Sunday, 15 January 2012

To the beach we 3 go...

The other day we packed up again early in the morning. We were beach bound again and this time we had an extra person to join in the fun, my brother Lachlan. The weather in South East Queensland has been terrible, so hot! So we headed to the Gold Coast to cool off! It was a lovely day and we decided to spend the day around 'The Spit'. We discovered a dog friendly beach there and cannot wait to take our dogs down there, we just aren't looking forward to a 2hr car trip with them! (If you have any tips on travelling long distances with dogs please let me know! They do travel well, but 2 hours is a long time in a car!) 
We swam and played in the surf for 2 hours and then headed for lunch at the usual place 'Peter's Fish Market'. Then the boys decided they wanted to go fishing so Trent went and purchased a new yabbie pump to collect some bait and we hung out at a quiet little beach area where they caught some yabbies (I played with them)  and tried to catch some fish. Well, the beach area didn't have many hungry fish so they went to fish on the rocks at 'The Spit' and I took some photos! It was a great day and I had lots of fun, I always love relaxing at the beach and just doing a whole lot of nothing! 
We headed home around 4:30pm and the most gorgeous sunset welcomed us back to Toowoomba! The sky was on fire that night, it was breath taking!

There really aren't many photos of me at the beach just because I feel sick! I have terrible sinus & a Summer cold kind of thing. So I feel like death! But I was happy to be at the beach! 
But anyway here are some photos;
The Spit at the Gold Coast.
Lachlan and I...
Trent & I...
Sandy thongs...
How cool was this, I checked my phone & saw 11:11 on 11/1 how neat!
I was bored so I entertained myself...
Lunch... Yum!
Relaxing under a tree...
My yabbie pals!
I took photos whilst the guys fished...
Trent relaxing and fishing! I love these photos of him!
Toes in the ocean!
I love spending time at the beach, so relaxing!
At The Spit for some more fishing...
The boys fishing... 
Watching the trawlers head out...
Snack for the trip home!!
Told you the sky was on fire... Impressive? I think so!!

Sorry this post was a little late, I planned for it be up 3 days ago but I've been sick with a cold & my internet has been mega slow, fudge me why! 
I hope you enjoyed this post, it was nice reliving these photos of a warm sunny day considering how cold & rainy it is today! 
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Love you all.

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  1. The sky looks amazing, I love when colours are that vivid in nature


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