Sunday, 8 April 2012

Retail therapy with Mumma {Easter Shopping Spree 2012}

The week before Easter my Mum and I were abandoned whilst my husband, Dad & brothers all went out west hunting... So we entertained ourselves with crafting & sewing (I will get to that in other blog post...) And we also did some serious retail therapy... 
Sunset on Tuesday night before dinner...
On Tuesday night we went out for dinner, came home watched 'The Help', I gave Mum and myself manicures and then we went to bed... 
This movie is amazing!
I went the hot pink revlon colour & the pink OPI sparkles. Mum got painted with the pale pink by Sally Hansen. 

Wednesday morning we were up early, had a nice breakfast, made ourselves even more prettier and we were ready!
Crumpets and tea for breakfast before the drive to Brisbane...

Outfit of the day, Laura Ashley top & Guess jeans.
Hair & make up for the day...
Mwa, I love you Mumma!
Mum and I all ready to go to Brisbane to spend some money!!
Me before my first ever drive down to Indooroopilly! (I also drove home!) 

Then I drove us to Brisbane to go shopping at Indooroopilly & then the Jindalee DFO. 

Spotted a squirrel when we first walked in... :)
Mum got me a dinosaur donut for morning tea. :)

It was a great day and I picked up a few great items... The best part of the day though was just hanging out with my Mum! 
All our shopping in the back of my car :) 
So here is my haul video...
So that's my haul, I pretty much have just written off this shopping spree as 'Easter presents' so YAY, guilt free shopping (hahaha). 
Hope you enjoyed this video & blog. Let me know what item you thought was my 'best buy' or let me know if you have recently purchased something great! 
Have a very Happy Easter.
Love you all.


  1. I watch your video's =) Looks like you had a great time out shopping. My fav item would have to be the typo cookbook. I've been looking for a cheapish one, so i might have to go and buy one of them myself! As for good buys, I went to Spotlight today and got over $250 worth of fabrics and things for my business and it only cost me $120 because they had a massive sale so I think that's pretty awesome =) I also got some new buttons and had 3 orders, so i'm a little bit stoked.

    Happy Easter!! xx

    1. YAY you watch my videos, thank you! I did have fun with Mum... The typo cook book is cute & cheap! (It was at the DFO one on the clearance table! I think it was about $5) WOW that is a lot of fabric, what sort of business do you have? You must be a great sewer, I am looking at getting a sewing machine (it's my Christmas present from Trent, I just haven't picked one out yet LOL)... I am thinking a Singer?!
      Hope your Easter is lovely!
      Thanks for the comment!

    2. It actually only equates to about 6m of fabric. It seems expensive, but it's not too bad. My business is called "Sew Quirky Creations" I've been running it from home and have only just launched into the world of Facebook and I have my own website (its currently under construction). I make quirky homewares. For example, I make button cushions (Plain coloured cushions with button patterns, names, etc on them) as well as Bubba Blocks, Bunting and other things you generally can't buy from stores. I recently bought a new machine and I would steer away from singer and look into brother machines. Singer is an old brand and generally their machines die quickly and require a lot more maintenance. They have a lot of issues with the teeth on them that feed the material through. You have to align them almost every time you sew. I had one for about 6 months and sold it and bought a brother. I bought a NS50 and its amazing (but expensive) and I have a back-up Brother BM2600 for general housewife things (cheaper but reliable).

      My biggest suggestion is to sign up to spotlight VIP and wait for them to send you a 30% off (any full priced item) voucher (they send them quarterly, they had one last month and i missed it!) and buy your machine then. If you buy a $500 machine and use the voucher, you'll only pay $350! So it's a massive saving just for being a VIP, you'll just have to wait a bit longer. PM Me on Facebook if you wanna chat a bit more about sewing or anything =)

  2. YAY you got the 'Help" book! You must let me know how it is! The gloves are SUPER cute! I am so intrigued by the lush hair dye! I cant wait for that video! You will LOVE the LJ Flash pants! I wear them every day in winter for work! Thanks for the haul!!! p,s suggestion for your hair! LEAVE IT - It looks gorgeous! I love it this long!

    1. Lol thanks for the hair suggestions! I will let you know how the book goes, the gloves I thought were fabulous! :) Gosh the hair dye video will be ridiculous! LOL. And the pants are good, just a touch too long & baggy but I will survive!
      Happy Easter love!

  3. Hi! I just stumbled on your blog and think you are great!! I love watching hauls from Aussies as they are usually all from America on YouTube and things I am not able to purchase or stores we don't have (I'm from SA)
    Only problem is that for some reason I can't watch your videos as they either don't load or take a ridiculously long time to load which is a shame, I have no idea why this is as I have fast Internet and have no problems watching any other YouTube videos! Anyway keep up the great work x

    1. Hi, sorry about that. This video is long so maybe that is it :( <- that is the link to my youtube account maybe it will work on there, I've also noticed that some videos are loading properly in the past few days, maybe it's a youtube glitch!
      Thank you for your comment, I am glad you like my blog!
      Happy Easter


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