Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Home to collect firewood & relive my childhood.

Home is where your story begins... 

The weather is getting cooler which means it is almost 'fireplace season'! Which also means we need to stock up on firewood. Having parents who own a property is awesome when you need firewood, free wood!
On Saturday Trent & I headed down to the farm in his ute, closely followed by my parents & youngest brother, as we made the hour drove we passed through patches of rain and we were worried our plans would be ruined by the drizzly weather, but it mainly held off while we collected timber & kindling. 
I just love being down there, this property is where I grew up, every square inch of that place, each one of those 102 acres holds so many memories. Memories of where Nicole, the boys & I made up games to keep ourselves amused during the school holidays (we were creative kids with amazing imaginations), where I would spend time with my long list of 'pets', places I used to hang out & think and just everyday situations I remember from when I was young. It is also the place where I first lived with Trent. 'Wahroonga' holds countless memories...
I sometimes wish I still lived there, I love it there. It has this peaceful feeling where it makes me feel safe, then there is the feeling where I can look at a tree, a fence, whatever and instantly have a memory about it - I love that.
Do you have a place like that? You know the feeling right?
Anyway I took a bunch of photos so here they are...
On the drive down...
Kokoda came down to the property with us. He loves it down there!
A pretty weed...
I love this place...
This action shot looks staged, it makes me laugh... 
Wood cutting time...
Kokoda enjoying life as a farm dog...
My Dad... 
My husband, I am kind of lucky!
Trent and I.
CB1 - cattle brand. (See my wet boots & jeans, they were drenched from running through wet grass!)
Some of Mum & Dads cattle... Sorry the pictures aren't amazing, when we pulled up in the car to count them it started pouring rain and I just got to snap these ones as we started to leave! I think the top ones name is Curly & the second one is named Horny (because it has horns), I think that is what my brother told me... :) 
From the heavy down pour whilst we were checking the cattle there was some beautiful water droplets left in these tree/weed things... I think it looked like snow and so magical. Sorry these photos are not perfectly clear they were taken from a moving car...
Some beautiful kangaroos we saw on the farm... I believe Dad & Tristan said the biggest guys name was "Frank", so this is "Frank" and his mob. 
Dads tractor "Fergy"...
Dad and I.
Tristan and I.
My beautiful Mumma and I.
Kokoda having a drink! :) He loves to drink out of the bottle.
Trent and I being silly before we left to go back home...
We stopped at Mcdonalds for a snack before we went home & poor Kokoda wanted to come, but he doesn't exactly like strangers so he waited in the car. (The hatch was up, he was secured & we could see him as we sat outside and we parked the car very close by, if anything went wrong we would've been there in about 2 seconds!)
Proof it is getting colder, this is Daisy modelling her pink winter coat. She loves it & wears it every night. 
Fire wood and kindling is now all stocked up for whenever we need it. This won't last us the whole winter, but it's a good start, we don't like having to much timber under the house so as it gets low we just return to the farm to get more! 
While unloading the timber we found this funny creature, he looks like he dancing the salsa or something hahaha.

So that is how I spent my Saturday, how did you spend yours?
Mine may have been a little bit of hard work but I loved it (ok I picked up the sticks for kindling & helped Trent unload the ute when we got home, so technically not that much work)  but Trent, Dad & Tristan did all the main work, so thanks guys! 
I just loved being down there & having fun, there was a moment when I was jumping & running through the grass to get to a some sticks ahead of me & I swear I was 12 years old again and Nikki & I were picking up sticks to build a bon-fire to help my parents clear the paddocks, it is amazing how being somewhere can really just make me feel so young again. When I was a kid I loved being at home more than anything, being at home was where I was safe, I was surrounded by my family & pets, the 2 things I love so much, maybe that is why I love being down there?
Whatever it is, that place holds some of my most treasured memories, I know one day my parents may no longer own it, but it will always be the place that was my childhood. 
Love you all.

What we remember from our childhood, we remember forever. Those childhood memories can be some of the most beautiful & treasured memories we have. - Me.


  1. This sounds so magical! This is mine and Robs dream, to have a farm that our children can grow up on! You lived our dream! How special! P.s you and your mumma are so gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, it was a great childhood, the best! Thank you I think she is gorgeous!! x


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