Friday, 27 April 2012

April haul {2012}

Hi everyone!
This is just a quick post to show you all my April haul! :) 
I will do a separate video for Trent's birthday gifts after his birthday (April 30th).
Just a quick note, the K-mart shirt that was mentioned in the beginning after 1 day of wear now has a darn hole in the arm! So that is lame because I really liked it, so I will take it back & probably just get a refund!
So here is the video...

(Thank you to Trent for filming this haul! And wow those screen shot pictures just keep getting more & more attractive, hahaha)
I did actually buy a few more things in the past couple days, but I shall include them in the next haul video! 
Go HERE to see last years (2011) Priceline bag! The 2012 Priceline beauty bag is way better than the 2011!
I hope you enjoyed this video. Let me know what item you love! I obviously love them all, but the squirrel is pretty awesome, simply because I am obsessed (I'm a loser, I know!)
Thanks for watching/reading! 
Love you all.

Anzac day 2012.

On Wednesday morning my alarm went off at 4am, I groaned and squinted with one eye at my iPhone as it blasted that horrible sound whilst blinding me with that horrid bright screen, I looked at Trent & made some excuse about being tired & unable to wake up because of the mongrel dog up the road that kept annoying our dogs all night & making them mad, therefore keeping me awake & I was in no state to get out of bed just yet. 
Why was my alarm going off at 4am? I was planning on going to the ANZAC day dawn service in Toowoomba, well I am embarrassed to admit that didn't go to plan. I was exhausted so I slept for 4 more hours and got up at 8am to get ready to attend the ANZAC day service my brother was marching in. 
I felt pretty bad that I didn't get out of bed for the dawn service, but I was so happy to go to the 10am service with Trent, my parents & youngest brother, we were all so proud of Lachlan he went so well. He led the parade holding the Australian flag & also made an acceptance speech for the 'passing of the torch ceremony'. 
It was a great service and I think it is always important to make an effort to go to services & pay our respects (our do so in your own way) to our service men & women. This was our way and watching my brother made me feel so proud!
Lachlan... I love this last photo, of Lachlan leading all the other cadets!
Locky, he makes me very proud.
The ceremony was surprisingly interrupted when 2 warbirds flew over head.
 Burning of the gum leaves. 
The wreaths that were laid by special guests & the public.
The ceremony was once again interrupted for a moment when 2 army helicopters flew over head. 
Passing of the torch ceremony.
Dad & Mum with Lachlan. They are so proud of him & his commitment to cadets. 
Trent, me, Lachlan & Tristan. I look terrible (joys of sinus & being tired & sun in my eyes! YAY) But I love these 3 guys so much, they mean the world to me. 
I am proud to be Australian pretty much all the time, but on days like ANZAC day I feel that little more proud. We have this spirit that even through the rough times we are ok, everyone bands together & supports one another. Because being Australian means being there for your 'mates' & lending a hand, well we pretty much 'lend a hand' to anyone in trouble and sometimes the people we help are a little bit questionable but we go in and help them, because that is what Aussies do.

I love going to these services and watching Lachlan participate and next year will be a little sad as this was his last ANZAC day service (he is in grade 12 this year and that means it's his final year in cadets). And every darn service I get teary. I am not usually an overly publicly emotional person, but whenever I see my  siblings do something important, I get choked up & normally I just don't talk, because if I speak I know I will lose it. And seeing Lachlan in an army uniform walking in a big parade, there is a swirling mix of emotions, I am so proud of him but then there is the sadness of him being in that uniform & I think of all the boys & men that went to war all those years ago to fight for our freedom & all the people still overseas & I couldn't imagine having him go away. And then there is always the part where I make sure my sunglasses are on & I don't start any conversations with anyone and I stand there trying not to cry and that is when they play that darn song 'Amazing Grace' & play 'The Last Post'. Yes, they are both lovely to listen to, but to be honest I hate them now (ok hate is a bit extreme, I just really dislike them). Ever since I was 12 & they were played at my Pops funeral, I cannot stand to listen to them... But those emotional parts aside the service was lovely (& lets be honest, it is pretty Un-Australian if you don't get emotional on ANZAC day). The weather was surprisingly cold & a perfect Autumn day, so after the service we went to McDonalds for some coffee & cake!
 For the rest of the day I spent some time with Mum & then headed home with Trent. That night Trent & I went out for a quiet dinner together. It was a really lovely day.
So that was my ANZAC day, what did you do? Did you attend a service or did you take full advantage of the public holiday & escape somewhere nice to relax & be grateful for the beautiful & free country we live in? 
Love you all.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Noodle graduates!

On Saturday my parents & I had a special event to attend, my sisters graduation. Nicole graduated from her nursing degree at USQ. She was down from Mackay to attend the event, I came to my parents house to do her makeup & fix her hair. I went to the event with my parents while Trent went fishing with my youngest brother out at a local dam. I had never been to a university graduation before, I was warned it would be long and not that interesting and it's fair to say the only part that interested me was when I saw my sister walked on stage, her name was called and she got her certificate. We all cheered loudly when she was up there, it was a very proud moment & I may have even got a little teary! Nicole is the first person from our family to graduate from university, so it was a great moment, she made us proud.
(I started university after high school, but it wasn't right for me & at that moment in my life it wasn't the right time for me to be studying so I quit. At this point in my life I am happy with where I am & what I do, but maybe one day I will return, maybe).  
Congratulations Nicole on graduating, we are all proud of you! Good luck with your new career and I hope this is just the start of big dreams & you achieve them all! 
The small gift I got Nicole, she loves stars & it's a symbolic gift to her. My parents presented her with a solid gold bangle & a USQ graduation teddy bear. 
Big hair for a big event!
My sister, the graduate!
Noodle & I. 
Mum and I waiting for the ceremony to start!
Nicole getting her certificate!
The graduate...
My parents, my sister & I.
My parents being very proud with Nicole!
The whole time all she wanted to do was throw her hat, so this is Nikki throwing her darn hat!
Yes I had to try her hat on, so these are my 'graduation' photos. I graduated from umm... domestic engineering? Housewife? I got my diamond diploma!

After the graduation the whole family went out for dinner at 'The Spotted Cow' in Toowoomba. It was great having the whole family together for a meal!
Trent & I.
Nicole & I. It was great to see Nikki, as she now lives about 12 hours away we don't see her very much, so it was great to catch up!
This photo was taken after dinner & I LOVE it! Everyone I love & care about it is right there in that very photo! They are my everything. (And yes, I am really that short, yep, the eldest & the shortest!)

So that was my Saturday, it was full of celebration, family, sore feet from high heels, love & being so proud. And I wouldn't have it any other way! Way to go Noodle, I knew you could do it, I am sure you will make a great nurse. Love you & miss you.
Love you all.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Home to collect firewood & relive my childhood.

Home is where your story begins... 

The weather is getting cooler which means it is almost 'fireplace season'! Which also means we need to stock up on firewood. Having parents who own a property is awesome when you need firewood, free wood!
On Saturday Trent & I headed down to the farm in his ute, closely followed by my parents & youngest brother, as we made the hour drove we passed through patches of rain and we were worried our plans would be ruined by the drizzly weather, but it mainly held off while we collected timber & kindling. 
I just love being down there, this property is where I grew up, every square inch of that place, each one of those 102 acres holds so many memories. Memories of where Nicole, the boys & I made up games to keep ourselves amused during the school holidays (we were creative kids with amazing imaginations), where I would spend time with my long list of 'pets', places I used to hang out & think and just everyday situations I remember from when I was young. It is also the place where I first lived with Trent. 'Wahroonga' holds countless memories...
I sometimes wish I still lived there, I love it there. It has this peaceful feeling where it makes me feel safe, then there is the feeling where I can look at a tree, a fence, whatever and instantly have a memory about it - I love that.
Do you have a place like that? You know the feeling right?
Anyway I took a bunch of photos so here they are...
On the drive down...
Kokoda came down to the property with us. He loves it down there!
A pretty weed...
I love this place...
This action shot looks staged, it makes me laugh... 
Wood cutting time...
Kokoda enjoying life as a farm dog...
My Dad... 
My husband, I am kind of lucky!
Trent and I.
CB1 - cattle brand. (See my wet boots & jeans, they were drenched from running through wet grass!)
Some of Mum & Dads cattle... Sorry the pictures aren't amazing, when we pulled up in the car to count them it started pouring rain and I just got to snap these ones as we started to leave! I think the top ones name is Curly & the second one is named Horny (because it has horns), I think that is what my brother told me... :) 
From the heavy down pour whilst we were checking the cattle there was some beautiful water droplets left in these tree/weed things... I think it looked like snow and so magical. Sorry these photos are not perfectly clear they were taken from a moving car...
Some beautiful kangaroos we saw on the farm... I believe Dad & Tristan said the biggest guys name was "Frank", so this is "Frank" and his mob. 
Dads tractor "Fergy"...
Dad and I.
Tristan and I.
My beautiful Mumma and I.
Kokoda having a drink! :) He loves to drink out of the bottle.
Trent and I being silly before we left to go back home...
We stopped at Mcdonalds for a snack before we went home & poor Kokoda wanted to come, but he doesn't exactly like strangers so he waited in the car. (The hatch was up, he was secured & we could see him as we sat outside and we parked the car very close by, if anything went wrong we would've been there in about 2 seconds!)
Proof it is getting colder, this is Daisy modelling her pink winter coat. She loves it & wears it every night. 
Fire wood and kindling is now all stocked up for whenever we need it. This won't last us the whole winter, but it's a good start, we don't like having to much timber under the house so as it gets low we just return to the farm to get more! 
While unloading the timber we found this funny creature, he looks like he dancing the salsa or something hahaha.

So that is how I spent my Saturday, how did you spend yours?
Mine may have been a little bit of hard work but I loved it (ok I picked up the sticks for kindling & helped Trent unload the ute when we got home, so technically not that much work)  but Trent, Dad & Tristan did all the main work, so thanks guys! 
I just loved being down there & having fun, there was a moment when I was jumping & running through the grass to get to a some sticks ahead of me & I swear I was 12 years old again and Nikki & I were picking up sticks to build a bon-fire to help my parents clear the paddocks, it is amazing how being somewhere can really just make me feel so young again. When I was a kid I loved being at home more than anything, being at home was where I was safe, I was surrounded by my family & pets, the 2 things I love so much, maybe that is why I love being down there?
Whatever it is, that place holds some of my most treasured memories, I know one day my parents may no longer own it, but it will always be the place that was my childhood. 
Love you all.

What we remember from our childhood, we remember forever. Those childhood memories can be some of the most beautiful & treasured memories we have. - Me.