Thursday, 2 February 2012

Addicted to pins!

 Hi loves,

Ok in case you have been living under a rock recently and are unaware of the latest inspiration website, I am super excited to tell you about it! (And if you know about it, you will agree how awesome it is!) This amazing website I am referring to is; PINTEREST! 
Now there are a lot of 'inspiration' websites out there, but I find a lot are quiet childish or more directed at 'teenagers' and I find this one perfect for me and it has so many beautiful images to inspire or entertain!
It is pretty much a directory of images for crafty, fashion loving, interior decorating women (or men)? who want to be inspired to cook new dishes, redecorate their homes, dress their children (or future children) fabulously, get fit and plan their dream homes!
There is so many great things on this site, it's actually quiet difficult to put into words, so the easiest way to show you all is via images, so lets start with some of my favourites...


                                                                               Source: via Belinda on Pinterest
                                           I LOVE Squirrels & Pinterest has tons of cute images!

Dream homes;

                                                                      Source: via Belinda on Pinterest
          I love imagining owning a big gorgeous home like one of the many I have pinned. Maybe if I win the lotto!

                                                                            Source: via Belinda on Pinterest
In my dream home I would have my dream room, it's not a big closet. It's a library!! I love to read and one day I expect my future children to love to read so I will always have lots of books, so I would love a big beautiful room to store them all! Having a big library with a ladder would be even better!!


                                                                         Source: via Belinda on Pinterest
                                          I love finding home inspiration!! I love this wall idea!

                                                                                 Source: via Belinda on Pinterest
Planning my dream kitchen on Pinterest is lots of fun, I think Trent maybe sick of me saying  "Is this possible in our house!" 

                                                       Source: via Belinda on Pinterest
I was devastated when Trent told me my laundry ceiling was to low for a chandelier, I was hoping my laundry room could be this cute! Hahaha. 


                                                                                Source: via Belinda on Pinterest
Endless baking inspiration! Seriously, so many cute ideas! I just wish my decorating skills were better! But not only is there tons of inspiration, but tips as well!
                                                                           Source: via Belinda on Pinterest
                                                I am collecting lots of great recipes I want to try!


                                                                                   Source: via Belinda on Pinterest
                                                                 Source: via Belinda on Pinterest

I found so many great pet ideas!!


                                                                       Source: Uploaded by user via Belinda on Pinterest
                                               Easter wreath idea!

                                                                         Source: via Belinda on Pinterest
Soooo many fabulous Christmas ideas! I discovered Pinterest just before Christmas, I wanted to craft & bake so many things! 

Housewife stuff;

                                                                         Source: via Belinda on Pinterest
I have found lots of great housewife tips, this step by step on how to fold a fitted sheet perfectly is just one of many!

Things I want;

                                                                                 Source: via Belinda on Pinterest
                                                           How AWESOME is this hair dryer?!! I want it!! 

That is just a VERY small glimpse at some of my 'boards'. (When you see an image you like you repin it onto your board. You can even repin images from my blog onto Pinterest if you like any or find them inspiring!) I still have a bunch of other boards I didn't include on here & I wish I could've, but this post would be much to long! I am thinking of doing a weekly blog which either is about some of my favourite pins of the week or about one of my 'boards'. So like a Pinterest blog each week or so? What do you think? Would you be interested in that? I could explain why I like certain things or give my opinions. I've got a few ideas floating around... I think they will be a good addition. 
Now if you would like to be apart of the Pinterest community head to the website HERE & request an invite, yes this is an invitation only website. Or for a quicker invite just leave your email address below in a comment, tweet it to me (@bella_k) or pop it on my Facebook page  & I will invite you! It is a wonderful website, but beware once you start it is hard to stop pinning! 
If you are already on Pinterest make sure you follow my boards! My page is bindyland!  

                                                                      Source: via Genie on Pinterest

                                                        Source: Uploaded by user via Donna on Pinterest

                                                         Source: via Donna on Pinterest

                                               Source: via The Organised Housewife on Pinterest

So loves I hope to see you on Pinterest, pinning away! Let me know if you sign up because I will pop on by your page and check it out! 
Thanks for reading!
Love you all.

**I know some of the images aren't on centre like they normally are, I'm sorry! I embedded them off of Pinterest instead of uploading via photobucket like normal, so I am still trying to figure out what is wrong with the silly things! Any suggestions on how to fix it would be appreciated!! x


  1. I Love all your pins! You shoudl link up with us every week! 'Pinquing my Pinterest' by Tina Grey!

  2. Ohhh, I love it when people talk about their pinterests. If you could swing an invite my way, I would be super grateful.

    1. I invited your Courteney, I hope it worked!


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