Thursday, 29 March 2012

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill March 2012.

"And some people seem to think that I've changed, that I'm different than I was back then. But in my soul I know that I'm the same way that I've really always been". 
Faith Hill - Mississippi Girl.

On Sunday the 25th of March, 2012 Trent and I headed once again down to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre, the second time for this month! This time we were excited to see Tim McGraw and Faith Hill! I actually was given these tickets from a local radio station here in Toowoomba (thanks Toowoomba Country FM)! 
Hair was big and curly, just how I like it! (The higher the hair, the closer to heaven!) 
My outfit of the night... I wore the Adiktd jeans I wore to Taylor Swift and a red and white Abercrombie & Fitch button up shirt with my RM Williams boots. I didn't film an outfit of the day as I have a similar outfit already filmed, that video can be found HERE and my Taylor Swift OOTN can be found HERE.
In the car headed to the concert.
The view from our seats. Not bad for free tickets :)
At the concert!

We arrived a little early and had a drink in the bar. The support act was 'The Eli Young Band' and they were really entertaining... 
Faith Hill started the concert and she was amazing. Her voice is beautiful and so strong and she looks amazing for being 44! 
Faith Hill... Sorry I didn't get many photos of Faith, for some reason a lot I took of her didn't turn out!

She performed for almost an hour with a mix of new and old songs and then Tim McGraw took to the stage and the crowd went insane... 
Tim and Faith sung a few duets and then it was Tim's time... 
Tim McGraw is fantastic...

He was just as entertaining as Faith. They are both such strong performers and I had a brilliant time. They finished the show with another few duets and a kiss! It was very sweet.
Tim & Faith on their own are great, together they are amazing! Such a beautiful couple and seem so in love!

 The only slightly bad thing I have to say about the concert was Tim McGraw didn't sing the song Trent and I had our first dance to at our wedding, 'My Best Friend'. But apart from that I had an amazing time and Trent enjoyed the concert as well! I actually had a few friends that went to this concert as well over the 3 shows they did in Brisbane and everyone said the same thing, that it was a fantastic concert! 
Waiting in the car park, it was packed! We waited half an hour to get out, it was crazy!!

After the concert we made the 2 hour drive home and were tucked into bed before 2am...
In comparison to the Taylor Swift 'Speak Now' concert I recently went to I believe they were on par, but for different reasons. Taylor's concerts are amazing and are like a huge stage performance with costume changes, set changes and stage location changing... Tim and Faith are more simple performers, their voice and crowd interaction is the entertainment, they don't need extra things to make it more entertaining, they ARE entertaining. Now I'm not saying Taylor couldn't put on a good simple show, because she could but the target audiences they perform for are very different... At the Taylor Swift concert ages varied from about 4 years old and up. At Tim & Faith it was more of a mature audience. These factors I believe contribute to the vastly different concert performances offered, but both were fantastic and if you get a chance to see either Taylor Swift or Tim McGraw & Faith Hill in concert I suggest you do so. March was definitely our month for country music concerts and I had 2 amazing and very memorable nights at both events... 
For more info on the Taylor Swift 'Speak Now' concert I attended please go HERE. :) 
I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you saw Tim & Faith in concert let me know where you saw them and what you thought!

Love you all.
**sorry about the photo quality I couldn't take my big camera and these are off my little camera and my iPhone 4.**

"It's your love, it just does somethin' to me, it sends a shock right through me..."
 - Tim McGraw & Faith Hill - It's your love.


  1. The photos turned out perfectly! Great post!!! Would have been an awesome concert!!!!

    1. Aw thank you love, I love all the blog love you give me!

  2. Hey Bella,

    Got no idea how I found your blog (:p oops!) but it's very cool to find another Toowoomba blogger! :) I didn't think many existed, apart from the few mummy bloggers that are a bit beyond uni-student me.
    Just wanted to comment cause you are just bubbly and gorgeous - and have lovely skin too boot. :) Do you have a particular regime that you follow for looking so amazing? My skin is a bit of a nightmare... :/ grr...

    Anyway! Thanks for sharing your life here on your blog. :)


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Lol I also randomly stumble upon blogs sometimes! Oh YAY another Toowoomba blogger!! Glad to meet you!
      My skin routine changes, I will try and get a blog update done on it for you :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Yes id LOVE a blog on your skin regime as well ;-)

    3. Well I may just have to do one then!! :) x

  3. I was never the biggest Tim Mcgraw fan but I wouldn't mind seeing his concert in Atlanta. That said, tickets here starts at $57 (before the inconvenience charges) so I'll be passing on that one.


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