Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A T-rex-eriffic birthday party. {Trent's 23rd Birthday}

Hey everyone!
On Monday, 2 days ago (30th April) it was Trent's 23rd birthday! He had just finished nightshift that morning so he actually spent the whole day sleeping, but not before getting all his gifts... 
But having him sleep all day was good because it gave me a whole day to get activate my master plan... I had planned a whole 'T-rex' themed birthday party for Trent. It was just a small party that I had planned, it would be just Trent and I and my family, but still I wanted to make him feel special and do something funny & cute for his birthday. So the 'T-rex' theme was decided, because I for some reason call Trent 'T-rex', who knows why, I just thought of it one day. Now trying to find dinosaur decorations wasn't the easiest thing to do, luckily my local party store the 'Party Hut' had few items, but they had no red dinosaur or 'Happy Birthday' balloons! Like what! No red... Anyway I made do with what I had. For the dinner Trent requested his favourite meal, lasagne, garlic bread and I also prepared a salad. For dessert I baked & decorated a chocolate cake with red icing (Trent requested the cake flavour & icing colour), individual bowls of raspberry jelly, I also made a caramel tart & these little chocolate cups full of whipped cream & some were topped with chocolate icing. 
So I had a really busy day, by the time Trent woke up at 5pm I was pretty much finished everything, I walked him out into the dining room and he was really surprised, he was so happy & he even said no one had ever taken so much time to throw a party like this for him with so much effort. He said it was so much nicer than just going out to some random restaurant for his birthday, because I actually put in a lot of effort & love to do all this. He was really appreciative and said it looked great! My family arrived just before 6pm and gave Trent all his birthday gifts (he was quiet spoilt), then we all sat down and had a wonderful meal together.
So now for some photos so you all felt like you were there celebrating with us...
Trent's birthday card I made for him. The car looks like an EK sedan, we own an EK wagon. 
See the T-rex in the middle of the table, I got this when I was a tiny baby from KFC (I think). It's a dinosaur hand puppet from 'The Land Before Time'... This is how Dad use to get me to eat, I loved my T-rex and I have kept him since then. I think it's funny I now am married to someone I nicknamed T-rex! It's funny how things work out, kind of a strange coincidence, it makes me believe in faith more & more.
I was very impressed with how all the decorations turned out, so happy in fact I couldn't stop taking photos... I loved decorating the dining room and making Trent feel all special with his own birthday party. 
Spook trying to find her seat...
My outfit for the night, I thought my 'T-rex' t-shirt was appropriate! My beautiful friend Libbi bought it for me awhile ago and I've been saving it for a special occasion! Thank you Libbi! 
This lava lamp is from Trent's bedroom when he was little, it was inspiration as well for the party theme!
Me and the birthday table... :)
The very happy birthday boy!
Happy Birthday to my gorgeous husband, I love you T-rex!
My yummy salad I made. Everything was placed so perfectly, I may have been a little obsessive with everything being perfect for this party... (Salad was a simple salad of lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, salad onion, avocado & carrot... YUM!)
I took a bite of my lasagne and realised I hadn't taken a photo, but this was our dinner. The lasagne was delicious.. (Sound a bit full of myself saying that about my own cooking, but it was pretty darn good!)
Dessert and Trent's birthday cake...
Trent and his birthday cake! 
Happy Birthday Trent, I love you!

So that was Trent's birthday... It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed the decorating process I would probably study event organising if I wasn't such a stressful person! I am so pleased he loved it, I really wanted him to realise how loved & special he is to me & my family, I think he knows!
I hope you enjoyed this post, if you want to know what Trent got for his birthday let me know & I can do a birthday haul for him. :)
Let me know what you thought of the party! Hope these photos made you feel like you where there celebrating with us!
Love you all.


  1. I love vintage kitchens, and your does not disappoint.

    Wow, that salad looks amazing, simple ingredients but CRAZY good presentation. And I want that chocolate cake :D

    And OMG look at all your ceramis squirrels!

    I just noticed too- ages ago i asked where you got the phone case from, I went on ebay recently to buy a flowery case and BAM now we have the same case (I have lots of cases though, I'll make sure we'll never have the same case at the same time!!)

    Also, youre rocking the tee shirt, looks good layered like that xx

    1. I love my little old kitchen, you have to come visit one day soon!!
      Thanks for the salad compliment, I kept singing "you can't make friends with salad"... Hahaha.
      Cake was good...
      I am glad you noticed my squirrel collection :)
      YAY for something else the same, we should go out in our gold glittery heels and floral phone cases, people will be tripping because they won't be able to tell us apart :P
      Thanks, I LOVE the shirt!! Thank you for spoiling me!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Trent!!! Bindy you did such a fantastic job!!!

  3. You did an amazing job!! Love the salad! Excellent presentation. Happy birthday Trent!

    1. Thank you so much!! I think the salad looked pretty snazzy as well!! Trent says thank you! x


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