Monday, 25 June 2012

So close, yet so far!! {Christmas Countdown}

6 months to go! 
6 months until the best day of the year! 
Which means like 5 months until I start decorating...
Yes, you are reading right... Christmas is now 6 months away!!
Now for some Christmas inspiration pictures thanks to my favourite website; Pinterest! :)


So I am obviously excited, I love Christmas y'all know that... So let the countdown, crafting, planning & gift buying begin! (Ok I lie, as normal my gift buying will be left until December, because I suck and can't buy a gift in advance because I end up giving it to the person because I can't keep a fun secret like that!) 
So I can't wait for Christmas! I love it... Hopefully this December will be great, it could turn out to be a hard & tough time, but either way December means Christmas so either way I can't wait...
Are you excited for Christmas?
Do you start planning early or are you a December gift buyer like me?
Have a great day!
Love you all.

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