Thursday, 12 April 2012

Hop into some EGG-cellent craft! {Craft update}

The week before Easter I spent a few nights with Mum when my husband, my Dad & 2 younger brothers went hunting. Before the headed off I whipped up a batch of hot cross buns for their adventure farewelled Trent & got excited to spend some quality time with my Mumma!
Trent & I before he left for out west...
Hot cross buns!! They may look a little strange, but they taste awesome! Recipe can be found HERE!!

 Those few days with Mum were full of craft & shopping, well I filled you all in on the shopping side of things (read HERE) and now I want to show you all what I made some of my friends for Easter & also what Mum is teaching me to sew! Yes sew, I haven't sewed much in my life besides a pair of boxer shorts in grade 8 home economics (which weren't that fabulous), I have hand stitched a reindeer design & helped sew some pillow cases last Christmas. But honestly I am not the best person at sewing, so I am glad my Mum is patient and a good teacher. But I am wanting to learn and Trent owes me a sewing machine as a Christmas gift. I just haven't found one I like yet, I am a bit picky... Any suggestions? 
The sewing project were these dolls. Mum has made a few before and they all look lovely, I am aiming to eventually make an Easter, Christmas, Halloween & maybe even a Valentines day doll. Yes, a lot of work for a someone who can't sew but maybe by the time these holidays come around I will be finished, maybe! (I will keep you all updated with my progress, I still have a fair bit of work to do on this one!)
Our dolls.
Me actually sewing! :)
Sewed and stuffed.
Our dolls sewed up and ready to be dressed... (Still have the clothes & hair to do!)
The Easter fabric my dolls dressed will be made from!
The kitchen table was transformed into a sewing table! :)

So onto the crafting (the thing I am actually half good at) here are the cards I handmade for a few special friends...
Hand stamped & hand painted cards. (I use water colours, I love doing these cards, these rabbit stamps are adorable!) I was really happy with the 'Just for you' cards I made, I think they look cute! And all the cards have the 'Happy Easter' or 'Easter Wishes' done in 3D (I use foam tape to create a lifted look).
My decoupage/3-D cards... This ones are more unique as I can't make duplicate copies. So the friends who got these ones, they are one of kind! 
And then the Easter cards were posted off to some lovely friends!

So they are my crafts I have been up to lately! Have you created anything wonderful lately? I was asked to do a YouTube video on how to do these cards, to be honest it is pretty hard to do because not everyone has the same stamps & tools. But I think I may film a video and do some basic technique skills, tips & tricks... Not that I am an expert, but I was asked too. So I think I might. What are your thoughts?
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post & maybe was inspired to create something!
I will end this post with a hilarious photo I snapped of Mums 2 cats (Kabuki & Marlin) when I was staying with her, this is so funny...
Is this not the most hilarious photo? They are behind the lounge and it looks like they were caught in the middle of something suss! Poor Kabuki looks terrified and Marlin looks angry! Hahaha, whenever I am feeling down I just look at this picture and I laugh so hard!
Love you all.


  1. My card is still on display (so is my Christmas card hehe) they are very special! Cant wait to see the doll finished!!! xx

    1. I am so glad you love your cards, :) Thank you!! x


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