Saturday, 7 January 2012

A cold remedy & life update.

Hey loves!
Sorry for being absent for the past few days! I've been a little sick. You know the sort of sick when all you want to do is be looked after? Well it's fair to say I was glad to have my Mumma to care for me! 
This past week was a little busy, I spent 2 nights with my Mum whilst Trent, my Dad & little brothers headed out west to do some hunting. It was great to spend time with Mum, watch girly movies, shop & care for her bundle of cuteness Kokoda. 
Mum and I went to chinese and even got a dessert of deep fried ice cream to share!
My outfit for shopping.
I purchased the most beautiful vintage inspired dress!
& I also got some new DVDs for my collection!
Mum made me a delicious breakfast each morning!
Being at Mums meant spending time with this little gorgeous ball of fluff! I love him! I do not love him that much however at 4am in the morning when the cats decide to wake him up! Yes, the naughty jealous ginger will make a lot of noise or tap him on the head to wake him up!!
The jealous ginger; Kabuki!
My parents other cat Marlin, he has had this goatee since he was a kitten!

I started getting a little sick when I was there, nothing serious just a sore throat & cold symptons. Nothing life threatening, but by the time Trent returned home I was still sick so I spent yesterday resting. I made a special cup of my 'witchy-poo' tea and this morning I woke up and felt so much better. So I thought I would share this quick remedy for basic colds & flus. I've been having this 'potion' since I was young & it's always worked for me & my family members...
 It's pretty simple you need;

  •  1 clove of garlic (or 2 if you want an extra strong cup)
  • 1 cup of boiling water
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons of honey to sweeten.
Then you;
  • Crush the garlic. Either put it through a garlic press or finely dice it.
  • Boil kettle.
  • Put the garlic in the cup.
  • Pour boiling water over garlic.
  • Stir in honey, add more if needed.
  • Drink & start feeling better!

I find having this just before bed works best. Obviously if you are allergic to garlic, water or honey please use some common sense and don't drink it. Garlic has a ton of health benefits as does honey. Pretty much this drink works wonders for me, my family & I'm sure it will help you feel better if you aren't feeling 110%. I really don't mind the taste of garlic, I even eat the garlic out of the cup once I've drunk the tea. Sounds disgusting but I like it. I know some people can't stand garlic, but I like it & plus after drinking this tea I know I am safe from vampires.
Today I was feeling a lot better and did some laundry (I had a ton to do after Trent had been out west!) & I did some groceries, nothing mega exciting! I am now spending the night with my  biggest younger brother Lachlan. I like having my brothers stay over and keep me company whilst Trent's on night shift! 
Anyway a few things that made me smile this week apart from being with my Mum & her pets.  
  • My husband coming home from hunting! 
  •  Being loved by such an amazing man.
  • Getting a surprise parcel from my friend Libbi with a t-rex shirt! Such a cool shirt! Thanks love!
  • Beautiful sunsets.
  • Loving my pets & loving the love I get from them.
  • Having such a good relationship with my younger brothers & I pray that never changes.
  • Being grateful for my amazing parents & how much they love us.
My awesome new shirt! How neat is it? She got it for me because I call Trent 'T-rex' & clearly this is a t-rex & it's shooting a rainbow from it's mouth, which kind of ties in with a personal joke Libbi and I share about our imaginary pet unicorn. Random eh!? But I love having a best friend that I can share the most bizarre jokes with! 
With sunsets like this, it puzzles me how people don't believe in God. I feel so grateful every time I see a gorgeous sunset! If you want to see more of my sunset photos check out my instagram & make sure you follow me, my username is; bella_in_bindyland 

What made you smile this week? A million other things made me smile, but they are the main ones! Wow I can't believe we are pretty much already finished the first week of 2012! This year is flying by already & I say bring it on! I cannot wait for things to start happening this year, I hope 2012 is a great year for not only Trent & I, but for you all as well.
Well, I best be off to bed so I continue to get better!
Thank you for reading this somewhat random, jumbled, random post!
Love you all.


  1. I too have the drink for cold and flu and must say it works for me.

  2. YAY I love mentions.

    Deep fried ice cream in the best, expecially if the shell is nice and crispy.

    And, Kokoda is ADORABLE :)

  3. It's a great drink Nava! :)

    Thanks Libbi, love you xx

  4. I like the colorful top that you were wearing in the picture above! Oh, and your pets are the cutest thing ever!

    check my fashion/beauty blog

    Greetings from Finland


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