Friday, 27 January 2012

Lets catch up; Weather, dogs in showers, wax melts, life & more!

Hey loves!

How has life been?  
Once again I really must apologise for my lack of updates, I've just had some personal stuff going on that is a bit tough, a bit of what was mentioned in the last blog & another thing. I'm not going to go into right now as I am not really ready to share what is going on, but I think eventually will tell you all. So I am really sorry for being so quiet on the blog front it's just hard to write when I feel so down. But I will be ok, today I am feeling a lot better & more positive! :)
Lately life hasn't been all that exciting, the weather here in Toowoomba has been cold & rainy.
Cold weather in Toowoomba in the middle of Summer!

On the weekend we did some yard work on Saturday, thankfully the weather was clear & sunny, the yard looks 100% better! My parents helped us out & Trent helped Dad do some work at their place preparing for a new fence at Mum & Dads, we are so grateful for their help! Now we are planning on eventually doing a nice garden down on the back fence, just have to pick plants & decide on a design. So that is all very exciting! 

And I also snapped some photos of Mums cute puppy, Kokoda, he is growing up so fast and is very adorable!
The dingo digging post holes.
Our yard 1 year ago. Last January 2011.
Daisy & Duke playing in Dads work car. See how good Daisy can jump, she kept playing jumping just for fun!
Trent working on the carport with Lachlan.
Our back yard now! 1 million times!
My favourite shots of Koda pup from Sunday. Isn't he adorable? I am trying out the sports function to capture action shots on my canon 500D, he is a quick little fella! 
The sky was beautiful on Sunday.

My little brother also bought his first car this week, we are very proud of him. It is the exact car he wanted, a Land cruiser ute! 
Lachlan & his new car.

And my 2 brothers started back at school this week, they are in grade 11 & 12 this year, I can't believe they are both seniors! I remember when they both were in grade 1, realising how old they both are now makes me feel VERY old!
On Tuesday afternoon when it was cold & rainy I felt bad that Duke & Daisy were outside so I decided to wash them in the shower & then they could be inside for a while, now my shower is NOT one of those big fancy ones, it's just a regular small shower. Bathing a German Shepherd in there is very hard, but I love them so I do the most insane things! So they stayed indoors until we went to bed that night, I would've kept them in over night but it's not easy to do with 2 cats and plus they aren't 'indoor dogs' so out they went! 
Shower time! Daisy was the most filthy (obviously) but Duke has a thick coat so it holds a lot of dirt. The dirt in Toowoomba is red dirt so it makes them look even more filthy & underneath our house (our house is like split level, so it's raised up just off the ground) is all dirt and the dogs lay under there so they get dirty very quickly! 
**Please note after they were bathed, I scrubbed and cleaned the whole shower & bathroom and vacuumed where ever they went. I love my dogs I just don't love how messy they can be! **
The hounds inside drying off and all clean.

 Yesterday was Australia day & the rain stopped and the sun shone making it a hot disgusting humid day, I didn't do anything super exciting for Australia day as Trent was at work (clearly everybody else did from all the Facebook updates & Tweets I was reading) so instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself I got stuck into my housework whilst the sun was out. I seriously did like 6 loads of laundry, it's hard when it's so rainy to do laundry, but on the rainy days I did get to test out my new dryer that Mum & Dad gave us for our wedding gift! I also dusted, polished, vacuumed and mopped! 
My dryer! :)
Waiting on the floors to dry.
Freshly mowed lawns & 2 cute pups! 

And then I decided I better mow the lawn because there was more rain predicted, so I had a full on day but my house is shiny, pretty & thanks to my new wax melt purchases it smells lovely!! Have you tried those wax melts? You pop them into the top of an oil burner candle & they melt and release the scent, they last for like 20 hours of burning time! I love them! They are so much better than using oil (I use to use lavender or sandalwood oil). You know how oil goes gross & sticky & can make a mess? Well, the wax melts just re-hardens once the candle goes out, so it's a lot safer if you have cats (or children) that can knock over candle holders that may have oil in them, I love mine! Dusk has some nice scents & there is a candle shop at Highfields (Lily Scents) I love that stocks some great candles & melts,  I picked a few up there on Wednesday when I was out with Mum. The scents I got were rain, clean cotton, baby powder & morning dew. I like scents like that!  What scents are your favourites?
This is a quick look at our bedroom. I just did this duchess display yesterday, I've been meaning to do it since we got the bedroom suite but just ran out of time or forgot. I really like it, I knew with our bedroom I wanted quiet dark timber furniture that was chunky and had dark handles so that looked masculine and then I could display a few feminine items without the whole thing looking to girly, which is why I like the black frame it's still pretty and delicate but not to girly. And those little blue statues are a boy & a girl they are placed on 'my side' & 'Trent's side' of the room and they were actually made by my Dads Mum, I never got to meet her but my Great Grandma gave them to me and I've looked after them for years knowing one day I wanted to have them on display in my marital bedroom. I think they are very sweet & the fact they have a special meaning behind them is even sweeter! The other pieces shown are a pink & white doily my Mum gave me, the floral candles & candle holders I got at Target on clearance, I have a crystal ring holder, bowl (both from second hand/antique stores) & a penguin (penguins a bit random I know, Mum gave him to me) and the LOVE word was made for our wedding. My Mum spray painted it gold for me. I really like it and it is how I pictured it, I may add to it over time but I don't think I want it to be overly crowded, if anything I will probably add more photo frames! What do you think of it?

Now for some random photos from through out the week;
Kaubuki and I this week.
Me on Wednesday, yes it's the middle of Summer and I am wearing a scarf & jacket!
I had to take Kokoda out for toilet time in the rain, fun. (This is the bottom half of the outfit, jeans & boots! Crazy clothes for Summer, but they are my favourite type of clothes to wear so I am not complaining!)

Thanks for reading this post, sorry it was so random and all over the place, but now you are pretty much up to date with my life! The weather is cold outside, I think I will go pop a movie on (or a trashy reality TV show DVD - guilty pleasure!) & do some ironing, no fun but it needs to be done! May write another blog on a website I have been OBSESSED with lately & I think you will be too!
Have a great day!
Love you all.

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  1. Fun filled days Bindy! Your storm will soon pass as will this rain! Both will end with beautiful rainbows! Xx


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