Friday, 22 June 2012

Wearing my heart on my... Shirt? Finger? {OOTD June 2012}

Hey everyone!
Do you ever have those moments when things happen and it takes you by surprise? 
Well, this happened on a bit of a random shopping trip the other day. As usual I was just out browsing my local shopping centre and I was day dreaming about Texas (as normal) and I wandered into Jays Jays & sure enough there is a Texas (San Antonio) shirt; of course it was purchased. And the other thing I have been really wanting is some turquoise, like real Indian turquoise and I like the jewellery that have crosses on them. Anyway, I didn't get that lucky to find genuine Indian turquoise, but I did wander into Diva (which I rarely ever visit), they were having this big $3 sale and I was looking at the rings & found a really perfect one tucked away at the back & it was the only one left & was a small! Like Diva rings rarely fit me but this one fitted me perfectly, so I had to buy it! I thought it was so cool & it is unlike anything I own so I think it is awesome! Not only that, the cross to me symbolises my faith & the turquoise is a colour/stone I love & what was running through my head at the time I found it is just crazy, it's just all to coincidental and strange. So when I wear it, it reminds me of my faith, my future & what I love. Gee, all that over a $3 ring? I guess I just found it at the right place at the right time! Gosh if I love this ring right now, I can't wait to one day get real turquoise! Haha. I know it all sounds a bit far fetched and out there, but it's how I feel :) 
So I combined both of my 2 latest purchases into an 'outfit of the day' video... So here it is...

So that is the video, let me know what you think...

Outfit details are;
  • Shirt; Jay Jays
  • Under shirt; Supre
  • Jeans; Guess
  • Watch; Guess
  • Shoes; Big W
  • Ring; Diva
I hope you enjoyed this quick update & video! I am currently working on 2 'Sister Tag' videos Nicole & I filmed last night (they need a fair bit of editing) so stay tuned for those! 
I will also try and post maybe a 'dream travel' blog soon on Texas and other parts of America I want to visit, I've been getting more & more interested in travelling lately so why not share my thoughts with y'all! 
Thanks for reading/watching!
Love you all.

Oh... PS; do you like the new header for my blog? x


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    2. Hi!! Thanks so much for your lovely comment & tagging me for an award :) I will pop by your blog! Thanks for showing mine some love! xo


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