Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Noodle graduates!

On Saturday my parents & I had a special event to attend, my sisters graduation. Nicole graduated from her nursing degree at USQ. She was down from Mackay to attend the event, I came to my parents house to do her makeup & fix her hair. I went to the event with my parents while Trent went fishing with my youngest brother out at a local dam. I had never been to a university graduation before, I was warned it would be long and not that interesting and it's fair to say the only part that interested me was when I saw my sister walked on stage, her name was called and she got her certificate. We all cheered loudly when she was up there, it was a very proud moment & I may have even got a little teary! Nicole is the first person from our family to graduate from university, so it was a great moment, she made us proud.
(I started university after high school, but it wasn't right for me & at that moment in my life it wasn't the right time for me to be studying so I quit. At this point in my life I am happy with where I am & what I do, but maybe one day I will return, maybe).  
Congratulations Nicole on graduating, we are all proud of you! Good luck with your new career and I hope this is just the start of big dreams & you achieve them all! 
The small gift I got Nicole, she loves stars & it's a symbolic gift to her. My parents presented her with a solid gold bangle & a USQ graduation teddy bear. 
Big hair for a big event!
My sister, the graduate!
Noodle & I. 
Mum and I waiting for the ceremony to start!
Nicole getting her certificate!
The graduate...
My parents, my sister & I.
My parents being very proud with Nicole!
The whole time all she wanted to do was throw her hat, so this is Nikki throwing her darn hat!
Yes I had to try her hat on, so these are my 'graduation' photos. I graduated from umm... domestic engineering? Housewife? I got my diamond diploma!

After the graduation the whole family went out for dinner at 'The Spotted Cow' in Toowoomba. It was great having the whole family together for a meal!
Trent & I.
Nicole & I. It was great to see Nikki, as she now lives about 12 hours away we don't see her very much, so it was great to catch up!
This photo was taken after dinner & I LOVE it! Everyone I love & care about it is right there in that very photo! They are my everything. (And yes, I am really that short, yep, the eldest & the shortest!)

So that was my Saturday, it was full of celebration, family, sore feet from high heels, love & being so proud. And I wouldn't have it any other way! Way to go Noodle, I knew you could do it, I am sure you will make a great nurse. Love you & miss you.
Love you all.


  1. You are so pretty! I saw your YouTube video and it was really cool. Congrats to your sister :)


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