Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Cute Blog Award...

This sweet little blog award was passed onto me by my wonderful friend & a fabulous blogger...

Sarah from the inspirational blog "Special Moments"
Thank you so much Sarah for acknowledging my blog. 

Here are the rules once you are awarded this 'Cute Blog Award'
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* Share 7 facts about yourself.
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7 facts about me...
7 facts, well this is actually a little hard to write because I have put myself 'out there' so much already on the internet, I feel you all know me pretty well, but I will have a go & maybe you might learn something you didn't know about me... (Ok I've decided to categorise my points and include a random kind of secret in each fact, not that they are huge secrets just things I normally don't mention in my blogs) Enjoy... 
  1. Family; I am the eldest child in my family & I have 1 younger sister (Nicole, 22) & 2 younger brothers (Lachlan, 17 & Tristan, 15) oddly enough I am the smallest person in the whole family (I am really short, 5ft 1" and am fairly petite) Everyone towers over me. I love my family so much, I think that is obvious to anyone who knows me, I am so defensive when it comes to my family, I never want them to be hurt or taken advantage of. My mum is my best friend, she is the most friendly person & is such a strong women, she inspires me. My little brothers are amazing, my Dad is so smart & is a wonderful man. I have a slightly strange relationship with  my sister, sometimes we are ok and other times we never talk. I wish it was a better relationship, it really makes me so sad we aren't as close as we could be, maybe one day it will get better. 
  2. Marriage; April 30th 2012 will be my 9 month wedding anniversary (we were married July 30th, 2012). I married my best friend & soul mate Trent, he is amazing & I couldn't ask for a better husband. But if I could redo my wedding I would have more courage and not invite the people who made our day so awkward and just were rude. I really don't care who they are, they just shouldn't have been invited. Trent is now apart of such a loving, open & fun family. My parents think the absolute world of Trent and class him as their own son. (In all seriousness he is now my parents favourite, the rest of us are a little jealous of this, he loves the attention) I however am not so loved by his family (Lord knows why, probably because I am someone who has an opinion, a back bone & will tell you what I think and defend myself & the people I love) I have never openly said this on my blog, yes I have slightly suggested it on here but never come out and said it. Honestly it sucks and makes things hard, but we have just removed people who don't value us from our lives and are moving on. (*I have never made Trent choose between his family & me, his choice to limit contact between them is entirely his own. And if anyone happens to read this and doesn't like my honesty, please feel free to phone me)
  3. Childhood; Growing up for the first 14 years of my life I lived on a farm. I loved it, they are the best memories of my childhood, I had so many pets and loved my life. I got bullied quiet severely at school when I was younger & being able to come home & forget about all the 'mean kids' and spend time with 100+ goats, cattle, my dogs etc, it was amazing. The year I turned 15 I moved to Central Queensland, I almost regret having to move up there. But when I think about it, if my life hadn't developed in the way it did I wouldn't have been put in the position where I was when I met Trent and I wouldn't have the wonderful life I do now. So I look at all the hard times & bad choices I've been through and I just think they all led me here, to this very moment and I am so lucky. Now after going through some really tough times, I really believe that everything in life happens for a reason even if you can't see it at the time, I think God (or whoever you believe in) has a plan for us all & it all develops eventually into a positive point. Some peoples take longer then others to work out, but I think it all eventually does.
  4. Married life; To me being married doesn't feel that much different to being engaged. I just got an extra piece of very pretty jewellery to wear on 'that finger' & I got a new last name. It is so wonderful to now officially be apart of Trent's life, but it wasn't like I woke up the day after our wedding and felt like a wife. I just felt like me, I guess it was the same feeling I feel every birthday when I wake up and expect to feel a whole year older, but I still feel just like Bindy. We have a great relationship and I am so happy to be married to Trent but I don't think their was a huge shift in our attitudes after we got married, we are still just us and as long as we love each other I think I am happy with that :) I think the main reason it didn't feel any different was because we have lived together since 2009, so we are pretty comfortable around each other & getting married was making things 'official'. I love Trent and I feel very blessed to be married to such a great man. And with that all being said even though I don't feel different I absolutely love being a 'wife'! 
  5. My career; As most of you know, I don't work. Well, I kind of work. I am a 'house wife,' 'domestic engineer,' 'lady of leisure' (hahaha, I wish) Whatever you wish to call it, I stay home, keep our house tidy, do laundry, cook for Trent, look after our pets , etc. Now when people find out what I do there are some very mixed responses, some people are happy for me & say they wish they had my life, others are confused and ask if I get bored with my life (I feel like replying, "Work, gee, doesn't that get boring?") And then there is the group that absolute hate it and give me so much grief over it. We are quiet happy with our life choice, we live very comfortably on his wage, we are paying off our first home, we afford to do what we want & having me at home seems to make him happy. I personally get so mad when people negatively comment on our lifestyle choice, firstly it is no ones concern and secondly how is affecting anyone other than Trent and I? I love my life, I feel so blessed to have it and personally I don't see me in the future running off to pursue a high powered career. 
  6. Friendships; Honestly I don't have that many people in my life I would call 'best friends' or even just 'friends' for that matter. Now I have my 'extended friends' which are all my 'Facebook friends', but I feel a lot of them are just on my account to snoop, but then there is a small group I really love & think are fabulous. The people I call my 'best friends' can easily be counted on 1 hand. I like having just a few close friends instead of 70 random friends. It takes me awhile to be able to trust someone and open up to them. Honestly the girls that are my 'best friends' our friendship has developed so strangely. For example; 1 girl is Trent's ex-girlfriend from high school & originally we didn't like each other (amazing what a drunken night at a party can change), 1 girl I have never met but have an amazing connection with and we talk all the time (I found her on the wonderful world of social media) and another friend is someone who I wasn't that close with in high school. Honestly friendship hides in the funniest places sometimes, but I am so grateful for the wonderful friends I do have and treasure their friendship so much. I also considered most of the people that read this blog my friends, by reading this you must know so much about me & I love being able to talk & vent to you all, so thanks for reading friends!
  7. Random facts;
  • I love to blog, this experience has helped me deal with situations, document my life, make new friends & feel creative. 
  • I love to take photos. This is obvious on my instagram account (bella_in_bindyland) I have just hit 1900 photos... 
  • I have 4 fur babies (Duke - German Shepherd, Daisy - Border Collie, Mishka - Manx Cat & Spook - Black cat) They are so special to me.
  • I am sarcastic, I stress out way to easily (I am trying to stop that) and even though I am pretty confident & strong, sometimes I get really hurt and offended by the negative things people say about me and my life, but I guess that proves I am human. 
  • My future with Trent makes me really excited, all my dreams & goals are happening one by one. I really can't stress how blessed I feel to have the life I do, almost everyday I just step back from my life and think "wow, I am lucky".
Ok I thought I would throw in a few random facts on the last point as I am going to fall short on the blog shout out section. It says mention 10 bloggers, but honestly some of the blogs I read have such a large readership base that I don't think they will continue this award on, I really want to expose some of my friends blogs and the smaller ones I really love (some of these are also pretty popular) So here is the list in no particular order... 
Yes, I know I fell 2 short! I am sorry! Can you suggest 2 great blogs for me to read? It honestly takes me awhile to get into a blog. I really am not a fan of just reproduced images as 'inspiration'. That is fine in moderation on a blog and everyone has different blogging styles I just prefer more personal blogs with real images of their lives and real stories. 
If I tagged you in this blog, please do a post for this award on your top 10 favourite blogs! 
Thank you Sarah  for giving me this award!
I hope you enjoyed this post and find a few new blogs to read and I also hope you discovered something you didn't know about me, let me know what your favourite fact was about me! :)
Love you all.


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