like seriously cat? So strange...
Seriously Spook? Not cool!! (Gosh she is cute!)

But anyway, now the house is clean... Still have lots to do before we set off on our travels though. 
(And sorry due to recent & quiet strange occurrences in my personal life I can't say when I will be leaving & when I will be returning or where we are exactly going/staying... My family knows and so do the people I love in my life... I really want to tell you all but one moron has ruined my faith in people and I need to look after my own privacy/security, but I will give you all the details of our holiday when I return, which will be soon. It isn't a long trip!)
So yes, today was a very busy day for me. Full of yard work, house work, I filmed a video and cooked a yummy dinner! I always feel really good after days like that, like I got a lot done and I was happy with myself! :) 
Filmed & edited a new TAG video for YouTube, will be live in a few days!!
Totally exhausted, but really happy with how much I got done today!!
And this is how I ended up day, with a cocktail! (Drink is; tequila, ice, orange juice, Pasito (passionfruit flavoured softdrink) mixed in a blender... I just made it up this afternoon... It tasted really YUM!!)
Hope you enjoyed this quick recap of my day & I really wanted to share those funny photos of Duke... He is just way too cute and I feel like I haven't posted any dog photos in a while. 
Have a wonderful week, I've got a busy one ahead of me before our trip away!
Talk soon!
Love you all.


  1. Us girls who mow ROCK! good going girl!
    and that drink looks so delicious and well deserved! Glad you had a good day!

    1. We do rock!! :) The drink was tasty. Thanks for the blog love! xo


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