Sunday, 15 April 2012

A simple family dinner, with a touch of fancy!

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!  ~Albert Einstein

On Friday morning I got a phone call from my Mumma that woke me up (in all honesty it was 11:30am! Trent and I had slept in so late, I guess we were both really tired!) Whilst on the phone to Mum, I had an idea, I wanted to cook a nice dinner for Trent & my family. I told Mum my idea and told her to not bring a thing except Dad could bring a bottle of wine (as he has a good collection) and to arrive at 6:30pm. 
I knew I had a few busy hours ahead of me, cooking for 6 adults isn't the easiest task. So I headed to the grocery store (I went to the new Coles at Wilsonton in Toowoomba. It is pretty fancy!) I got big piece of topside beef, stocked up on some vegetables & gathered what I needed for dessert. I headed home and tidied up around the house & made it look pretty and started on the dinner. I was so excited to cook a 'fancy dinner' for my family, sure I think I've cooked a roast before for them but that was a few years ago, my brothers do sleep at my house occasionally and they eat dinners I cook and we do have them all over for dinner sometimes but normally it's just for a BBQ or pizza. But this time was different, I was doing dinner & dessert. I set the table all fancy,I taught myself how to fold the napkins in a fancy way, I used the 'nice plates' my little brothers got us for our wedding gift & the 'nice cutlery'. I even found some left over place cards from our wedding so I printed off some names quickly and Trent put together 6 place cards for the table! (Trent is pretty much a professional place card maker now, he put together all the ones for our wedding & I just did all the pearl detailing, we make a good team!) 
I thought the table looked really pretty once it was all set. 
Table setting... I know the cutlery should've been on the opposite sides, but oh well! It still looks pretty! 
Burning candles are always pretty!

The roast was in the oven, the vegetables (potato, pumpkin & sweet potato) were all diced up, I made the caramel tart, quickly had a shower & made myself presentable. 
Roasting away in the oven... The meat was almost ready to come out at this point, it's a little crispy on the top but I had to cook it for an extra half hour as my family likes their meat well done & we normally eat ours medium - well done. But the meat was perfect, even though it was cooked well done it was very tender and delicious! 
Trent and I all ready & waiting for our dinner party guests!

My family arrived just before 6:30pm, I was so happy I couldn't wait to show them what I had done & see if they approved of my cooking. My Mum does all of the cooking in our family (Dad bar-b-ques) & she is easily the most amazing cook, I love everything she makes, so I felt like I had some serious competition against my roast. My parents bought me a beautiful bunch of flowers & Dad bought a bottle of red wine to share with me.
My gorgeous flowers from my family. See the beautiful vase they are in? That was my 23rd birthday present from my family, it's crystal and so gorgeous, I LOVE it!
Turkey flat shiraz.

 They were impressed by the table setting & Trent and I plated up all the meals and we sat down to eat as a family. I honestly cannot believe I forgot to take a photo of the darn meal, I was so proud & it was so tasty I totally forgot! I am sorry, but let me assure you it was delicious and my family said it was just as good as Mums! I was so happy! (I still think she is the better cook!)
After dinner we had a half hour break whilst 'Home & Away' was on, Mum loves that show and I sat in the kitchen talking to Dad & Tristan.
For dessert we ate white chocolate mud cake, raspberry jelly, whipped cream & caramel tart. It was pretty wonderful if I do say so myself! 
Caramel tart made by me...

I loved having my whole family together and sitting around laughing & talking, it was great (well unfortunately Nicole wasn't there as she lives a bit far away now). I loved being able to make them all feel special with a nice dinner. They all are so important to me and I loved being able to treat them, especially Mum who was the most excited by the whole thing as it was a night off from cooking for her! I think I will try and do nice dinners more often for them, because Mum deserves the break! 
Mum, Tristan & I after dinner. I should've got a photo of all us at the dinner table, oh well there is always next time!

After my family left Trent and I poured ourselves another drink and sat down to watch the movie 'Water for Elephants'. It was a lovely movie & I suggest you watch it! 
This film is amazing!

I had a such a beautiful night, I love doing nice things for my family & making them all feel that little bit special. Even if it was just nicely setting a table and cooking them a meal that took a little bit of time & effort, that makes me happy, I look at it in the way I am so blessed to have these wonderful people in my life I get to make feel special. I think the important people in your life ought to know how very important they are. Cruising through life and taking people for granted is no way to live, I say treat everyone special to you as if it was your last day with them. For example; I speak to my Mother at least twice a day, I call her when I wake up almost every morning & if we don't see each other during the day I will probably call her after lunch, if something big happens I'll call her then as well & then almost every night I call her. Even if it is for 5 minutes, I like to speak to her and after each call I always say, "I love you." Saying that to my Mum is very important to me, you never know when that could be your last chance. I also try to see my whole family at least once a week! 
So I leave you with this thought, what have you done lately for those people in your life you can't imagine living without? I urge you to do something wonderful for them, spoil the ones you love. Send someone you love some nice flowers, text someone to just say 'I love you', mail a friend a hand written note, make a surprise trip home to see your parents if you live in another town, if you can't visit them pick up the phone & call and take time to listen to what they have to say or even just cook someone you love a nice meal.
Go do something wonderful for the people who mean the world to you, it gives you the best feeling inside & we all know how wonderful it feels to have something nice done for us, that feeling is worth sharing!
You all mean so much to me, thank you for reading this blog and thank you for helping me get to 55 subscribers, that is awesome! I can't believe 55 people care enough to subscribe to my blog, thank you!
Love you all.
Having a place to go - is a home.  Having someone to love - is a family.  Having both - is a blessing.  ~Donna Hedges


  1. You sure know how to put on a dinner party! Looked gorgeous! Love the table cloth ;-) Just beautiful Bindy! xxx


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