Friday, 30 March 2012

Squirrels, Sweaters & Easter... March 2012 Haul.

"Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist" 

Hi loves!
Wow, it is the end of another month... This year is flying by! I've been married for 8 months today! That is crazy, it still feels like it wasn't that long ago, but honestly I am so glad it is over and done with... Weddings to me are not much fun. I loved mine, but I am glad I only have to get married once :) 
Anyway, I am getting off track... This blog is pretty much my 'March Haul', all the stuff I purchased in March 2012... I feel like I have left something out of this video, if I have I will just include it in the April haul! 

So that is my haul... What do you think? What was your favourite item? Did you get anything super great this month? Let me know in the comments! 
I hope your March was wonderful, mine was pretty good. It had a few average days but that is life, the majority of it was fabulous. 
Thanks for watching/reading! 
Love you all.

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  1. Just got time to watch and love all your items! esspecially love the knit wear you got! LOVE!


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