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Chocolate, The Devil Inside & OOTN. {Date night Feb 2012}

Hi everyone!
On Wednesday night (29/February 2012) Trent and I were invited to the movie premier of 'The Devil Inside' at Southbank Cineplex. So we thought we would make it a 'date night'. I got dressed in a cute top, I attempted to do a dark smokey eyeshadow look (I think it turned out ok) and Trent wore a nice shirt, I was excited! We don't go to Brisbane to 'go out' very much, so this was a tiny bit of a big deal. We headed to Brisbane around 4:45pm'ish. 
Big scary movie ticket...
Hair and makeup, before I left.
Trent and I on the way down to Brisbane...
I am positive this is the casino in Brisbane, I just love this old building. So pretty!

We got into Brisbane around 6pm and we parked in a parking complex and started wandering Southbank looking for a restaurant. Well that was a big task, we checked out so many menus, but nothing really jumped out at us. And restuarants that serve things that hop freak me out. When I say hop I mean kangaroo and rabbit. Like is it really that hard just serve good food? Like normal, good food? Clearly it is in Brisbane! We ended up eating at the Southbank Surf Club, it was ok. Service was a bit average, but the food nice. 
I had one glass of white wine with dinner, it was nice.
Our meals, mine was fish & chips, Trent had a steak on a bed of mushrooms... Sorry the photos are such crappy quality the restaurant was really dark and I only had my iPhone. 

We finished dinner around 7:30pm, we took a little stroll around Southbank, it was lovely. We just walked & talked. 
Some scenery around Southbank.

Then we went to a place I see all my Facebook friends that live in Brisbane talk about, Max Brenners. 
Max Brenner's signage and the Chocolate shop. 
I love this big jars of lollies and sprinkles!! So cool!

We waited in line for like 15 minutes, but after we ordered our drinks and desserts were out within 5 minutes!
Trent and I waiting at our table.

 I got a milk chocolate frappe, strawberries and melted chocolate and Trent got a cappuccino and a chocolate souffle.
Trent's order; cappuccino and chocolate souffle.
My order; Milk chocolate frappe (served in an Alice cup) & melted chocolate with strawberries. I forget what my actual dessert was called... Sorry!
After... :)

 Oh my gosh, it was amazing! I honestly looked at my plate and thought, "what that's all I get?" But it was pretty much the perfect amount, maybe another strawberry or 2 wouldn't have hurt, but it was really tasty! When we finished it's fair to say we were on a chocolate over dose, we were so full! We walked to a small connivence store on Grey Street and purchased 2 bottles of water, we needed water after all that chocolate! The movie was scheduled to start at 9:15pm, we were seated at 9pm in the biggest theatre I've ever been in, I was so shocked to see the size of it! 
Waiting to go into the theatre...
In the cinema...
The cinema had twinkly lights on the ceiling... :) 

And then behind us sat the most obnoxious 'uni students'. They were about my age and were mainly guys with I think 1 girl and they would not shut up about how awesome they thought they were, that they picked there on mushrooms to use as drugs and almost poisoned themselves (what the hell?!), how they didn't like some girl because she was to wrapped up in her own image (hearing that I thought seriously, you just sat there speaking about how great you were and that you think you are like the Gossip Girl of Brisbane. You 2 would've made the perfect couple)! I just really dislike conceited fools like that. They are so overly opinionated, look down on others, dress like idiots (I am sorry if this offends anyone, but I am VERY glad Trent doesn't want to wear skinny jeans) and just think they are so fantastic. Argh... Sorry they just seem so pathetic, I had to mention it... Anyway moving on... Now to get onto the movie review;
The Devil Inside;
To begin with I had high hopes for this movie, I was really hoping it was awesome... 
The Devil Inside is a documentary style/'found footage' type of film, I don't mind those type of films but in this movie at times gets annoying. It's pretty predictable and typical of an 'exorcism' movie, twisting heads, distorted bodies etc. The basic story line is about the main character Isabella who tries to help her Mother who is committed in a 'mental' hospital in Rome. Isabella believes her Mother is possessed by a demon and enlists the help of a Priest and a professional exorcist she met through an Exorcism school to help her Mother. 
The start of the film is pretty good, but that's where it ends. I thought the film was disappointing and considering how much this film has been advertised as a 'horror' film and how much hype was created around the trailer I didn't find it scary and it was a bit of a let down! I maybe jumped a tiny bit during the movie twice, once in the very first part of the movie and mid way through the film when a dog barked! If you see this film you will understand. But seriously, the whole cinema jumped when this dog barked and it was so random and had nothing to do with the film! But that's it, it was fairly predictable and not that scary. I think the Mother character should've been given a lot more screen time, she was actually pretty good. I was hoping to get really scared & freaked out, but no this movie didn't scare me at all. Trent also agreed it wasn't scary, it was more like a thriller/drama movie then a horror in my opinion. The ending of the film was really lame, I do not enjoy films that end abruptly and without explaining what happens. I think the ending may have ended in the way it did so they can have a sequel. I assume they are hoping to do a sequel as they left so many things unsaid in the film, why the Mother was possessed, who possessed her etc. Hopefully they get a bigger budget and can make the sequel a better movie. 
Do I suggest you go see this film? Sure if you really want to see it go, but don't pay full price, go on like a half price day! I do not think it is worth paying full price for. I like seeing scary movies at the cinema, it adds to the scare being in a dark room with a bunch of strangers. Everyone jumps at the same time, then has a nervous laugh. It makes it more fun, but  if you can wait I would just hire it out on DVD. If I had paid to go see this film I would not be impressed. I am a fan of horror movies, maybe I've been desensitised by the amount of them I've seen, but to me it was really average and had no real scare factor.
If you have seen this film, let me know in the comments below what you think or leave a comment on my Facebook page.

After the movie we walked back to our car and I was shocked to see people were still out at dinner and coffee at 11pm at night, like does no one have work or school the next day? Brisbane is a nice place to visit but I honestly don't think I could live there. When we got to our car we obviously drove home and I had a nap for about half the drive! :) We were home and tucked into bed just before 1am. It was a lovely night and I had great time!

Ok now for my outfit of the night... I thought it was cute and a little bit 'going out style'. 

Sorry the video is a bit scattered, my brain wasn't with me on this day!
Outfit details;
  • Top; Milk & Honey.
  • Jeans; Guess.
  • Heels; Novo - Glam black
  • Watch; Guess.
  • Bag; Guess.
  • Jacket; Used.
  • Little flats; Scholl Party feet.
Make up;
  • Concealer; NYX HD.
  • Foundation; Revlon Color Stay.
  • Powder; Max Factor pressed powder.
  • Eyeshadow;
  • Mascara; NYX Doll Eye mascara
  • Bronzer; Modelista.
  • Blush; Playboy.
  • Highlighter; Napoleon Perdis.
They are most of the details if I left anything out that you would like to know, please feel free to ask!
I hope you enjoyed this movie review and my recap of our date night! It was really lovely to get out and go out in Brisbane, it felt like a bit of a mini holiday! My favourite part besides being with Trent would have to be Max Brenners, it was so yummy and I suggest going there if you can! 
Love you all.

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