Monday, 30 January 2012

When the negative folk speak, turn on your imagination!


Ok this is a bit of a spur of the moment post, I was just asked by a Facebook friend how I put up with the 'negative' people in my life. (Ok she was more specific, but I won't mention names on here). And well, I told her the usual 'just remember certain people love you, others are just jealous, spiteful folk' and then I had this brilliant idea. And I realised I have now developed a new way of dealing with the idiots that sadly enough over populate my life... 
You imagine they are something ridiculous! The method is similar to that of which they try teach you at school (scared of public speaking, imagine everyone is in their underwear!? WHAT THE HELL? I did NOT want to imagine any of my teachers or class mates nude, gross! But it's fair to say I never have a problem with public speaking so I didn't need that method) But I do have a problem dealing with nasty fools, I take it all not necessarily to heart, but I let myself get too angry & worked up! To be perfectly honest I don't have much of a problem dealing with confrontation, I will most likely partake in a verbal dual if the appropriate moment arises, but for my own personal benefit (stress apparently isn't good for me according to the Doctor!?) I have decided to teach myself to ignore & laugh off other peoples hurtfulness instead of reacting. This being said I may eventually snap if they continue their stupidity for extended periods of time or say something way out of line, but for now I shall picture them as some ridiculous creature, smile like a fool & piss myself laughing in my mind as they talk about how perfect they are & how shit my life is. 
Now, I hear you ask but what animal could possibly be that hilarious looking to distract me from such hurtful comments? Well, my friends look no further...
This animal here is my top pick to picture people as;


Like really next time the bitchy girl at school (or whoever from wherever) says something to you, stand there and just picture her as this sad, pathetic little creature. Because honestly on the inside this is what they look like, a pathetic little creature. The only way they feel better about themselves is by tearing others down. So just smile and nod or laugh (it's up to you if you laugh out loud or in your mind, possibly more polite to laugh mentally but every now and then a stifled laugh is acceptable). Or better yet just laugh to yourself & shake your head in disbelief of their stupidity, works every time to make over confident fools second guess themselves and feel silly! I actually can't wait to put this method in practice and see how well it works for me. 
Pretty much the moral of this post is, don't let some terrible person who says nasty things hurt you. Because why on earth would they bother? The only time other people try to attack others is if they aren't confident about themselves (or if you kicked their cat or something else equally horrifying, well then you would deserve it). But if people are just unnecessarily mean to you for no good reason, well take a look at your life, do you have something they could want? It could be anything, but I guarantee there is something there they wish they had for themselves. And it doesn't have to be material items it could be that you are just a generally happy person, or you are self confident or someone else thinks highly of you & not so highly of them. The list is endless, but I assure you it all stems down to jealousy. So take no notice of nasty people and if by chance you are forced to deal with them and listen to them either talk about how fantastic they are and crap you are or have them be nasty to you, just imagine them as my friend the naked mole rat. Because nothing is funnier than that animal and you surely can't take anything that thing says seriously! And then go home and pray for that person, pray that they stop being such a negative mean person & pray for the strength to continue to tolerate them & help to continue to picture them as a naked mole rat. I am fairly confident God would prefer we laugh at them & then pray for them instead of punching them in the face! (Even though sometimes the later option seems a lot easier!) Plus laughing is a lot more socially acceptable than giving someone a black eye, apparently. 

Hope this helps some of you and to all my negative fans that read this blog, trust me next time we have a conversation and I stand there with what could look like a fake smile on my face I assure you I am picturing you as a giant naked mole rat & dude, you look hilarious as a giant penis with teeth!

Thanks for reading, love all my positive readers! Let me know what you do to deal with idiots or what animal you would imagine a mean person as? 
Love you all.

Weekend recap + OOTD video!!

Hi loves!
How was your weekend? Mine was ok, nothing super exciting as it is hard to do something exciting when the weather is cold & rainy! Saturday we visited my family, had lunch with them, went to the shopping centre for a look (I got my first ever 2 OPI nail polishes)! 
My first 2 OPI polishes, Rainbow Connection & Excuse Moi! I love Excuse Moi! I haven't tried Rainbow Connection yet, I am waiting until my nails grow a little longer, but it looks AMAZING!

We hired out some movies for Saturday night (The Change Up is pretty funny)!
On Sunday Trent took me out to lunch at La Porchetta, which was really nice. We honestly don't go out that much & that's our own choice, we just prefer to hang out together at home, but being out was a nice change! We nibbled garlic bread, I sipped wine & Trent had a JD whilst we waited for our meals & then I got another wine (for free) as our waitress forgot to put our order into the kitchen! I ordered the chicken avocado pasta, which was a little different then I had pictured, it was ok but not the best. Trent's pizza ('the lot') was very yummy! I think next time we go back I will order a pizza! 
After lunch we went to visit my brother & spent some time with him until my  parents arrived back home & we had dinner with them!
It was a lovely weekend despite the cold & drizzly weather. Now I do like cold & rainy weather, but in moderation! I don't like it when it last for more than a week & it makes it difficult for me to do laundry! But it's a nice excuse to do nothing & relax! I can't wait for Autumn or Winter when it is cold but dry! 
Anyway, here are some photos of our weekend;
Me and my 2 cats before I left for lunch!
Wine & the La Porchetta menu!
Trent's pizza. YUM.
My pasta dish, not the best, but ok.
Trent enjoying his pizza! I had one slice & it was delicious!!
Lachlan & I.
Snuggling Marlin.
Snuggling Kabuki.
My perfect husband & I. Gosh I love him, so darn much!
My 2 younger but bigger brothers. I love them more than life, I adore them! 
Mums 2 cats watching her cook dinner...

Well, those were the photos from my weekend (sorry they aren't the best quality, they were taken on my iPhone!) & here is my 'outfit of the day' (OOTD)/ 
V-log/bloopers video from Sunday... Enjoy...

Outfit details;

  • Jacket; USED - City Beach
  • Top; Alannah Hill
  • Jeans; Guess - Myer
  • Watch; Guess - Goldmark
  • Bag; Guess - Strand bags
  • Shoes; Giovanna 
Make up details;
  • Foundation; Revlon Colour stay
  • Lip stick; Australis - Cha Cha
  • Eye Shadow; Australis - Choc-a-block
  • Eye liner; Maybelline gel eye liner
  • Mascara; NYX doll eyes

Hope you enjoyed this quick blog! Hope your weekend was as nice as mine!
Have a great week!
Love you all.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Lets catch up; Weather, dogs in showers, wax melts, life & more!

Hey loves!

How has life been?  
Once again I really must apologise for my lack of updates, I've just had some personal stuff going on that is a bit tough, a bit of what was mentioned in the last blog & another thing. I'm not going to go into right now as I am not really ready to share what is going on, but I think eventually will tell you all. So I am really sorry for being so quiet on the blog front it's just hard to write when I feel so down. But I will be ok, today I am feeling a lot better & more positive! :)
Lately life hasn't been all that exciting, the weather here in Toowoomba has been cold & rainy.
Cold weather in Toowoomba in the middle of Summer!

On the weekend we did some yard work on Saturday, thankfully the weather was clear & sunny, the yard looks 100% better! My parents helped us out & Trent helped Dad do some work at their place preparing for a new fence at Mum & Dads, we are so grateful for their help! Now we are planning on eventually doing a nice garden down on the back fence, just have to pick plants & decide on a design. So that is all very exciting! 

And I also snapped some photos of Mums cute puppy, Kokoda, he is growing up so fast and is very adorable!
The dingo digging post holes.
Our yard 1 year ago. Last January 2011.
Daisy & Duke playing in Dads work car. See how good Daisy can jump, she kept playing jumping just for fun!
Trent working on the carport with Lachlan.
Our back yard now! 1 million times!
My favourite shots of Koda pup from Sunday. Isn't he adorable? I am trying out the sports function to capture action shots on my canon 500D, he is a quick little fella! 
The sky was beautiful on Sunday.

My little brother also bought his first car this week, we are very proud of him. It is the exact car he wanted, a Land cruiser ute! 
Lachlan & his new car.

And my 2 brothers started back at school this week, they are in grade 11 & 12 this year, I can't believe they are both seniors! I remember when they both were in grade 1, realising how old they both are now makes me feel VERY old!
On Tuesday afternoon when it was cold & rainy I felt bad that Duke & Daisy were outside so I decided to wash them in the shower & then they could be inside for a while, now my shower is NOT one of those big fancy ones, it's just a regular small shower. Bathing a German Shepherd in there is very hard, but I love them so I do the most insane things! So they stayed indoors until we went to bed that night, I would've kept them in over night but it's not easy to do with 2 cats and plus they aren't 'indoor dogs' so out they went! 
Shower time! Daisy was the most filthy (obviously) but Duke has a thick coat so it holds a lot of dirt. The dirt in Toowoomba is red dirt so it makes them look even more filthy & underneath our house (our house is like split level, so it's raised up just off the ground) is all dirt and the dogs lay under there so they get dirty very quickly! 
**Please note after they were bathed, I scrubbed and cleaned the whole shower & bathroom and vacuumed where ever they went. I love my dogs I just don't love how messy they can be! **
The hounds inside drying off and all clean.

 Yesterday was Australia day & the rain stopped and the sun shone making it a hot disgusting humid day, I didn't do anything super exciting for Australia day as Trent was at work (clearly everybody else did from all the Facebook updates & Tweets I was reading) so instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself I got stuck into my housework whilst the sun was out. I seriously did like 6 loads of laundry, it's hard when it's so rainy to do laundry, but on the rainy days I did get to test out my new dryer that Mum & Dad gave us for our wedding gift! I also dusted, polished, vacuumed and mopped! 
My dryer! :)
Waiting on the floors to dry.
Freshly mowed lawns & 2 cute pups! 

And then I decided I better mow the lawn because there was more rain predicted, so I had a full on day but my house is shiny, pretty & thanks to my new wax melt purchases it smells lovely!! Have you tried those wax melts? You pop them into the top of an oil burner candle & they melt and release the scent, they last for like 20 hours of burning time! I love them! They are so much better than using oil (I use to use lavender or sandalwood oil). You know how oil goes gross & sticky & can make a mess? Well, the wax melts just re-hardens once the candle goes out, so it's a lot safer if you have cats (or children) that can knock over candle holders that may have oil in them, I love mine! Dusk has some nice scents & there is a candle shop at Highfields (Lily Scents) I love that stocks some great candles & melts,  I picked a few up there on Wednesday when I was out with Mum. The scents I got were rain, clean cotton, baby powder & morning dew. I like scents like that!  What scents are your favourites?
This is a quick look at our bedroom. I just did this duchess display yesterday, I've been meaning to do it since we got the bedroom suite but just ran out of time or forgot. I really like it, I knew with our bedroom I wanted quiet dark timber furniture that was chunky and had dark handles so that looked masculine and then I could display a few feminine items without the whole thing looking to girly, which is why I like the black frame it's still pretty and delicate but not to girly. And those little blue statues are a boy & a girl they are placed on 'my side' & 'Trent's side' of the room and they were actually made by my Dads Mum, I never got to meet her but my Great Grandma gave them to me and I've looked after them for years knowing one day I wanted to have them on display in my marital bedroom. I think they are very sweet & the fact they have a special meaning behind them is even sweeter! The other pieces shown are a pink & white doily my Mum gave me, the floral candles & candle holders I got at Target on clearance, I have a crystal ring holder, bowl (both from second hand/antique stores) & a penguin (penguins a bit random I know, Mum gave him to me) and the LOVE word was made for our wedding. My Mum spray painted it gold for me. I really like it and it is how I pictured it, I may add to it over time but I don't think I want it to be overly crowded, if anything I will probably add more photo frames! What do you think of it?

Now for some random photos from through out the week;
Kaubuki and I this week.
Me on Wednesday, yes it's the middle of Summer and I am wearing a scarf & jacket!
I had to take Kokoda out for toilet time in the rain, fun. (This is the bottom half of the outfit, jeans & boots! Crazy clothes for Summer, but they are my favourite type of clothes to wear so I am not complaining!)

Thanks for reading this post, sorry it was so random and all over the place, but now you are pretty much up to date with my life! The weather is cold outside, I think I will go pop a movie on (or a trashy reality TV show DVD - guilty pleasure!) & do some ironing, no fun but it needs to be done! May write another blog on a website I have been OBSESSED with lately & I think you will be too!
Have a great day!
Love you all.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Remember the little things when you are down!

Hi loves!
Ok this post will probably be a bit rambley and bit like a journal entry, but we are friends right? I can tell you this stuff & vent to you...  
Do you ever have those feelings where you are like you are just happy? Like you maybe having a crappy week but something happens and it just perks your day up a bit? I love those moments and I like to mentally store them in the back of my mind so next time I am a bit down I can remember one of them! The other day at the grocery store I was with Mum whilst she was doing her groceries (obviously) and a lady we didn't know started chatting to Mum, she commented on how lovely it was to see a Mother & daughter so close (because we were joking with each other) & she complimented me on my figure & then she said I reminded her of Princess Kate! Like WOW, Kate Middleton! I nearly died! I think my response was something like "Serious? Oh wow, thank you so much, WOW!". I love her & her style! This was the best compliment I have ever received from a stranger! It's fair to say I was pretty pleased, I may have walked down one or two (or three) of the grocery aisles doing a princess wave & telling Mum she should be happy to walking with someone that could be mistaken for royalty. But I was just joking, I honestly don't think I am as pretty as Princess Kate the only thing we have in common is we are brunettes, but it's just little things like that, that make me smile. Like the first comment about how close Mum & I was good enough & then this lady just out did herself by saying I looked like Kate! I was so stoked & I will be filing that compliment away for one of those days when I look in the mirror and go, "Serious God you gave me this face?". And we all have those days and next time a stranger or even a friend compliments you receive it graciously & file it away! 
Lately I've been a bit down, I've mentioned it in a past few blogs that I am not feeling super cheery or well. And you know sometimes people just aren't 'Sally Sunshine,' my 'issues' (I guess we will call it that) are kind of irritating a lot of it could be avoided if people weren't so mean, stupid & ignorant.
 I guess I've just got a bit of stress in my life and it really builds up and takes it toll. And at this point in my life I shouldn't be stressing as it's not good for me! I will admit that I am a very stressful person unfortunately (I am trying very hard to work on it, any tips on dealing with stress would be appreciated!! Leave a comment below, tweet me or comment on the Facebook page), I take a lot of things to heart and lately I have had to hold a lot of anger & stress inside because of what I have had to deal with pretty much over the past 10 or so months.
 When I was growing up in my family if I had a problem with my brothers or my parents we expressed our feelings. We said what was on our minds even if it wasn't very nice and sometimes we would (& still do) get mad at each other and not talk for a few hours or if it was bad maybe a few days but then it would blow over and we could move on, because what we were feeling inside was released and we felt better we didn't have that thing eating us up inside it was released & the weight was lifted. I honestly grew up thinking most families did this. Well, I now know that this is not the case, I am now put in a situation where I can't voice my opinion without being spoken over or having the person I'm talking to throw a tantrum and storm out of a room (these are not children I'm dealing with either, these people are older than me)! This to me is beyond frustrating, like seriously? I don't know if it is the fact I am a woman who has an opinion most of the time & that I will speak up and defend myself, I will defend the people I love and I will call someone out if they being ridiculous. It just puzzles me how mean people can be & sometimes it's sneaky mean, like passive aggressive kind of stuff, that's the worst I hate it! Like trust me I can be mean, if you offend or hurt someone I love I will be the worst thing that has ever happened to you. 13 years of being bullied at school has made me one of the most defensive & quick thinking people I know. Seriously, I was (& still am) very tiny at school I had nothing else, I couldn't fight someone my only form of defence was words. It also went for me and my sister, she could beat me up (she is tougher & slightly bigger than me) but I could cut her down in seconds. And I have so many things I want to say to people that are really hurting not only me but someone I care about so deeply and I can't. Just because people are to full of themselves to listen and can't be proven wrong and they just won't open their eyes and see what other people are really like.
 Like I could be a complete fake idiot & tell people what they want to hear, but honestly doing that makes me sick. I was raised to be nothing but honest and that's how I intend to stay. My parents taught us all some very important life lessons I now realise & will always remember; we were praised & rewarded for the good, we knew when we did something bad, we were given nothing for no reason, we knew hard work was the way to achieve what we wanted & always stand up for yourself & be honest (there are a ton more things, but this post is already way long). My parents are great people & I think I have very strong characteristics of both of them & lucky for my enemies a bad temper is one of them and it is genetic from both sides & I thank them for that! 
Anyway I'm off topic again...
 To be fair I gave these people ('issues') every chance in the world, I was nice & I tried so hard but when you be cruel, spiteful, bitchy & pathetic to me you only get a few chances and they have well and truly used up all their chances. Like I just cannot possibly be like "sure friend come to our house, insult me, insult what we do, praise an idiot and trash us" I just cannot deal with that kind of stuff anymore. It drives me nuts! 
This is a time in our life where we our building ourselves up, this is meant to be a happy & stress free time. But it is honestly like people are dead set on making life hard or unpleasant for us. And for some crazy reason these people think things can just be forgotten? Like are you for real? You offended me on countless occasions at some of the biggest events of my life, I let some go but like hell I am letting others slide. 
And reading this you may think well maybe I should be the bigger person and let it go? Trust me I have let countless things go, I can't let anymore things slide. Nothing I do, nothing we do is good enough it's insane, I have never been put in such a strange situation like the one I've landed myself in. And the issue of 'respect' was bought up the other week to us, we are both & I most certainly am a firm believer in respect works two ways. Now Trent and I respect a lot of people, my parents, family, friends, the elderly, service men & women, emergency service people , etc. You know the normal people and I respect everyone and anyone who shows me respect. I however cannot respect someone who does not respect me. It just can't be done. I'm sorry, it just can't. If you treat me like dirt, well my friend expect the same thing right back. I will not be treated badly by anyone nor will anyone I care about be disrespected in front of me. 
And to be honest Trent and I are quiet different when it comes to dealing with confrontation, he is much more calm & lets things go but I know when things hurt him & well I am not (as you can tell by this novel of a post).  I just don't know, he just prefers to shut people out & that's it, I would prefer to deal with the situation at hand tell the people who are wrong that they are & why and then hopefully move on from it. But honestly I think I am going to swing on his side of dealing with things this time (unless I get my chance to voice my opinion & let me assure you I am not scared of people I will defend myself & those I love until I am blue in the face). This year one of New Years resolutions as a couple was this;
When someone fucks up, let it go. If they keep fucking up, let them go.
(Sorry about the f-bombs, but we are adults and every now and then the 'F' word is totally appropriate!)
In all seriousness, we are living by this. I personally have felt a bit hurt by someone (different person) lately for like the millionth time & I have just taken a big step backwards, if I'm not  good enough to share things with or be included in their life or be treated how I should be treated I shouldn't do everything for them. And honestly this is pretty much the way my husband deals with things, we kind of are just done being hurt by people & being treated like we are nothing. We don't get respected as a couple or individuals so why on earth would we want to associate with people who are so mean? So now we are just throwing our hands in the air and saying we are done. I am trying to take on board his way of thinking, 'just don't care' attitude. Since writing this post and getting so much of my chest (writing is like therapy for me) I am now a little confused that if I was confronted by these 'issues' would I just laugh, shake my head and leave or would I stand and fight? Or I could just say; 'bless your heart' or 'I'll pray for you'. I guess it would all depend on the moment but either could happen. It could be a bit of all of them... What would you do?

Sorry about this kind of  'angry/sad' post, it just feels good to write. And if by chance you feel you have been personally vilified by me please remember I only write the truth, I've never lied in any of my posts and I didn't feel this way over nothing, so maybe instead of writing some lame nasty comment back you take a long hard look at yourself and how you act and change it. If you still feel vilified please feel free to contact me directly to discuss the issue.

Well, loves that is I all I have, I promise I will try to write more positive and upbeat posts it just feels good every now and then to vent, hope you don't mind. I love this blog so darn much! I will now end this by reminding myself that a lady thought I looked like Princess Kate and to me that is awesome and it makes me smile!
Stay positive, remember the little things that make you smile & try to block out the bad. (I seriously need to take my own advice!)
Love you all and thank you so much if you made it to the end of the post! Gold star for you!
This is so true. 
Yes I admit it, I am extremely sarcastic young lass. I can't help it! 
The top 2 I need to work on, the bottom 3 I am pretty good at!