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Be fearless, SPEAK NOW. {Taylor Swift Concert}. 6th March 2012.

Before you start reading this blog, please keep in mind all images have been taken & edited by me. They are my own work and unless I give permission they are not to be re-used. - B.

I was enchanted to meet you...
Taylor Swift - Enchanted.
On Tuesday the 6th of March 2012 I had an amazing night, one of my best nights! If you are a regular reader of this blog or are a friend of mine you know I really don't care to much for 'celebrities', except one; Taylor Swift. I love Taylor, I have since I was a teenager, you can read more about my absolute love for this talented lady HERE. 
So March 6th was a day full of getting ready, listening to Taylor CDs and so much excitement because on this particular day was her first Brisbane concert for the Speak Now tour. I've seen her live in concert before and that was her Fearless tour in 2010, it was amazing, she is a brilliant performer, when I heard that she was returning to Australia I waited with anticipation for the tickets to go on sale and the day they did I instantly purchased 2, these were part of my 23rd birthday present from Trent. I was so excited! I have waited months for this concert and I knew I had to have my 'ideal outfit' for the concert. I ended up purchasing new jeans & shirt from Katie B Western
Just before we left...

I will have an outfit of the night post up shortly and will go into further detail about the whole outfit there! 
I had carefully drawn a 13 on my hand like Taylor wears and sprayed my 'Wonderstruck' perfume on maybe a few too many times, I was ready! 

We left Toowoomba at about 4:15pm and we headed to the concert, I was praying to God that I would be one of the lucky 20 that get selected to attend the T-Party and meet Taylor. I was so excited, my hair was curled pretty, I loved my new outfit and Trent was with me, I was happy! When we parked the car it was raining just slightly, so we thought we could make it with no umbrella. Well, it is only less than a 5 minute walk to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre entrance from where we parked our car (car park 2F) and half way there the rain got a bit heavier and well, curls + rain = YUK! Yep, my hair got ruined, I was a little sad, my hair takes a lot of effort and I feel confident with curls. I hate straight hair on me and wet hair is even worse! We went to a merchandise stand straight away to purchase a program and a new Taylor Swift t-shirt. When we entered the centre we both headed straight to the toilet, I went to the 'P!NK' bathroom (P!NK designed one of the female bathrooms! It is fully pink, I love it!) Anyway, I tried to save my hair and it was hopeless, it was ruined. I had to pull it up in a pony tail, I felt so gross and ugly, I thought surely this was a sign, my night was going to be average! Well, wasn't I wrong! I walked out of the bathroom and I saw Trent standing beside 2 men. I recognised one instantly, I hurried over to Trent and grabbed him "Oh my gosh, that is Taylor's Dad!" I whispered. Mr. Swift was giving a group of young girls these blue arm bands and I was thought they were T-party tickets, fair to say I may have stood there with wide eyes like a fool for a little too long. I looked up and kind of caught his eye & he said "Hi" and asked if he could help me, I asked if they were T-party tickets and he said "no sorry" and explained the ladies in the sound booth handle those (mainly Taylor's Mum!). But he asked where was I sitting, I showed him my tickets. He said to the other man he was with "do we have 2 more?" and then he asked if we wanted some better tickets and then he took my wrist and put a blue band around it explaining to me we are now in the very exclusive V.I.P mosh pit area. 
My ticket and my blue arm band!

Honestly when he said this, I was like great a mosh pit trapped in a cage with a bunch of crazy 16 year olds... Woo hoo! But he explained they were the best seats you can get and they were money can't buy tickets. So my bad thought lasted a second and was quickly replaced with excitement. I was really surprised, I couldn't believe it! My night had turned around! I was shaking I was that excited, I quickly rang my Mum and told her what happened, I couldn't believe my luck! (I was going to ask for a photo with Mr. Swift, but I was a bit shy & really excited and didn't want to annoy him!) 
We quickly grabbed some food to eat before the concert started (well actually, Hot Chelle Rae the support act was playing but we weren't really interested in seeing them). We then checked out our 'purchased seats', they were ok then we headed to our 'new area', we were led down stairs, walked past the most pit, behind the front stage and walked onto the red carpeted area that was right beside the stage and to my surprise it wasn't crowded at all! I was so excited, we couldn't believe our luck! We waited 20 minutes for the show to start, whilst we waited I filmed a quick video showing you all our area (it will be in the outfit video), took some photos & chatted to other Taylor fans, I was ecstatic. 
Seriously, that is how many people were in our mosh pit! I would say less than 20! 

Trent and I got a position right beside the stage and got ready for the concert. The first song was 'Sparks Fly' and she emerged slowly out of below the stage, basically right in front of our eyes.
During 'Sparks Fly' there were aerial performers with fire works, VERY COOL!
Her second song was 'Mine', followed by 'The Story Of Us'.
Then she sang, 'Our Song' & 'Mean', two of my favourite songs!
That is Taylor behind me, blurry but it's her! I was looking at the big screen!

After those performances she sung 'Back To December/Apologise' on a grand white piano that came up out from underneath the stage!
As she sung white confetti fell from the roof, I think it looked liked snow!!

Then she performed "Better than Revenge' which was a really energetic fun performance. I still couldn't believe I was so close to the stage & to Taylor, ok to try and get you to understand how close we were, she was that close I could tell she shaves her legs & she missed some hair on her knees! Yes, that close! And it also made me feel less silly when I shave and miss a few hairs! The concert continued and was just as good, maybe even better then the 'Fearless' concert. Every moment was entertaining and so amazing, there were aerialist performers, perfect singing, fire works, costume changes, pop up platforms, confetti and an amazing light show. I loved every second of the concert. 
"Speak Now"

Halfway through the concert whilst singing the song 'Speak Now' she went down towards the back and performed a few songs whilst she strummed her ukulele under a beautiful light up tree that rotated. 
Looking out into the crowd as Taylor made her way to the back stage.
Trent... :) I'm so grateful for him taking me to such great events and putting up with me being so excited! He said he enjoyed the concert!

She did the same thing for her last concert, we were front row for the acoustic performance in 2010, it was amazing! We patiently waited for her to return to the main stage and watched the big screens, she then started to sing 'You Belong With Me' and then security made us all stand in a 2 lines forming a path way, she was going to walk past us to get back on stage! Oh my gosh I was flipping out! When she finally got to us, it all happened so quickly, she came up and hugged the youngest child in the group which was very sweet and walked past us, I got to touch her arm though! I understand why she couldn't hug us all as she was on a strict time schedule! But she was right in front of me and I touched her! Oh wow, I was so happy! Trent filmed it and you can kind of see my hand touching her! (It will all be on the Outfit of the night video!) I was in shock, I could barely think. 
Ok yes, I know these photos are blurry but I couldn't stop shaking I was so excited to be this close to someone I have so much respect for and admire... It was such an exciting moment for me and I cannot express in words how I was feeling, it was insane!
It makes me a little sad that I was nervous and I ruined this photo, it could've been great. But oh well, I was there. I was that close to her!
This is a screen shot from the video Trent took of me touching Taylor! OH MY GOSH, that is my hand on Taylor!!!! Pink nails, 13 & my engagement & wedding rings, it's MY hand!
Returning back to the stage, up the stairs.
Taylor back on stage finishing off 'You Belong With Me' and then an explosive 'Dear John'.
                                                 She was standing right in front of me, so cool!
Taylors dancer Claire did a wonderful ballet performance before the song 'Enchanted'.
She wore a beautiful light gold dress that finished just above her ankles & nude flat shoes when she performed 'Enchanted'.
I think I got some great shots during 'Enchanted'! It was probably my most favourite song to take photos in, she looked very beautiful! 
She sang 'Haunted' whilst her dancers performed an amazing aerial display. 
I would love to do this! How fun, tumbling out of a giant bell on a bungee cord! It would be so cool! 
Her next song was 'Long Live'...
During this song Trent and I got to shake the hands of Grant, Paul and Caitlin from 'The Agency' (Taylor's band!)

The concert continued and it was amazing, she even sang her latest song off of the Hunger Games soundtrack 'Safe & Sound'. She sounded perfect singing it, I'm not a singer but this song sounds really hard to sing and she delivered it flawlessly! 
Taylor and The Agency performing 'Fifteen'.

 I just cannot say enough good things about this concert. I loved it, she played for 2 whole hours, with constant costume & hairstyle changes, sang live, danced and ran around the stage like a crazy girl and gave us all a perfect performance that I am sure everyone there will remember forever! 
She concluded her concert by sailing around the arena in a giant balcony singing 'Love Story', as the balcony came back to the stage it rained glittery foil. Silver & gold foil fell and it looked magical! It was so amazing!

Taylor's dancers, Claire (the one on the far left in pink) shook Trent & my hand! She is so beautiful!
Everyone taking a bow, it was a great show. Everyone involved should be very proud!
Taylor waving good bye!
Me after the concert and the stage...
Taylor & I!
All the Swifties walking to their cars...

I had a fantastic night and I am so glad I got to spend it all with Trent! We expected a great concert from Taylor and she definitely delivered! I am so blessed to be able to do the things I get to do and I don't take it for granted at all, I am really thankful for everything that happens to me. I think when you want something enough it eventually happens, but you have to be not afraid to go after what you want, ask for what you want and just may get it and if you don't get it exactly you may get something just as cool! I know I didn't get T-party passes, but honestly the VIP passes we got were good enough for me, I was so thankful. It made a great concert, phenomenal for me! You have to be FEARLESS and SPEAK NOW!
When we left the entertainment centre we headed to Mcdonalds for some dinner (at 11pm at night!) Once we were finished there we headed back to Toowoomba, not even 10 minutes later I was so sick, I assume it was from the crispy chicken wrap I had :( Trent had to pull over and everything! What a crappy way to end a great night, I just slept most of the drive and when we finally got home I tried on my new shirt and then headed to bed, at this stage it was about 1:30-2am. I was so tired! 
What I got from the concert! 

This concert was amazing, it is a night I will not forget! I thought the 'Fearless' concert was great 'Speak Now' was mind blowing! Taylor is a great performer and when she returns next time to Australia I suggest you go! You will not be disappointed! 
I hope you enjoyed this blog, sorry it's taken like 3 days to get it up. I had almost 1000 photos to go through and pick from. I wanted to include the best ones for you all so you could understand how awesome it was. I have tried really hard to describe how great it was, so I hope you enjoyed this post! If you attended one of the 'Speak Now' concerts let me know which one you went to in the comments below and what was your favourite moment? If you didn't attend what is your favourite photo from above?
Stay tuned for an outfit of the night post which should be up by tomorrow! 

Love you all.


  1. I went to her second show in brisbane (march 7th) and her people asked us if we wanted to go down to the exclusive area near the small stage with the was so good....DOes anyone know if she had the t-party at the second brisbane concert???

    1. I think she may of had a T-party, but I am not certain. I was near the small stage for her last concert (2010)! :) She is so talented... You are lucky to get to go down and be in that area!! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Oh Bindy the photos are just magical! You are amazing! This makes me so happy that you had such a beautiful night! you deserve it!

    1. Thank you Sarah, it was a great night! I was so happy and had the best time!

  3. I hope you don't mind if I use the photos for a Taylor fan page. I won't take off your username but if you don't want them on I will take them off if you want. Here's the link:


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