Friday, 4 May 2012

The Soundtrack to my life. {Blog 1}

So I often get asked what my favourite type of music is, or what my most listened to song is, like what is my favourite genre? 
If you've read this blog since the beginning you should know that I love country music, that is easily my most favourite genre... A lot of songs I love reflect certain times in my life that I have been through and were tough, but I wouldn't change them for the world. Music to me is almost as important as photos. I prefer songs that have a meaning behind them instead of some great 'dance' number... Personally I can't stand music that sounds like a computer made it, so I don't actually listen to radio stations that play the 'latest hits', if you asked me about some great song that was just released by some pop band or some DJ I would probably look at you weird, because I just do not listen to that style of music. (And personally I don't think half the people they play on the radio today should even be classed as artists, mixing 'sick beats' on your laptop & decks is lame & not music.)  I also am not the biggest fan of 'rap' or 'R'nB' music, I do like some songs, but it's not really me either... The following list is a mixture of songs that I just love to listen to, songs that describe me, songs that take me back to a point in my life & also songs that are so important to me.
So I figured I would give you a list of my 'must hear' songs...

Some random songs you should check out which I think are awesome are;
Let me know below in the comments what your favourite songs are, or what song you like the best out of this list. 
I love them all for different reasons! I may have missed some songs in this list, so in a few months I may do an updated list! Hope this list also showed you some new songs, I love hearing about great new music so if you know of something you think is great, please let me know!
Love you all.


  1. Sooooo my internet here isn't the best, but I watched as many of these videos as I could! If I had to choose my Top 3 from this list (besides all the Taylor Swift songs of course, ha), I'd go with:
    1. The Band Perry-If I Die Young (awesome song, I really like the video too)
    2. Rascal Flatts- What Hurts The Most (I've never seen the video before, and the beginning of it had me like 'oh whoa.' So yeah, awesome song and video!)
    3. Lee Brice-A Woman Like You (It's one of those songs you can sit back and laugh at while listening to it...feel good music!)

    Great blog and great list of songs! I'll be looking forward to any updates you decide to do to this.

  2. Sooooo, thanks for the comment :)
    Your top 3 are great, I love them all. What hurts the most is a really good video! I like songs with good film clips! A woman like you is such a cool song & If I die young is gorgeous!

    Glad you enjoyed!

  3. Rascall Flatts is my all time favourite band ever!!! I walked down the aisle to them!! God bless the American housewife is also my favourite and also country strong!!! Ill have to check out all the others you recommended! I haven't heard them :-)

    1. Definitely check out the others if you like those bands, clearly we have similar taste :)

  4. Great blog idea,I was thinking about doing this myself (hence how I came about your blog) but charting the course of life through song! :)

    1. That's a wonderful idea, thanks for commenting on my blog! x


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