Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My life lately... {Catch up blog}

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”  - Albert Einstein.
Hi loves!
I haven't done a "catch up blog" in a while so I thought I would do one now :) 
Last Friday I had such a beautiful day with my Mum, we went to Ella Bache for 1 hour relaxing massages. It was heaven, I booked us the couples room and it was great to just relax and get a head to toe massage. I got my massage voucher off one of my best friends Libbi for my birthday, I was saving it for when I really needed it or when I could go with someone else so when Mums birthday rolled around last month I got her the same voucher so we could relax together! I loved every second of it, the only slight complaint I have is they could wash their towels a little tiny bit better they kind of smelt strongly of old massage oil, but apart from that it was very luxurious and relaxing! After our massage we went shopping & had lunch at the Myer Cafe. It was so nice to spend the day with my Mum, I really am so lucky to have her in my life. 
My beautiful Mum and I... I feel so lucky I get to spend so much time with her.
Thank you Libbi for such a wonderful & thoughtful gift...
A beautiful sunset to finish a beautiful day! (Highfields has the best sunsets!) 
On Saturday (St. Patricks Day) we celebrated that it was my cars birthday, (yes, that I am that insane!) Basically Trent washed and vacuumed her for me. It was very nice of him, so currently I have one very clean and shiny car! 
Happy Birthday Patty!! (I call her Patty because I got her own St. Patricks day!) - LOL at my pony tail in some of these shots!
During Saturday, Trent and I just spent time together, visited one of Trent's work mates & his wife and came home and hung out with the dogs. 
Daisy May and I.
Duke giving me kisses...
My handsome husband and I.
That evening we headed out in 'Noleea' (our pink Holden EK) to a classic car club meet up at a local cafe. Because it was raining the turn out wasn't huge, but we still had a nice time meeting some new people and other 'classic car enthusiasts'.
This is what I wore out on Saturday night. It was cold and rainy. My sweater is vintage and was my Great Grandmothers, I love it and I love the cable knit detailing, I also love that it matches the EKs colours! The jeans are Guess and the hat was from Jeans West. I thought I would brighten up the whole outfit with a bold red lipstick. I liked it & Trent thought I looked nice, so YAY!
Noleea and I. She is gorgeous.
I am so proud to say I own this car. Well, technically it's Trent's. But hey, what's his is mine now! :)
I love that this sign is still in the EK. She was one of our wedding cars and this sign is still in the car, it makes me smile every time I hop in! 
Some of the cars at the meet.
 After that we headed to a local pub for dinner, I got all festive and had a green cocktail! 
Happy St. Patricks day! :) PS; clearly this was an 18+ drink, the lady in my drink is topless! What the hell? What happened to those nice stirrers with monkeys or sea horses... You know the cute ones, that don't make my drink look like boob soup! Anyway, it still tasted nice. 
It was a cute date night and I was happy to get out and spend some time with Trent on date.  It's nice to go out for a bit in the evening. (We were home by 9pm! We are a bit boring!)
On Sunday I strolled through Queens Park looking at the craft markets and then I went to spend some time with Mum in the morning, we had lunch together and then we attended a Norwex party at my friends house. It was an interesting party and I ordered a few of their products (all cleaning cloths) so I will see how they go and I will let you know. (Norwex is pretty much chemical free cleaning products. They seem ok but have a pretty big price tag. So fingers crossed they actually work!)
I like Toowoomba parks, they are so full of trees and they just look beautiful. I also love that we actually experience the seasons here. It's Autumn right now in Australia and the weather is a lot cooler, I love it. When I lived in Central Queensland there was pretty much Summer and Winter and not a lot of in-between weather! But Toowoomba is wonderful, if it snowed it would be perfect! One day I shall see snow!
When visiting Mum I get to catch up with Kokoda. I tried to snap a picture of us together and well, this was the result. He is so big now! Not a little puppy anymore!

Then on Monday I got up early. Ok, it wasn't that early. It was 8:30am, the main problem I have is waking up at certain time. I often wake up at 8am'ish but having the alarm wake me up is annoying! (First world problem; I know!) I prefer to naturally wake up whenever I like instead of having an alarm but oh well, I survived... Just. 
Why was I up so early? Because Mum and I did a trial at a ladies gym 'Curves'. It was ok, but I don't think we will be signing up, it's a bit boring for us and to be honest I am kind of to small for some of the machines! So it's really hard for me to use them comfortably. Then we went for coffee and hung out. I love spending time with her, she really is my best friend.
After gym drinks at Zarraffas! 
Then today (Tuesday)  I got up early again (ok, I know it's not really early for the normal person, but I feel like it's early...) then I had a bowl of cereal. Once again this may seem like a random thing to mention, but I haven't had a bowl of cereal in over a year. I find it really hard to eat breakfast. I just don't feel like food when I wake up, plus I hate the taste of milk. But I am forcing myself to eat breakfast to improve my health and apparently cereal is good for you (?). So YAY, I had a bowl of cereal*.  (I do occasionally eat breakfast but it's normally like raisin toast, cup of tea or a yoghurt. But I don't eat breakfast often which is unhealthy and bad, which is why I am trying to change that).
Special K honey and almond cereal. It is ok, not disgusting but not delicious either... The main thing I dislike is the milk, I really am not a milk fan. I can't drink milk plain...
Then Mum came over and we were dressed for another day at the gym, but it was raining so we decided to go shopping instead and went and had donuts... Yeah, we are really good at this gym thing*. 
I had coke & donuts, Mum had a coffee and donuts... 
After our little shopping adventure I came home and just did some housewife stuff, nothing exciting really. I did snuggle the cats & play with the dogs. On a bit of a less positive point poor Dukes paw is a bit irritated at the moment from all this wet weather so I researched a natural way to heal it and so far it seems to be improving, if it works I will let you all know what I used (if it doesn't improve soon or gets worse he will be off to the vet, it's nothing serious at this stage so he doesn't need to see a vet) He does seem much better, he is just a bit sooky still which means more snuggles so I am ok with that! :)
She doesn't mind snuggles on her own...
But she gets VERY angry (obviously) if I add Spook to the snug! Like seriously, look at how cranky she is in the right image! WOW. You can see the hate in her eyes... Crazy!
My poor sooky puppy showing me his sore paw... 
Isn't this photo hilarious, Duke is photo bombing me!! Cheeky hound!
He is such a wonderful dog... I love him so much, I hate seeing him hurt. Even though this paw thing is nothing major it still makes me a little sad he is uncomfortable, but he is still Duke and acts happy and will run around 110% fine if I am in the yard or I have a toy to throw! He always makes me happy, such a kind and beautiful animal! 
My lovely Daisy... She is always so serious, except if she is running up to say, "Hello" to me. She is so cute, she jumps up and puts her paws on my stomach and stands up straight for a pat... And she is so gentle when she does it. I love her eyes, they are the coolest colour! For the past few nights I have been putting their doggy coats on because it's a bit cold with all this rain around. 
I am obsessed with eating Cadbury Easter eggs right now, this bowl WAS full. FULL! I have eaten most of them... They are just so addictive, I swear Cadbury must add some ingredient that is like a drug to keep people addicted to their Easter chocolate, I can never just have one! Sooo bad!
Also just a quick side note, I've recently discovered how to watch TV shows on the internet! Which is awesome, because I don't have pay TV and a lot of shows I like don't screen here in Australia at the same time they do in America. But after they air in America, they are almost instantly on the internet. I am loving 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills', 'Big Rich Texas' and I am in total love with 'GCB'. It is hilarious and so cute. 

Are you loving any new shows lately? Let me know any you like that you may think I might like!  

So that is what I have been up to lately... What have you been up to lately? What is the most exciting thing you've been doing? Let me know in the comments below! Fill me in on your life! I bet your life is a tad more exciting lately than mine!
Thanks for reading!
Love you all.



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