Monday, 30 January 2012

Weekend recap + OOTD video!!

Hi loves!
How was your weekend? Mine was ok, nothing super exciting as it is hard to do something exciting when the weather is cold & rainy! Saturday we visited my family, had lunch with them, went to the shopping centre for a look (I got my first ever 2 OPI nail polishes)! 
My first 2 OPI polishes, Rainbow Connection & Excuse Moi! I love Excuse Moi! I haven't tried Rainbow Connection yet, I am waiting until my nails grow a little longer, but it looks AMAZING!

We hired out some movies for Saturday night (The Change Up is pretty funny)!
On Sunday Trent took me out to lunch at La Porchetta, which was really nice. We honestly don't go out that much & that's our own choice, we just prefer to hang out together at home, but being out was a nice change! We nibbled garlic bread, I sipped wine & Trent had a JD whilst we waited for our meals & then I got another wine (for free) as our waitress forgot to put our order into the kitchen! I ordered the chicken avocado pasta, which was a little different then I had pictured, it was ok but not the best. Trent's pizza ('the lot') was very yummy! I think next time we go back I will order a pizza! 
After lunch we went to visit my brother & spent some time with him until my  parents arrived back home & we had dinner with them!
It was a lovely weekend despite the cold & drizzly weather. Now I do like cold & rainy weather, but in moderation! I don't like it when it last for more than a week & it makes it difficult for me to do laundry! But it's a nice excuse to do nothing & relax! I can't wait for Autumn or Winter when it is cold but dry! 
Anyway, here are some photos of our weekend;
Me and my 2 cats before I left for lunch!
Wine & the La Porchetta menu!
Trent's pizza. YUM.
My pasta dish, not the best, but ok.
Trent enjoying his pizza! I had one slice & it was delicious!!
Lachlan & I.
Snuggling Marlin.
Snuggling Kabuki.
My perfect husband & I. Gosh I love him, so darn much!
My 2 younger but bigger brothers. I love them more than life, I adore them! 
Mums 2 cats watching her cook dinner...

Well, those were the photos from my weekend (sorry they aren't the best quality, they were taken on my iPhone!) & here is my 'outfit of the day' (OOTD)/ 
V-log/bloopers video from Sunday... Enjoy...

Outfit details;

  • Jacket; USED - City Beach
  • Top; Alannah Hill
  • Jeans; Guess - Myer
  • Watch; Guess - Goldmark
  • Bag; Guess - Strand bags
  • Shoes; Giovanna 
Make up details;
  • Foundation; Revlon Colour stay
  • Lip stick; Australis - Cha Cha
  • Eye Shadow; Australis - Choc-a-block
  • Eye liner; Maybelline gel eye liner
  • Mascara; NYX doll eyes

Hope you enjoyed this quick blog! Hope your weekend was as nice as mine!
Have a great week!
Love you all.


  1. Gorgeous weekend! I know the weather sucks but the family time and husband time would make it all worth it! Loved the video - 2 favourite parts - when you said you were the size of a small boy hahah i cracked up and the bloopers! HILARIOUS! was that trents hand? shows the FUN you guys have together! <3 xx

  2. Hi Sarah!!
    Thanks for the comment!
    Oh yes family & husband time make it all better!! :)
    Lol, yes size of a small boy! :P And yes, that hand was Trent, he made a video appearance!!
    Thank you
    <3 xx

  3. Next time I come to you we are going there, I want that pizza! x

  4. oh and 2 things your jacket going on slowly was CRAY CRAY it looked so weird!! Second were you driving on the wrong side of the road haha. Bloopers were funnyyyy x

  5. Thanks for the comments Selena, we will get pizza for sure!! :)
    Thanks, I thought it looked cool as well! :)
    LOL, it's on the highway and it has 2 lanes!!!


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