Thursday, 16 February 2012

A birthday + good news = a BEST DAY!

Hi loves!
How was your day today? Mine was such a brilliant day! Everything about today was great. To start off with I was woken up by a strange sound coming from my kitchen, Trent was making breakfast again. So I got a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast and then he headed to sleep. Then I got to icing some cup cakes for a very special lady, today was my Mums birthday! So I also rang her to wish her a very Happy Birthday and made plans to see her later in the day! That gave me plenty of time to ice the cup cakes (and I was very impressed with how they turned out!) Then I hurried around town collecting a few final items for her gift! I purchased her a 1 hour full body massage, her & I will go together in a week or 2! I am so excited! The other gift she specifically asked for a baby powder scented candle, she just loves that smell (I must admit, it is very nice!) So I went to Highfields (Lily Scents) to pick up a beautiful Salt City candle and got her two sets of these little figurines she likes. Then I came home and got a wonderful text message, it was from my younger brother Lachlan saying he just got his drivers license! He passed his driving test and this was his first attempt, I was so proud! I rushed out to get him a congratulatory card! Not long after, my parents came for a visit to my house with Lachlan! I got to congratulate Locky & shower Mum with gifts and spend time with Dad! It was a lovely time, we tasted my baking and sat around talking. I love spending time with my family & just being with them! Just before they left Trent woke up to wish Mum a Happy Birthday and have a chat with Dad. Then I had dinner with Trent and said good bye to him as he went off to his last shift for this block. He now has 4 days off starting in the morning :)
It's been a really nice day! With one down side, my iPhone 4 has the dreaded 'dark spot' on the camera screen when I use the back camera. It is fair to say I was beyond devastated when I noticed it, taking photos to me is like second nature. I seriously take photos of everything and not being able to snap tons of photos of my day really made me sad, especially because it was Mums birthday. Silly I know. Anyway after spending 40 pointless minutes on the phone to Telstra (my phone company) I was so angry & over it, but then I rang Apple Care and had a helpful American guy help me restore my phone & then we worked out it is most likely a 'hard ware' issue and I can get in replaced (luckily it is still covered under the 1 year warranty!) So on Saturday Trent, I and maybe Mum will be heading to Chermside shopping centre in Brisbane to visit our "local" Apple store! It does suck I have to drive 2 hours to exchange my phone, but I will be just glad when I have one that is working properly. 
So that was my really good day! Everything was great, obviously except the annoying iPhone issue, but that is no big deal!

Also I would like to once again say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my the most beautiful lady I know, my Mum. I hope you had a lovely day Mum and enjoy all your gifts! Thank you for everything you do for Trent & I and all your constant love and support! I was seriously so blessed in life to be given such an amazing Mum, I really don't know of any other Mother that spoils and loves her children as much as mine does. My Mum is one of a kind and I am so lucky to have her, so I love days when I can spoil her! I hope she had a great day, because I always have the BEST DAYS with her! x
Also CONGRATULATIONS to my biggest youngest brother Lachlan, for getting his license! 
Now for some photos of my great day;
Mums birthday cupcakes! She was very impressed. Her favourite cake is vanilla & she loves pink icing, so this is what I whipped up for her! And they are very yummy!
The beautiful card I got for Mum.
This candle smells gorgeous! I love it & I love the adorable little feet on the label!
Mums new little 'golliwog' friends. 
My beautiful Mum and I on her birthday!
This is one of my most favourite photos of Mum & I. I was so lucky to get her as a Mother, I am thankful everyday!
My Mum is not only an amazing Mother, but my best friend. I love her so very much and without her my wedding day would've not been as gorgeous as it was! 
She is my role model. She is amazing & so inspiring. I love you.
Look out world; Lachlan has his license and I couldn't be more proud of him!! Way to go Locky, I love you! x

Sorry for the out pouring of love for 2 of my family members in this post, it was just a really great day and it made it so much better when Locky sent me that text. I just love that sense of feeling you get when you've had a really brilliant day, like 'life is good' and I just feel content and peaceful. I love it! I also really adore Dad & Tristan, but today was all about Mum & Lachlan!
I hope you all had a fabulous day & will continue to have lovely days for the rest of the week!
Love you all.

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  1. Thank you so much for all my wonderful gift.I am so lucky to have such a beautiful caring daughter love you and Trent heaps. Love Mummy xxx


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