Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Sunset chasing trophies... {MAY 2012}

I've seriously been sitting here staring at a blank screen & wasting time on YouTube (listening to music) for like the past hour, I just have no clue what to write. So I figured maybe if I start just typing whatever I will think up something... So I know the subject I want to 'blog' about, well it's more just a few photos I want to show ya'll... These are some sunset photos, I took one lot last week & some today... I really like them & I am kind of proud with how they turned out! 
I wanted to write something inspiring & heartfelt about sunsets, but I can't think of a single darn thing!
That is how this blog started, after editing the photos I still am stuck on something 'emotional' or inspiring to say... 
But I do have this to say, I seriously enjoy nothing more than chasing sunsets. I am a sunset chaser, to me it is so much fun. The thrill and excitement of looking outside seeing and the sky painted orange & pink. I often just grab my camera, keys, water bottle & jumping in the car, turning my country music up loud & heading to 'my spots' or even just going out into the back yard & climbing onto the carport roof all whilst trying to balance my camera & iPhone... Even the afternoons when I am either leaving my parents or heading to see them & on the trip I catch an awesome sunset show, I seriously am that crazy person that swerves off the road to just get a photo of a cool sky. I love it! Nothing beats snapping away at something so beautiful & then going back through your photos & being so impressed with what you have captured, it is such a great 'reward', 'capturing the sunset'... 
Just this afternoon the sky was full of smoke (due to back burning down at Gatton which is 1/2 an hour away, I guess a smoke filled sky is better than dealing with bush fires!) Anyway, with the sky being smoke filled it already looked cool & pretty and Trent & I were headed to my parents house for dinner. I grabbed my camera as we walked out the door 'just in case' because I had a sneaky feeling that the smoke could create some great haze & clouds in sunset photos... Sure enough just as we are about to drive past this awesome barbwire fenced paddock Trent pulls over & I'm so glad he did, the sky was burning orange. I was out of the car before it even stopped and was on my knees in some weird photographer 'got to get a shot at this angle' position, that sunset seriously lasted less than a minute before it dipped below the hills but the sky still burnt bright... So we headed further up Mount Kynoch & pulled in at another 'look out' style area so I could capture a few more shots of such a pretty afternoon. So I am glad my love for a good sunset has rubbed off on my husband! The photos from this afternoon turned out ok, I was playing around with some settings which is why a few look a bit dark but I really like the silhouette look they have... 
I know these 2 are pretty much identical but I couldn't decide which one I loved the most so I put them both on here... I seriously am loving these & I'm very happy with how they turned out!!  
Photos from stop #1.
I'm actually really happy with this one, I love the colours in this photo. 
I kind of like these 2 as well, the smoke in the air really created a 'misty' & magically pretty look to the whole photo.

The following photos were captured from my backyard whilst I was balancing on the side of my carport... I kind of climbed up and was leaning on the roof with my camera & trying not to fall and break my neck, all because I need to be up higher to get a decent shot... And well, I personally think putting myself in danger was well worth it because this photos turned out bloody terrific! The sky started off dull on this particular afternoon & the colour changing lasted quiet awhile, it went from soft pink to deep orange, it was fantastic! And seriously this totally proves you can't predict sunsets, sometimes they seem like they will be average & boring & then BAM you have an awesome light show... (These were taken maybe a week or 2 ago)...
Cotton candy skies make me smile!
Yeah I am pretty proud of how these turned out, I think they look so good!

So they are some of my latest sunset chasing trophies, what do you think? I love them, the last set I think are a little better but I had the time to kill where as with the first ones (taken today) I was a bit more rushed, but either way I am very pleased with how they all turned out... I would love any feedback as well as any tips & tricks for improving my skills... And by the looks of it I did finally think up something to write about sunsets! :) 
Hope you enjoyed this post...
Love you all.
Sunset chasing free spirit, good luck keeping up with her. - BKS.



  1. We are soul sisters my friend, soul sisters! You speak to me without words! You captured these beautifully and took my breath away!

    1. Aw why thank you!! <3 Glad to be your soul sister!! <3


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