Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wonderstruck by love. Valentine's Day 2012.

So today was Valentine's Day, the day of love. Now with Valentine's Day I think it's a cute holiday and I like it, but that doesn't mean I go crazy over board with gifts or expect to be overly spoilt. Last year we didn't do big gifts at all as we were helping pay for parts of our wedding and this year we also didn't go over board with gifts because we are looking into buying ourselves personalised number plates for our car soon & they are kind of expensive! So we agreed just a small gift, we got each other lovely cards, it was so surreal getting a Valentine's Day card that said 'wife' and buying one for my 'husband'. I popped a lotto ticket in Trent's card as well as a scratch-it and then tonight I made him a 3 course meal. We had garlic focaccia bread, lasagna and then these little chocolate kind of pudding things, they are so hard to explain, but they are so yummy! Trent made me breakfast this morning when he got home from work, it was actually really sweet because before he left for work last night I was instructed to not come of the room until he came to get me in the morning. He made me bacon, eggs and hash browns, it was very nice! He also spoilt me with one beautiful single red rose and the perfume I've been wanting for ages 'Wonderstruck' by Taylor Swift. I absolutely love Taylor so I was thrilled to receive this gift and it came with a cute little purse as well. I had a really lovely day & felt very loved. 
I know a lot of people don't have 'partners' or someone 'special' in their life and really aren't big fans of Valentine's Day and honestly to an extent I agree. I think some people take the day way to seriously & go way over the top. I agree with the point that we shouldn't just celebrate our love for our loved ones on one day, we should tell them everyday and do kind things all the time for those we adore. But it is nice to have that one extra special day where you go out of your way to show your love just a little more for someone. And if you don't have a partner I don't think it's the end of the world, I for sure have more than one person I love in my life. I called my parents this morning to wish them 'Happy Valentine's Day', I texted my little brothers, I texted all my girl friends and told them I love them and of course I showered Trent with love. 
And if you by any chance feel alone or unloved this Valentine's Day, please don't because I love every single one of my subscribers and readers. (OK except the 'haters' - those people can go ahead and feel unloved!) 
Anyway loves here are some photos to sum up my day of love!
Monday night was spent flipping through cook books searching for inspiration for dinner ideas!
It was so cool being able to buy a HUSBAND Valentine's Day card! 
I may over write in cards!
Love him.
My gorgeous single red rose from Trent. I love red roses, I think they are just so romantic and roses are just perfect flowers! If you can't love a red rose I think you maybe a little bitter & spiteful. 
I think I was spoilt! I love all my gifts, they were all very thoughtful, I am so lucky to have such a lovely husband!
A manly cooked breakfast, bacon, eggs & hash brown all cooked by BBQ.
Us this morning! It was very nice of Trent to stay awake for an extra 2 hours this morning to spend time with me for Valentine's Day. I know how very tired he was after working all night! I am very lucky to have such a beautiful husband. 
I got some wonderful mail today, 2 lots of double movie tickets to see 2 great new movies!
Spook being very cute and wanting to be at the table for dinner!
The dinner I made for Trent...
Trent's dinner pick, lasagna. 
Dessert. I don't know why but desserts are normally the thing I am better at! I guess I just enjoy making them more than 'normal meals'!
A beautiful red rose by candle light. Love it! 
Before Trent left for work. I love him!
Mishka and I. 
A beautiful sunset to end a gorgeous love filled day!

Thanks for reading & I really hope you had a fabulous day where you felt loved and told the people you love how you felt!

Love you all.

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  1. Great day, some might say, do read why to me Valentine's Day is a scam.


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