Saturday, 21 July 2012

A bad day but a cute outfit! {OOTD}

 "Let's play a game of whose life sucks worse... I'll win, I always win"  ~ Ellen Pompeo (Dr. Meredith Grey)
So how was your day today?
Well, if your day was bad, let me assure you I can probably make your day feel like a walk in the park. Yes, it was 'one of those days'... I seriously question why I even got out of bed this morning it was that bad!
So, I will tell you about it, just so you can understand my life isn't always delightful and cheery and I'm not a happy little sprite 24/7, sometimes life is just shit, mine included! (If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know half of this... So sorry!)
So last night (Trent is on night shift) I decide to Google some accommodation options for our upcoming anniversary holiday (we are headed up north) Anyway, every single site I click on is either some 'eco-friendly' crap with no spa (yes, I am spoilt, I am going on holiday, I demand at least a bath tub. I gave up having a tub when we bought this house (it had everything else we wanted except a bath tub, sacrifices had to be made), so when we holiday I need a tub to relax in & it better be a spa...) or they have photos of frogs. Green tree frogs sitting on their porches, hanging out in the gardens etc. Like WTF, if you know me at all I have 1 very irrational and stupid fear and that is of frogs. I will cry, shake, scream and run, seriously I look like an idiot. But I just can't stand them, so here I am at like midnight looking up places for a 'holiday' and I am almost having a panic attack because the area we are travelling to is like frog heaven! So that kind of kicked off my bad day, as after all that I barely got any sleep because I was stressing out about ridiculous scenarios involving frogs. What if I am walking to our tree house/cabin thing and a frog jumps on me, what if I go to pee and the frog jumps on my ass (biggest fear ever), what if I am zip lining and one falls on me. Like this was all I could think of. Silly, I know. But this is what I kept me up... (If you want to read more about this stupid fear and some of my other fears, click HERE)!
So from having very little sleep & being so freaked out I ended up being exhausted and sleeping in late (I was planning on being up around 8am and getting my day started, I had a big 'to-do list'). I seriously woke up about 9:30am, threw the laundry on, realised I had forgotten an ingredient I needed to make the dinner I was planning on doing in the slow cooker and I didn't have time to rush out to the store as I had a lunch plans at 11:30am, so already my morning was just stressful and chaotic. So I finally pegged the laundry out, finished my makeup, decided what to wear (I was in the worst mood, so this took forever...) and headed to lunch... 
Well, on the way there, cruising down my street and out from behind a parked car a dog runs straight out in front of me. Luckily no one was following me and I could brake otherwise I would've killed someones pet! And because I was so stressed and exhausted from having a crappy morning I pretty much burst into tears. Argh! 
So anyway, I get to town, have lunch with my friend & her gorgeous daughter & my Mum, which was all good, it was great to catch up. 
Then I head into the shopping centre, because there is a dress I saw the other week and I thought it would be perfect for our trip away & I was going to buy a denim jacket I liked to go with it. So, yeah that failed, the darn dress didn't even come in my size!! :( So I thought I would cheer myself up and buy a new top & shorts, well I was lazy & didn't bother to try the shorts on, I got home & guess what? They are like 2 sizes way to big and that's the smallest size they had. Like what the hell clothing stores? Little people exist too! Just because you print a 6 or 8 on the label, how about you make it so it will actually fit a small girl not give a confidence boost to a girl who probably isn't normally that size. Argh, I hate this topic. So moving on...
Then I get home, I have a splitting headache, I try to film some videos and I just feel gross & cranky so that fails miserably and then I notice 2 of my longest nails are broken. I am seriously surprised I didn't throw myself on the floor like a 2year old and scream. I just wasn't having a great day. 
But it did kind of perk up, we booked some very nice accommodation for our trip away, booked our zip lining adventure & I got to talk to someone who makes it all ok when it's not. :)
So my night has consisted of doing not a damn thing. Well, even now I'm trying to watch the 'Real Housewives Of The Orange County' on my computer & this one darn episode is taking forever to load, hate it when that happens (first world problem, I know)! I have also had a major 'junk food' session, can of coke, chips, chocolate biscuits... Yep, I am a fatty and after eating all that I feel disgusting! But I guess it was better than sitting here alone and drinking alcohol!
So yeah, thought I would just share with y'all my enjoyable day! I really hope your day was better than mine!
Love you all.

I was having a crap morning, but I did try & film an 'outfit of the day' video that I was going to save for when I was away and post it. But it's not mega exciting or great, but I like the outfit, so I figured I would share it now. Sorry I seem a bit 'off' & scatter brain in it, I just was not 'with it' at all this morning! Let me know what you think, I really like this type of outfit, just really clean & simple... :) x

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." ~ Dolly Parton


  1. I'm feeling ya.

    i've pretty much had a rancid month this month. Between work, family and self issues, i've just about had it.

    While my frustration and bad days stem from things a bit deeper then not being able to find a good outfit or accommodation for a holiday that isn't frog infested (frogs = ick), I can appreciate that it would be as frustrating for you to have your day as it is for me to have mine.

    and generally,

    it sucks!

    Hope things are getting better now though =)

    1. Sorry to make my problems sound so trivial, but yes like you my bad mood/day also stemmed from a lot of bigger personal problems! Thanks for understanding <3 x


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