Monday, 2 January 2012

Project 365... {Completed}

On January 2nd 2011 I took a photo of the 'Queen Mary Falls', I uploaded it to Facebook and captioned it as day 1 of my project 365. A photography style assignment in which I would take 1 photo everyday. Today I finished it on the 1st of January 2011. 
I am not going to lie it wasn't the easiest thing I've ever done, especially if I forget to upload photos for a week (or more)! And some days it really was difficult to find something positive to write about or even feel like taking a photo (yes shocking I know, but sometimes I don't feel like taking photos)! And some days I cheated and used photos that I had taken on not exactly that day & I even used the same photo twice, not intentionally. It is a photo of my parents dog Rebel, I used a photo I really love of him & I for the day he passed away, forgetting I had already used it a few weeks before! 
The pleasantly surprising thing that happened today was I started getting Facebook messages, statuses, comments & even a tweet saying that I have friends that want to do project 365 this year because I inspired them! I inspired someone! ME! How cool is that! Now I am not claiming I invented the project 365 but I've seen lots of variations of it on the internet. 365 photos of food, your own face, things that inspire you, things you are grateful for, your baby, etc. I focused mine on my life, whatever positive thing I could find in my life that day & trust me in 2011 I had some rough days, my life is not always sunshine & glitter believe it or not and I had to look long and hard to find a gleaming sliver of positivity on some of those dirty crappy days full of negativity! But I did it! Doing it really helped me see the good in almost everyday! I found it really rewarding because I can pretty much recall each & everyday from 2011 and considering what a hugely important year it was for me I am so grateful. And to the few people that got to feature in my project 365, thank you. You are all there because I love you and value that you are in my life, you are all positives in my life. (With maybe 1 or 2 exceptions!)
But I thought I would share with you now the 365 images I have captured over the course of the past year, the images that piece together the past 8760 hours. The pictures that explain almost each & every one of the 525, 600 minutes of my life in the past 52 weeks. 
This image was the final one, I pieced together the most important things in the world to me. My husband, fur babies & family. Yes, my friends are also very important to me, but without these 3 main factors I would be nothing.

From looking at all these photos you should be able to tell very easily a few main things about who I am... 
  • I love my husband who is perfect.
  • I got married in 2011.
  • I spend a lot of time with my family who I absolutely adore.
  • I love animals & they are a big part of my life.
  • I take way to many photos with mine & my families pets!
  • I only have a very small selection of close friends. 
  • I like food, crafts & sunsets.
  • I've met a few celebrities. 
  • I got my braces taken off in 2011.
  • I really don't mind taking photos of myself, at the end of the day if you are unhappy with how you look, how on earth can you expect someone else to think you are pretty! And God made me this way so why not like it! (Remember that!) 
  • I have a very blessed life (& trust me I take none of it for granted)!
  • I love to take photos. 
  • And maybe you've discovered something else about me that I don't see here.

If you are contemplating doing Project 365 I suggest you do it! I am so glad I did it, I actually want to print all these photos off and make an album or do one of those photo books! It is like having a diary and recording everything about each day for a whole year. And whilst scrolling through the 'photography app' section on my iPhone last night I noticed you can actually down like 'Project 365' apps! That's pretty handy if you don't want to share them with all your Facebook pals! I am considering re-starting the project, but I honestly think I may take a break. But it doesn't mean I won't stop taking photos! I am obsessed with taking photos I have been since high school, seriously ask anyone I went to school with I was always the annoying nerdy kind of kid that took photos at parties, school events , etc. And being that kid didn't make me cool or win me any friends. YAY for being a loser!
 If you want to check out my project 365 in my depth, please go to my Facebook page which can be found HERE or if you would like to check out more some of my random photos of everything follow me on instagram (bella_in_bindyland).
I hope I have inspired a few more of you to do this & if you decide to please let me know by commenting on this post or letting me know on Twitter (@bella_k) or Facebook because I would love to check out your photos! And if you think; "darn it's already January 2nd, it's too late to start the project" it's not, I started mine on Jan 2nd last year! You can start it whenever you like! And make sure you keep in mind this year is a leap year so you will be taking 366 photos! So label your album Project 366 or something similar!  

Good luck & if you do this I hope you find it as rewarding as I have!

Love you all!

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