Monday, 30 July 2012

A year ago today...

A year ago today was life changing. It was the day I married my best friend and the man I love, Trent... 
Trent and I.
Thank you Mum and Dad for a wonderful wedding. 
Besides from me getting married, one the greatest thing that came of my wedding, was the awesome four-some was reunited... 
My favourite photo of the day (of me...) taken by my sister. :)

If you would like to read more about our wedding please click on the following links :)
We are currently having fun on our anniversary trip away, so I will speak to y'all when I return and hopefully have lots of fun stories to tell!! 
Love you all.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Australian TAG video {July 2012}

Hey everyone!
I thought I would share this video with y'all. Nothing overly exciting, just me, answering questions, being ridiculous and rambling on. But if you are intersted, give it a watch and let me know what you think!
I thought it was a fun video to film and if you would like to see more 'TAG' style videos just check out my YouTube channel which is BellaInBindyland...

Thanks for watching!! :)
Love you all.

Monday, 23 July 2012

A successful Sunday!

Hey everyone!
How was your Sunday? Relaxing? Get much done? 
Well, I certainly did! Today was super successful for me! I did sleep in a bit late (I dragged my butt out of bed at 10am'ish). But I was straight into doing my 'jobs'... I started with laundry, super fun as always! 
And then I randomly decided to mow the lawn, I figured it is a good work out (I've been lazy and haven't worked out in a little while!) & plus it needed to be done...
How my morning was spent... Mow some lawn, throw a toy... Seriously, mowing with dogs is tough!

 After that I played with my dogs for a little while, I was washing down our lawn mower and Duke was super excited, so it turned into me hosing him and then we played fetch, that dog has way too much energy! Daisy however is not a fan of the hose and stays well away! It's so funny to be how all my pets have such different personalities - I love it!
It somehow turned into me hosing down myself & the cleaning the lawn mower to....
This kind of craziness!
Constantly wanting to play... Too much energy!!
My Dukey, what big teeth you have!! I love him, he is such a beautiful dog and I feel so safe with him guarding the house & looking after me!
Playing & relaxing on the freshly cut lawn! I LOVE the smell of fresh cut grass!

Then I had a list of housework jobs to complete, we are heading away shortly for our anniversary and I have this insane habit that if I am going away on a trip I need my house to be clean for when I return and to have fresh sheets on the bed etc. Is that just me, like am I weird? Or do y'all do that too? I have obviously inherited this trait from my Mother, each time we would be doing a family holiday we would have to clean our rooms and Mum would clean the house, so yeah where I get this odd behaviour from is obvious - thanks Mother! 
So today I tidied up, mopped the floors, cleaned the bathroom - you know, all that super fun stuff! And guess what, as soon as I mop the floor Spook thinks it's a fun idea to jump in the kitty litter tray and then walk all over the wet floors leaving tiny paw prints everywhere, like seriously cat? So strange...
Seriously Spook? Not cool!! (Gosh she is cute!)

But anyway, now the house is clean... Still have lots to do before we set off on our travels though. 
(And sorry due to recent & quiet strange occurrences in my personal life I can't say when I will be leaving & when I will be returning or where we are exactly going/staying... My family knows and so do the people I love in my life... I really want to tell you all but one moron has ruined my faith in people and I need to look after my own privacy/security, but I will give you all the details of our holiday when I return, which will be soon. It isn't a long trip!)
So yes, today was a very busy day for me. Full of yard work, house work, I filmed a video and cooked a yummy dinner! I always feel really good after days like that, like I got a lot done and I was happy with myself! :) 
Filmed & edited a new TAG video for YouTube, will be live in a few days!!
Totally exhausted, but really happy with how much I got done today!!
And this is how I ended up day, with a cocktail! (Drink is; tequila, ice, orange juice, Pasito (passionfruit flavoured softdrink) mixed in a blender... I just made it up this afternoon... It tasted really YUM!!)
Hope you enjoyed this quick recap of my day & I really wanted to share those funny photos of Duke... He is just way too cute and I feel like I haven't posted any dog photos in a while. 
Have a wonderful week, I've got a busy one ahead of me before our trip away!
Talk soon!
Love you all.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

A bad day but a cute outfit! {OOTD}

 "Let's play a game of whose life sucks worse... I'll win, I always win"  ~ Ellen Pompeo (Dr. Meredith Grey)
So how was your day today?
Well, if your day was bad, let me assure you I can probably make your day feel like a walk in the park. Yes, it was 'one of those days'... I seriously question why I even got out of bed this morning it was that bad!
So, I will tell you about it, just so you can understand my life isn't always delightful and cheery and I'm not a happy little sprite 24/7, sometimes life is just shit, mine included! (If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know half of this... So sorry!)
So last night (Trent is on night shift) I decide to Google some accommodation options for our upcoming anniversary holiday (we are headed up north) Anyway, every single site I click on is either some 'eco-friendly' crap with no spa (yes, I am spoilt, I am going on holiday, I demand at least a bath tub. I gave up having a tub when we bought this house (it had everything else we wanted except a bath tub, sacrifices had to be made), so when we holiday I need a tub to relax in & it better be a spa...) or they have photos of frogs. Green tree frogs sitting on their porches, hanging out in the gardens etc. Like WTF, if you know me at all I have 1 very irrational and stupid fear and that is of frogs. I will cry, shake, scream and run, seriously I look like an idiot. But I just can't stand them, so here I am at like midnight looking up places for a 'holiday' and I am almost having a panic attack because the area we are travelling to is like frog heaven! So that kind of kicked off my bad day, as after all that I barely got any sleep because I was stressing out about ridiculous scenarios involving frogs. What if I am walking to our tree house/cabin thing and a frog jumps on me, what if I go to pee and the frog jumps on my ass (biggest fear ever), what if I am zip lining and one falls on me. Like this was all I could think of. Silly, I know. But this is what I kept me up... (If you want to read more about this stupid fear and some of my other fears, click HERE)!
So from having very little sleep & being so freaked out I ended up being exhausted and sleeping in late (I was planning on being up around 8am and getting my day started, I had a big 'to-do list'). I seriously woke up about 9:30am, threw the laundry on, realised I had forgotten an ingredient I needed to make the dinner I was planning on doing in the slow cooker and I didn't have time to rush out to the store as I had a lunch plans at 11:30am, so already my morning was just stressful and chaotic. So I finally pegged the laundry out, finished my makeup, decided what to wear (I was in the worst mood, so this took forever...) and headed to lunch... 
Well, on the way there, cruising down my street and out from behind a parked car a dog runs straight out in front of me. Luckily no one was following me and I could brake otherwise I would've killed someones pet! And because I was so stressed and exhausted from having a crappy morning I pretty much burst into tears. Argh! 
So anyway, I get to town, have lunch with my friend & her gorgeous daughter & my Mum, which was all good, it was great to catch up. 
Then I head into the shopping centre, because there is a dress I saw the other week and I thought it would be perfect for our trip away & I was going to buy a denim jacket I liked to go with it. So, yeah that failed, the darn dress didn't even come in my size!! :( So I thought I would cheer myself up and buy a new top & shorts, well I was lazy & didn't bother to try the shorts on, I got home & guess what? They are like 2 sizes way to big and that's the smallest size they had. Like what the hell clothing stores? Little people exist too! Just because you print a 6 or 8 on the label, how about you make it so it will actually fit a small girl not give a confidence boost to a girl who probably isn't normally that size. Argh, I hate this topic. So moving on...
Then I get home, I have a splitting headache, I try to film some videos and I just feel gross & cranky so that fails miserably and then I notice 2 of my longest nails are broken. I am seriously surprised I didn't throw myself on the floor like a 2year old and scream. I just wasn't having a great day. 
But it did kind of perk up, we booked some very nice accommodation for our trip away, booked our zip lining adventure & I got to talk to someone who makes it all ok when it's not. :)
So my night has consisted of doing not a damn thing. Well, even now I'm trying to watch the 'Real Housewives Of The Orange County' on my computer & this one darn episode is taking forever to load, hate it when that happens (first world problem, I know)! I have also had a major 'junk food' session, can of coke, chips, chocolate biscuits... Yep, I am a fatty and after eating all that I feel disgusting! But I guess it was better than sitting here alone and drinking alcohol!
So yeah, thought I would just share with y'all my enjoyable day! I really hope your day was better than mine!
Love you all.

I was having a crap morning, but I did try & film an 'outfit of the day' video that I was going to save for when I was away and post it. But it's not mega exciting or great, but I like the outfit, so I figured I would share it now. Sorry I seem a bit 'off' & scatter brain in it, I just was not 'with it' at all this morning! Let me know what you think, I really like this type of outfit, just really clean & simple... :) x

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." ~ Dolly Parton

Thursday, 19 July 2012

'Back in black'... Honest hair dye review, Lush & John Frieda.

Gentlemen prefer blondes... but gentlemen marry brunettes.  ~Anita Loos ;)
Hey everyone!
So the other day I had a bit of a 'WTF' moment. I was bored at Bunnings (a hardware store) and well, I did what any other normal blogger/girl/person does when they are bored, I was taking photos of myself... Well, it was more to post what I was wearing to Instagram, anyway I snapped some photos uploaded it via Diptic (you know that cool app, that combines multiple photos) and then uploaded it to instagram. I did this all kind of quickly & it wasn't until I reviewed the photo I went 'WTF'. My darn hair looked like it was almost blonde! I've noticed over the past few weeks it has been a bit reddish looking (much to my disgust) and my roots were getting very light, but this photo told me I needed to do something drastic immediately!
The last time I dyed my hair was last month, the 7th of June. It was the Thursday before my sisters engagement party. And the product I used was a huge disappointment to me. Most dyes I usually use easily last about 3 months and fade gradually to a nice light brown colour. I really hoped & thought this hair dye would be awesome. But no, it was crap! 
The product I used was the Lush Henna hair dye in Caca Brun. When I purchased this product I spoke to the girls in the store and they assured me this product would make my hair very dark and it was a permanent dye. Well, the colour change was barely noticeable, it made my hair if anything more red and it faded very, very quickly. I paid $49 for 2 blocks of this hair dye and I really regret doing so! Not only is it such a messy and time consuming product to use, it didn't even work. 
Argh WTF... This is the only 'decent' before shot I have of my hair. But this was the colour it was before the LUSH Henna hair dye...
Now with it being messy & time consuming, I mean, you have to chop up the block of dye (which is harder to break than a block of chocolate that's been in the fridge), then you have to melt it and add water to it.

Steps; break up desired amount of dye (I used 1 whole block & 1 square), melt in a double boiler style method, add water to get a thick yoghurt like consistency...
Oh wow, this photo is mega attractive. But I wanted to show y'all what it looked like once it was 'all on'. This then had to stay on my hair for like 4 hours!! ARGH!!

Then there is the fun process of dying your hair (this stuff sets pretty quickly and you can't comb it through you hair), then you have to let it set for 4-6 hours (or even longer), while it's setting the dye goes hard like clay and is so heavy, and now the last part is the most fun, washing it out! 
This is what my shower looked like when I was trying to wash it out, seriously this step alone made me annoyed, but like I said, if it had given me the result I wanted I would be fine with it, but it didn't. So :(
This seriously took me almost half an hour, it felt like my hair was full of mud, it was filthy and it took forever to get out! This all being said, if the end result was what I was expecting I would've been fine with it. Seriously, going through all this craziness wouldn't even phase me if it had dyed my hair the beautiful dark brown I was hoping for. But nope, it seemed to tint my roots and add more red to the lengths. Not cool! Really not cool especially when I was going to buy the Caca Noir (the black henna) but the sales assistants insisted it would be much to dark for me and it was like 'jet black' but the Caca Brun was perfect for what I wanted and would be a deep rich brown... Well, to the girls at the Brisbane Lush store, thanks a lot. I should've gone and wasted almost $50 on something fun, actually $50 is almost half the price I would've paid someone to professionally dye my hair. If you have watched any of my 'Brisbane hauls' on YouTube you would know I really like Lush and I was really excited to use this hair dye, so it's not like I was planning on this product failing & being able to write a crap review on it. I was genuinely thinking it would be awesome and I would dye my hair like this forever, so I am surprised & disappointed. The staying power of the product is also pathetic, my hair has been very light for weeks. So I still have just less than 1 whole block remaining and I doubt I will reuse this product. I may eventually just so I am not wasting my money, but it's not a process I am excited about retrying. I don't recommend you try this product, simply because the effort you go through doesn't really give you much of a result. 

Straight after I dried my hair after using the LUSH dye, it looks ok here...
But this was like 2 days after at my sisters engagement party. You can see how light the fringe section is and I always focus on dying my fringe/root section first, so this annoys me.
20 days after dying my hair it was this horrid washed out/faded reddish colour! :( 
These photos were 22 days after the dye... I really don't like the how faded red it looks!
These were the photos from Bunnings that made me want to dye my hair ASAP. I posted the bottom one on instagram & almost instantly one of the closest people to me in my life whose opinion I do value tweeted me like "is that blonde hair I see?" & I rechecked the photo and almost died! ARGH! WHAT THE HELL, it looks like I have a filthy blonde streak in my hair. These photos were like just over a month after dying my hair with the LUSH Henna dye! :(

So anyway, yesterday I headed to my local Woolworths and picked up a 'DIY dye kit' by John Frieda*, it is the new Precision Foam Colour dye. 
John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, 3N deep brown/black.

To be honest I was a little nervous about dying my own hair, I've done it by myself maybe twice before. Normally my Mumma dyes it for me! So I set myself up in the bathroom, mixed the 2 solutions together and pumped the first ball of foam into my gloved hands and started on my roots. The product is very easy to distribute, I was worried that the there wouldn't be enough product to cover all my hair (I have very long hair, I often use 2 boxes of 'regular DIY dye'), but 1 box covered my whole head, the instructions were simple to follow and I could see the colour developing quickly. The only problem I found was in the instructions it said you hair at the end should be really white & foamy, where as mine just looked wet... So I don't know, it still turned out great though! I am really happy with the colour, it's dark and brown - just how I like it!
Um... Not exactly white & foamy... 
Back in black y'all!!! My hair in my favourite shade, DARK!!! The finished product!!
ARGH Big hair & looking slightly orange, iPhone photos suck!! 
I much prefer my hair this dark, but a lot of people in my life have varied opinions, some people prefer me blonde... What do you prefer?  (This photo is no edit, standing in front of a window, taken with my iPhone, so this colour is 'true to life' as I can get until my next YouTube video)
So I did try the natural & probably less damaging but more expensive option for my hair and that failed miserably. But the dye I am most happy with was the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, I know it's more of a 'chemical' product & I was trying to steer away from those sort of dyes for my hair (just to try & keep it a bit healthier because I have naturally dry hair), but I guess I have to stick with what works and after using this dye my hair wasn't terribly dry like other dyes I have used. So I will just make sure to do my weekly treatments in case it does start to dry out a bit in the near future, but for the day after it still feels soft & nice! :) I feel the need to take a bit of extra care to my hair at this very moment as it is very long & I want to keep growing it but also in September I am planning to do something pretty darn drastic to it. It maybe the craziest thing I've ever done and ever will do to my hair! I hope I get to do it! So obviously if it goes ahead I will show y'all. :) 
Thanks for reading and I hope you all found this review helpful & informative!
Love you all.

And yes, I am hair-ist. I like dark hair, like I guess I just don't like certain hair colours on myself. Everyone is different and suits different styles & colours... Please don't take what I say about these colours to heart, I am friends with people who range from blonde to red to bald... Everyone is different, I just am saying I don't like red/light coloured hair on myself!
*I was sent a voucher for this product to try out (it normally retails for about $23). Having this product 'gifted' to me, does not alter my opinion of the product at all!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Reasons to stay alive...

Life is a roller coaster. You can either scream every time you hit a bump or you can throw your hands in the air and enjoy it! 

The other night as I laid awake in bed at some ungodly hour I was thinking about life. My life right at this very moment isn't as positive & easy as I would like. But still, I like to try and search for the positives. You know, kind of the things I am grateful for. I guess that's also one of the ways I pray, by being thankful for everything great in my life, even the small 'silly' sort of things most people would over look. 
This thought process was sparked by something I saw on Pinterest before I went to bed that night.

A list of 'Reasons to live', now that may sound a little morbid I guess to some, but to me it's a great way to think & also live. Listing everything you feel you are blessed to have because you are alive today is such a great way to put a spin on a bad day. 
So I sat down the other day & started to write out my 'reasons to live'... This is what I came up with (& this list is in no way at all complete)...
My reasons to live;
  • Having all night conversations (nothing beats going to bed as the sunrises after having a conversation where you lost all track of time) 
  • Laughing until you hurt & are crying (This normal happens with my sister)
  • Getting lost in a book (I have loved reading since I was very young & I still love just ignoring the world and being lost in a great book)
  • The feeling of total happiness 
  • The excitement of the 'holiday' season (Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, I love them all and y'all know I celebrate everything!)
  • Falling and being in love 
  • Hugs
  • Kisses that give you butterflies
  • Emotions (Everything from being so happy & excited to being scared, numb and sad. The ability to feel means we are alive!)
  • Having dreams and accomplishing them
  • Meeting 'online' friends on in real life (some of my best & closest friends & people who mean the most to me are ones I met online & thanks to this blog... I am so grateful for each person that has come into my life thanks to my 'online life'). 
  • Eating delicious food (Seriously, I am food obsessed!)
  • Drinking cold water (ok, this one sounds odd, but seriously I love ice cold water!)
  • Pets (Fur babies are adorable & wonderful and make the hardest days bearable!)
  • Spending days all by myself (I really love my 'alone' time)
  • Spending days surrounded by the people I love (Days spent with family, friends or both!) 
  • Days spent outdoors (Soaking up some vitamin D and making the day count!)
  • Days spent inside (watching movies, reading, blogging, sleeping, listening to the rain on a tin roof etc)
  • Diving under water (I LOVE this feeling, especially if it's the first dive under water for the Summer! When the water is still a bit cool, it's so refreshing. It's even better if it's into the ocean!)
  • Sunshine
  • Rain
  • The ocean (I love everything about the beach). 
  • Road trips
  • Good movies
  • Sleeping (I love being completely exhausted and just collapsing into bed...)
  • Dreaming (It's such a fun & surreal experience!)
  • Waking up after a great sleep and stretching. (That feeling is awesome, you know it!) 
  • Listening to music... LOUD. (This to me is better than therapy!) 
  • Going to a concert and singing along to your favourite songs with a crowd of complete strangers. 
  • That 'spark' you feel when you are with the 'one' (This feeling to me is magic!)
  • Traveling (For me right now it's dreaming of traveling, but one day I will get there!) 
  • Experiencing & learning new things
  • Planning the future (Writing new chapters, starting a new book. It's all exciting!) 
  • Looking back on life and realising how far I've come & all the stuff I've survived.
  • The fact I am ALIVE!
My list, thought I would get creative and make it colourful!

So those are 'some' of my reasons. The list could be added to each day & as I said before this list is in no way at all completed. 
What is on your list? Share it in the comments below or even make your own list! But I seriously urge you to notice the small things and when you are having one of 'those days' think of the list, look at it, whatever, but realise that yes, life can get shit at times, but even when it sucks the good things almost always outweigh the bad! Well, that's what I am telling myself at the moment. Everything can only get better! 
Stay positive! 
Love you all.
Tough times don't last, tough people do!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Friday the 13th - Spooks 1st birthday!

Hey guys!
So today was 'Friday the 13th' a superstitious day for those that believe in it... But for me it was a celebration of 'Spook' - yes that is right, my little black ball of fluff turned 1 year old today! I think the whole 'Black Friday' thing made her birthday that much more perfect for her. And yes, I am the insane person that remembers her pets birthdays! It makes 'normal' days a little more fun...
So I thought I would share some photos of 'her' day today... 
Happy Birthday Spooky baby!
The present I got for Spook from Pet Barn.
Attacking her birthday present.
Being all adorable and cute.
Seriously, can she get anymore cute!
And of course I had to include a photo of Mishka... 

So they were the photos of my baby, I can't believe she is a year old. I was given her the day before my birthday last year (so the 29/Sept), but the RSPCA said today was the day she born... So Happy Birthday Spook, I love you! If you want to see some kitten photos of her from when I first got her please click HERE
Love you all.