Friday, 27 April 2012

Anzac day 2012.

On Wednesday morning my alarm went off at 4am, I groaned and squinted with one eye at my iPhone as it blasted that horrible sound whilst blinding me with that horrid bright screen, I looked at Trent & made some excuse about being tired & unable to wake up because of the mongrel dog up the road that kept annoying our dogs all night & making them mad, therefore keeping me awake & I was in no state to get out of bed just yet. 
Why was my alarm going off at 4am? I was planning on going to the ANZAC day dawn service in Toowoomba, well I am embarrassed to admit that didn't go to plan. I was exhausted so I slept for 4 more hours and got up at 8am to get ready to attend the ANZAC day service my brother was marching in. 
I felt pretty bad that I didn't get out of bed for the dawn service, but I was so happy to go to the 10am service with Trent, my parents & youngest brother, we were all so proud of Lachlan he went so well. He led the parade holding the Australian flag & also made an acceptance speech for the 'passing of the torch ceremony'. 
It was a great service and I think it is always important to make an effort to go to services & pay our respects (our do so in your own way) to our service men & women. This was our way and watching my brother made me feel so proud!
Lachlan... I love this last photo, of Lachlan leading all the other cadets!
Locky, he makes me very proud.
The ceremony was surprisingly interrupted when 2 warbirds flew over head.
 Burning of the gum leaves. 
The wreaths that were laid by special guests & the public.
The ceremony was once again interrupted for a moment when 2 army helicopters flew over head. 
Passing of the torch ceremony.
Dad & Mum with Lachlan. They are so proud of him & his commitment to cadets. 
Trent, me, Lachlan & Tristan. I look terrible (joys of sinus & being tired & sun in my eyes! YAY) But I love these 3 guys so much, they mean the world to me. 
I am proud to be Australian pretty much all the time, but on days like ANZAC day I feel that little more proud. We have this spirit that even through the rough times we are ok, everyone bands together & supports one another. Because being Australian means being there for your 'mates' & lending a hand, well we pretty much 'lend a hand' to anyone in trouble and sometimes the people we help are a little bit questionable but we go in and help them, because that is what Aussies do.

I love going to these services and watching Lachlan participate and next year will be a little sad as this was his last ANZAC day service (he is in grade 12 this year and that means it's his final year in cadets). And every darn service I get teary. I am not usually an overly publicly emotional person, but whenever I see my  siblings do something important, I get choked up & normally I just don't talk, because if I speak I know I will lose it. And seeing Lachlan in an army uniform walking in a big parade, there is a swirling mix of emotions, I am so proud of him but then there is the sadness of him being in that uniform & I think of all the boys & men that went to war all those years ago to fight for our freedom & all the people still overseas & I couldn't imagine having him go away. And then there is always the part where I make sure my sunglasses are on & I don't start any conversations with anyone and I stand there trying not to cry and that is when they play that darn song 'Amazing Grace' & play 'The Last Post'. Yes, they are both lovely to listen to, but to be honest I hate them now (ok hate is a bit extreme, I just really dislike them). Ever since I was 12 & they were played at my Pops funeral, I cannot stand to listen to them... But those emotional parts aside the service was lovely (& lets be honest, it is pretty Un-Australian if you don't get emotional on ANZAC day). The weather was surprisingly cold & a perfect Autumn day, so after the service we went to McDonalds for some coffee & cake!
 For the rest of the day I spent some time with Mum & then headed home with Trent. That night Trent & I went out for a quiet dinner together. It was a really lovely day.
So that was my ANZAC day, what did you do? Did you attend a service or did you take full advantage of the public holiday & escape somewhere nice to relax & be grateful for the beautiful & free country we live in? 
Love you all.


  1. Very awesome! What exactly does ANZAC day celebrate? I'm American and I saw it listed under today's date on my nifty Audrey Hepburn calendar, but I've never heard of it. And that uniform that your brother is wearing must be the standard Australian military (Army?) pattern, right? I'm working out here in Afghanistan and the Aussie soldiers I've seen are all wearing uniforms identical to your brother's...minus the hat. I apologize for the lengthy comment, just thought that this post was pretty interesting!

    1. Lol a nifty Audrey Hepburn calendar, that made me laugh!
      ANZAC day stands for Australian & New Zeland Army Corps. It is celebrated on the anniversary of the first major military action that Australia & New Zealand fought in during World War 1 (the landing at Gallipoli in 1915). It is basically a national day of remembrance for all those people who lost their lives in war & those who still fight for our freedom. It has similar significance to 'Remembrance Day'.
      Lachlans uniform is very pretty much the same that the actual Australian Army wears, it maybe slightly different but is very close to being the same. You are in Afghanistan, what do you do there?
      I am glad you found this post interesting! Thank you so much for reading! :)

    2. Oh I love my Audrey Hepburn calendar. It's funny because I guess my co-workers assume that since I'm a young guy I'd have a random 'swimsuit' calendar on my wall, with each month dedicated to a 'model' with barely any clothes on, 'enhanced' body parts and posed in a ridiculous position lol...and then they see Audrey. Priceless reactions!
      Ah ok, thanks for the information regarding ANZAC Day. I definitely learned something new! And it's really inspiring that the younger generation continue to pay their respects, while at the same time setting a path for themselves to help write a new chapter in your country's history. The pictures of the veterans and cadets marching together are really great.
      Yes ma'am, I'm stuck here in lovely ol' Afghanistan for the next couple of months. I've been here for a couple months and already I've had my fair share of adventure. I'm a civilian contractor, so I work, in part, for the DOD (Dept. of Defense). I've been doing this kind of thing since I was 20 and with the way it works I've 'worn many hats' throughout the years. This is my 4th 'deployment' and this time I'm playing the role of a Field Service Technician for ISR platforms. So basically I sustain a wide range of systems that the military uses for information gathering, surveillance, and reconnaissance *whew* I apologize for the lengthy comment yet again!
      Oh, and I've been a 'fan' of yours for a couple months now. I stumbled across your 'Accent Tag' video back in February and I've be a fan ever since!

    3. Well, thank you, I am glad you like my blog & videos. :) Wow your job sounds interesting & also scary, is it scary? That is funny about the calendar! I am sure a lot of people find it odd, but it's a refreshing change! Thank you for your comments, it's good to know someone other than my Mum & a few friends read my blog - lol!

    4. You're very welcome! I should be thanking you though. Your blogs and videos have given me something to enjoy and even look forward to. And that means a lot when I'm stuck out here with not a whole lot to do during my downtime. You've even motivated me to start up my own blog. So yeah, thank you! Well my job is interesting in that I get to support the troops out here and travel around. So it definitely does have its satisfying moments. I have had maybe a handful of scary situations happen to me while being out here over the years. There is a story or two I could share, but posting it as a 'comment' under one of your posts is probably not the best place for it, lol. Most of the time it's really not that bad out here, but then there are moments when reality hits and you realize that you're in a war zone and people are dying out here every day. It makes you appreciate every little thing in your life so much more whenever you go back home. Let me stop before I start rambling, lol. I'm glad to be a part of your 'audience' and I'm looking forward to seeing what you post next. No pressure! lol

    5. I'm glad you enjoy my blogs :) That means so much to me, so thanks! Good on you for starting your own blog, I look forward to reading it. Stay safe & a new post should be up in a day or two. x

  2. Wow you must be so so proud! I had tears looking at the pictures and reading! It is such a special moment watching them! Rob used to march as well but now he is booted he doesnt anymore! But we still go each year and pay our respects!

    1. We are so proud! It is so nice to make time & go pay our respects for people who do & who have done so much for us!


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