Monday, 30 January 2012

When the negative folk speak, turn on your imagination!


Ok this is a bit of a spur of the moment post, I was just asked by a Facebook friend how I put up with the 'negative' people in my life. (Ok she was more specific, but I won't mention names on here). And well, I told her the usual 'just remember certain people love you, others are just jealous, spiteful folk' and then I had this brilliant idea. And I realised I have now developed a new way of dealing with the idiots that sadly enough over populate my life... 
You imagine they are something ridiculous! The method is similar to that of which they try teach you at school (scared of public speaking, imagine everyone is in their underwear!? WHAT THE HELL? I did NOT want to imagine any of my teachers or class mates nude, gross! But it's fair to say I never have a problem with public speaking so I didn't need that method) But I do have a problem dealing with nasty fools, I take it all not necessarily to heart, but I let myself get too angry & worked up! To be perfectly honest I don't have much of a problem dealing with confrontation, I will most likely partake in a verbal dual if the appropriate moment arises, but for my own personal benefit (stress apparently isn't good for me according to the Doctor!?) I have decided to teach myself to ignore & laugh off other peoples hurtfulness instead of reacting. This being said I may eventually snap if they continue their stupidity for extended periods of time or say something way out of line, but for now I shall picture them as some ridiculous creature, smile like a fool & piss myself laughing in my mind as they talk about how perfect they are & how shit my life is. 
Now, I hear you ask but what animal could possibly be that hilarious looking to distract me from such hurtful comments? Well, my friends look no further...
This animal here is my top pick to picture people as;


Like really next time the bitchy girl at school (or whoever from wherever) says something to you, stand there and just picture her as this sad, pathetic little creature. Because honestly on the inside this is what they look like, a pathetic little creature. The only way they feel better about themselves is by tearing others down. So just smile and nod or laugh (it's up to you if you laugh out loud or in your mind, possibly more polite to laugh mentally but every now and then a stifled laugh is acceptable). Or better yet just laugh to yourself & shake your head in disbelief of their stupidity, works every time to make over confident fools second guess themselves and feel silly! I actually can't wait to put this method in practice and see how well it works for me. 
Pretty much the moral of this post is, don't let some terrible person who says nasty things hurt you. Because why on earth would they bother? The only time other people try to attack others is if they aren't confident about themselves (or if you kicked their cat or something else equally horrifying, well then you would deserve it). But if people are just unnecessarily mean to you for no good reason, well take a look at your life, do you have something they could want? It could be anything, but I guarantee there is something there they wish they had for themselves. And it doesn't have to be material items it could be that you are just a generally happy person, or you are self confident or someone else thinks highly of you & not so highly of them. The list is endless, but I assure you it all stems down to jealousy. So take no notice of nasty people and if by chance you are forced to deal with them and listen to them either talk about how fantastic they are and crap you are or have them be nasty to you, just imagine them as my friend the naked mole rat. Because nothing is funnier than that animal and you surely can't take anything that thing says seriously! And then go home and pray for that person, pray that they stop being such a negative mean person & pray for the strength to continue to tolerate them & help to continue to picture them as a naked mole rat. I am fairly confident God would prefer we laugh at them & then pray for them instead of punching them in the face! (Even though sometimes the later option seems a lot easier!) Plus laughing is a lot more socially acceptable than giving someone a black eye, apparently. 

Hope this helps some of you and to all my negative fans that read this blog, trust me next time we have a conversation and I stand there with what could look like a fake smile on my face I assure you I am picturing you as a giant naked mole rat & dude, you look hilarious as a giant penis with teeth!

Thanks for reading, love all my positive readers! Let me know what you do to deal with idiots or what animal you would imagine a mean person as? 
Love you all.


  1. hahaha I love this!

  2. Haha I love this post! Your life is amazing, yucky little girls are only jealous of you! Love you gorgeous x

  3. Oh my God! Seriously Good lol.


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