Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Easter Weekend {2012}

Hi everyone!
How was your Easter? Mine was lovely... I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! 
On Good Friday I had a family dinner with my family. We had a feast of fresh fish, calamari & chips which was all lovingly cooked by Mum & Dad. Mum & I made desserts and we all sat around and talked and laughed and just enjoyed each others company. Trent actually worked all of the Easter weekend, but he came straight from work to my parents house for the Good Friday dinner...
Driving to Mum and Dads on Friday afternoon there was a spectacular sunset, of course I had to pull over on the side of the highway and snap a picture! I am a total sunset chaser! :)
Yummy dinner!
The double layer strawberries and cream sponge cake I made for dessert!
My dessert plate... Yummm.
Trent got his Easter present early from my parents as they wouldn't be seeing him for the rest of the weekend. Spoilt...

On Saturday I felt like a roast, who knows why so off to the grocery store I went to buy a roast and that is what Trent and I had for dinner, we also exchanged gifts that night. My youngest brother Tristan also slept over on Saturday night to keep me company whilst Trent was working, we just hung out and watched a movie, I love spending time with my brothers.
My gift from Trent, plus he also gave me money to go on the shopping spree I had in Brisbane the week before with Mum! (For that haul go HERE!)
My gift to Trent, see the T-rex theme... Lol. I love the little bowl & spoon set (it was a joke gift, I do not expect my husband to eat out of a children's bowl) it says "I am a T-rex and proud of it". (For those that don't know I call Trent "T-rex" so this explains the "T-rex" gifts...)
Tristan and I just hanging out... 

Easter Sunday was spent with my brother, we watched the movie 'Hop', had KFC for lunch, I baked some Easter cupcakes for my family & we just spent time together. That day I was also grateful to have dogs that are so easy going and tolerate the crazy things I sometimes get them to do (photos are below!) I took Tris home later in the afternoon and gave my family their gifts, then came home and waited for Trent to come home work. 
Bunny shirt for Easter Sunday. (Shirt is from Supre' last year)
I uploaded this photo to Instagram (bella_in_bindyland) and wished my friends a 'Happy Easter'... *rabbit is NOT mine.
'HOP' seemed like an appropriate Easter movie!
Yes, this really happened. The dogs wore the ears! Duke was much more happy to wear them, unlike Daisy who is the hardest dog in the world to photograph... (Very shy)
Happy Easter, love Daisy!
She isn't a very professional model, half way through the shoot she runs off and throws the ears away... 
Duke loves having his photo taken! Happy Easter, love Duke.
Spook also tried the ears on, but it's hard to keep them on with cat fur (these ears have hair clips on them & it's hard to clip them into soft & short fur!) But she looks so cute!

I didn't get any photos of Mishka with the ears on this year as she wasn't co-operating and I didn't want to upset her but here are a few from last year when I just got this set of ears! I think she looks so much like a bunny rabbit, especially because she has no tail!
Mishka as a bunny in 2011.
Cupcakes I baked for my family...
Easter gifts from my parents 2012. :)
My Easter shadow... I grew rabbit ears!
Trent and I after he came home from work... We hope you all had a wonderful Easter and it was spent with those you love! x
What a perfect way to end a great Easter. A beautiful big full moon. It was so big & pretty, I think I need a bigger lens on my camera to capture moon pictures better, but these 2 aren't that bad (If you have any tips on photographing the moon, please let me know in the comments!)

On Easter Monday I did nothing exciting, Trent was sleeping for night shift so I just cleaned around the house quietly and cleaned up some files on my computer... Nothing overly fun! Just a quiet day at home...
Well, that was my Easter! What did you do? 
I hope you enjoyed my pets with their Easter bunny ears on! It made me laugh so I thought I would share them and hopefully brighten someones day, because my 4 fur-babies always make me smile! 
Love you all.

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