Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Hippity hoppity, Easter's on its way...

Here comes Peter Cottontail Hoppin' down the bunny trail, Hippity hoppity, Easter's on its way...

This week I have been Easter obsessed, I know it's a still 3 weeks away, but now is the time to plan events, meals, make cards and decorations. I think next week I will bake a batch of Hot Cross buns and maybe some Easter cookies as a trial run for the Easter weekend.
I have been trawling through Pinterest for inspiration and it's a little bitter sweet, I love seeing all these lovely decorations, but here in Australia it's almost impossible to find cute Easter decorations. This year I have purchased a few items but I wish I could find more perfect items... Oh well, I still have many more years ahead of me to expand my Easter collection! Here are the few items I have purchased this year (so far, there are still a few weeks to go!)...
I got this wonderful bowl from Target for $6... It is gorgeous!
I would like you all to meet Sir. Hops-a-lot... Isn't he adorable, I picked him up at the Mummy Tree markets which were on in Toowoomba from Victoria Blue. I love him!
I picked up this beautiful set of letter blocks from Gottabee Country at Highfields. It's beautiful!
I picked up this little 'Happy Easter' banner from the $2 store. :)
I would love this giant Gold Lindt bunny to add to my Easter collection! I fell in love with him last year when I saw him in Myer! I wish he was for sale, I would totally buy him!!
This Easter toy at Myer worries me. I really wish morons wouldn't make toys. This teaches young children something so wrong, bunnies do not come out of eggs! That is just wrong!! Yes, a chicken or a duckling coming out of an egg is totally fine & very cute but a rabbit in an egg??? What the hell is wrong with these people!! It just doesn't happen like this!!! No wonder kids today are so dumb and are so naive about animals. 

Ok and now to show you all some of these wonderful images I have been pinning...

Source: via Belinda on Pinterest

Love all these gorgeous table decorations!!

Source: via Belinda on Pinterest

These door decorations are adorable!! 

I love Easter, it's the most adorable & sweet holiday! If you want to see more images that I have pinned please go HERE . Let me know in the comments below do you decorate for Easter and what are your plans for the Easter weekend? What are your favourite images from above?
I am still undecided on what my family and I will do for Easter, no doubt we will all be together but doing what is undecided. Maybe a dinner because Trent has to unfortunately work over the Easter break... But either way we will do something to celebrate! 
I hope you enjoyed this post & made you feel excited about Easter!
Love you all.


  1. Still LOVING sir hops alot! He is just gorgeous!!!! love the decos already!!!! xxx

  2. You are so pretty! The bunnies coming out of the eggs are odd but my first reaction was "CUTE!" and that quickly faded to "whaaaaat? That is a bunny...coming out of an egg." Surely someone with a massive hangover designed that gem! LOL!


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