Saturday, 11 February 2012

Burleigh Breaka Pro 2012 VIP + OOTD

Hey loves!

On Wednesday (8th February 2012) Trent and I were up early (6:30am), got ready & headed to the Gold Coast. I was given VIP tickets to a surfing event  the 'Burleigh Breaka Pro'. The drive to the Gold Coast from Toowoomba is about 2 hours, we were glad to reach the beach! Getting to the heart of the 'Gold Coast' is always a bit chaotic, but once you start driving along the esplanade of the beach areas out of Surfers Paradise it's relaxing, I really like Burleigh Heads I use to holiday there with my parents when I was younger. 
The location of the event was at the headland and the VIP tent was in prime position for viewing the surfing. When we got there we picked out a comfy lounge just in front of the interview section, relaxed and watched some surfing. Now I am not the biggest surfing fan, I think it's a cool sport that I wish I could do but this was a great event to watch and be so close to the action!  It was a pretty cool event, we enjoyed ourselves. We had lunch at 12, it was so yum! It was a smorgasbord of salad and warm meals. I had the beef curry, rice, satay chicken skewers, flat bread, salad and some fruit. It was all so yummy!! They were also serving beer, Breaka milk & juice, weird combination! I had half a glass of beer & that was enough for me! I  really do not like beer, so I had a juice with lunch... 
We hung around for a little longer at the event, but then decided to head off and check out the beach. As normal we head to 'The Spit' where we walked along the beach (we were planning on swimming, but it was a bit windy & cool), did some yabbie pumping & then Trent fished for about an hour or 2. We headed home around 3:30pm but not before stopping at a local store to grab some ice creams for the drive home!
It was such a nice day, I love being able to do fun & exciting new things that normally I wouldn't get to do. And even though I don't know everything there is to know about surfing I still had a really enjoyable time & the best part was just being with my husband! :)
My invitation for the event...
Trent and I on the drive down.
The view from inside the VIP tent.
It was pretty cool to be in the 'reserved' section... 
We sat on the lounge right in front of the interview section...
Some reading material...
Beer was served and well, I could only drink half a cup as I really do not like beer at all! And then I got a head ache from it!! :( But I also had a very nice juice to drink! :)
Lunch was very tasty! Mild beef curry, satay chicken skewers, flat bread, salad & fruit. 
The view....
Looking out towards the Gold Coast...
Some of the surfers. Sorry I don't know there names! But all of these photos were taken by either Trent or myself. We pretty much took turns with the camera, but Trent got most of the great ones!
Me just before we left the event. The tent was situated pretty much on a small cliff (the Headlands) and over looked the ocean & the waves where the competitors were surfing, it was pretty cool!

At the beach...
It was so great to spend a day just relaxing with Trent!!
Yabbie pumping! I love doing it, because it means I get to play with the yabbies! I love the little skinny ones the best, they are so cute! But sometimes the big ones are fun to play with, as long as they aren't nasty! Trent was pretty impressed with my yabbie catching skills. I learnt to catch yabbies when I was like 5 with my Dad when we use to go on holidays and get up early to let Mum sleep and Dad would take us to the beach when the tide was low and we would catch them! 
I found a cow at the beach!! 
Trent enjoyed his afternoon of fishing, I just relaxed and kept myself occupied. I could've had a go at fishing but I just didn't feel like it. Plus I was worried about getting a snag on the rocks Trent was fishing off of. I prefer beach fishing... 
Trent caught a few fish but we let them all go. These are 2 of them he caught, the top is a brim & the bottom we think is a Moses perch according to my Dad. He is very pretty!
Then the afternoon turned dark and we decided to head home before we got caught in the rain on the rocks!
We picked up some ice creams for afternoon tea, the store we went to didn't stock my favourite ice cream (Gaytime - it's an Australian ice block for all my over seas readers & it is super yummy!!) so I went with this one instead, it was pretty tasty but not as good as a Gaytime!
We did get stuck in some rain on the way home but once we got through it the sun was shining brightly! By the time we got to Toowoomba it was a beautiful sunset, what a nice way to end a fun day!

So loves that was my recap of my Wednesday at the coast! I had so much fun & I feel really blessed when I am given opportunities to try & experience new things! I am very grateful and I hope you all enjoyed my recap, I tried to describe it the best I could so you feel like you were there! To get an even better insight watch the 'Outfit of the day' video below, at the end of the  video there is some footage I filmed whilst at the surfing competition!

Outfit details;
  • Top; Just Jeans (3 or 4 years ago!)
  • Shorts; City Beach.
  • Belt; R.M Williams.
  • Shoes; Woolworths.
  • Watch; Guess.
  • Bag; Guess.
  • Sunglasses; Guess.
Beauty details;
  • Hair; Natural.
  • Fake tan; Le Tan, deep bronze tanning cream
  • Foundation; Revlon Colour Stay.
  • Eye shadow; Australis Choc-a-block palette
  • Eye shadow; Maybelline New York; 01 Snow white
  • Eyebrows; Rimmel London; Eye brow pencil 00 dark brown
  • Eye liner; Maybelline Gel eyeliner
  • Mascara; NYX doll eye 
  • Highlighter; Napoleon Perdis
  • Blush; Playboy (now discontinued)
  • Bronzer; Modelista 
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!
Love you all.


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