Monday, 31 December 2012

In 2012 I...

Wow, it is that time again. Time for the annual 'in 20&whatever I...' list. (If you want to read last years list click HERE) 
This year really has not been my best year, honestly I am ready to slam shut the 2012 chapter of my life. Things happened in this year I never thought would happen to me, I had to be stronger then I ever imagined I would have to be. 2012 was just hard, it was painful & boy am I glad it is over. Bring on 2013! That being said I did do some great things this year, but the sadness & grief that has consumed the last few months, really has over shadowed a lot of the positive & wonderful things that did happen. So what better way to remember the great times than to write a list highlighting them all, so let's start!
In 2012 I...

Rang in the new year in the car on the drive back to Toowoomba from Brisbane with Trent. Started to film even more YouTube videos. Watched the Burleigh Breaka Pro surfing competition from the VIP area. Had a lovely Valentines day with my husband. Witnessed my brother get his drivers license. Gave up stress & procrastination for Lent, something I still need to work on. Got excited for Autumn fashion. Had a date night in Brisbane for a movie premier. Went to my 2nd Taylor Swift concert (Speak Now).  Actually got VIP pit passes for the concert from Mr. Swift (her Dad!). Actually touched her arm when she walked right past me. Saw Tim Mcgraw & Faith Hill in concert. Celebrated Easter & had a great weekend. Went on a Brisbane shopping spree with my Mumma. Threw a fancy dinner party for my family. Spent some time on the family property collecting firewood. Watched my younger sister graduate from university. Saw my brother march in the ANZAC day parade. Surprised Trent with a T-rex themed birthday dinner. Blogged about the soundtrack to my life. Was grateful for such an amazing Mother. Chased a few sunsets. Documented my DVD collection, which since then has grown. Welcomed winter. Went to my sisters engagement party. Took a day trip to Stanthorpe. Saw Carrie Underwood in concert. Started working out and then gave up, because lets face it I'm a bit lazy. Celebrated Spooks first birthday. Made a list of reasons to stay alive. Dyed my hair. Had a bad day. Drove to Rockhampton, then to Mackay. Drove from Mackay - Mossman. Surfed through the Daintree Rainforest. Explored North Queensland. Drove from Mossman - Mackay. Spent some time in Mackay with my sister. Finally drove home & ended our anniversary road trip. Celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. Said Hello Spring. Attended the 'Back to 63' car show. Went on a Ghost Tour. Got a fancy new sewing machine. Went fishing with Trent & Tristan. Witnessed some entertaining storms. Attended the Toowoomba Carnival Of Flowers with my Mum & good friend Ash. Started a Tumblr account. Received a pink KitchenAid stand mixer for my birthday. Turned 24. Had one of my best friends do a beautiful & selfless act. Realised I am blessed to have a few beautiful friends who inspire me. Shaved Daisy. Wrote my 300th blog post. Saw my parents get a new puppy 'Beau'. Finally started renovating our house. Cared for my Mumma after her serious spine/neck operation. Decorated my house for Halloween. Dealt with the worst heart ache, grief & personal pain I've ever experienced. Put on a brave face & continued on with life. Went to Trent's Christmas party on the same day my whole world fell apart. Celebrated my brother finishing grade 12 by seeing him off for his formal & attending his graduation. Saw my Youtube channel reach over 500 subscribers. Celebrated my brother turning 18. Vlogged every day for 25 days straight in December for 'vlogmas'. Had a wonderful Christmas with my family. Spent a weekend on the coast with my family. 

So that has been my 2012. I am sure I have left something out, but that covers most of it. As I have said I am ready to start 2013, I am so over 2012 it really just wasn't my year. I have faith that 2013 will be amazing for Trent & I. I'm praying so hard it will be, because honestly I think it's about time we get a break & something turns out easy for us. 
Anyway, 2013 is going to be great, I just have to keep reminding myself of that, focus on the good & not on the bad!
Tonight we are headed to Brisbane to ring in the New Year with one of my best friends & her husband and some of their friends. I am sure it will be a wonderful night!
To celebrate the end of a year I thought I would make a video and feature some of my favourite 'extra' moments, so here it is...

Happy New Year! Thank you for all your support during 2012, I hope 2013 is a fabulous year for you and that you have a lot of fun (& stay safe) during your NYE celebrations! 
Love you all.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

My Christmas day 2012... {Vlogmas day #25 & haul video!}

Hey everyone!
How was your Christmas? 
Mine was fantastic it was full of love & family!
 I surprised Trent with a model car of our Holden EK. It has taken me our whole relationship to find this model car!!
Me on Christmas morning with my gifts from Trent.
My gorgeous bracelet off Trent.
The Christmas room at my parents house.
Trent and I at my parents house.
My gifts off my parents! :)
My parents & I. 
Family lunch.
Trent and I.
Awesome foursome.
Christmas cat.
Christmas doggies...

I filmed bits and pieces of my day because for vlogmas day #25... So here is the video I hope you enjoy it!

So that was my Christmas day!! I really hope your day was as wonderful as mine was! 
I also filmed my 'Christmas haul' & 'Boxing day shopping haul', so here it is...

Thank you so much for reading & watching and I really hope your Christmas was fantastic!
Love you all.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas! {2012}

Hi everyone!
I just wanted to stop in and wish you all a Merry Christmas! 
I can't believe it's already Christmas day, I love Christmas, but I feel this year it has came way to soon, I haven't even watched 1/2 of my Christmas movies!
Today I am off to spend time with my family & enjoy myself.
I hope you are all doing something similar.
Sorry I haven't posted a ton of blog posts during December, I've been busy doing 'Vlogmas' over on my YouTube channel - go check it out HERE!

Stay safe, take care & be happy!
Love you all,


Friday, 14 December 2012

Romantic Summer outfit + A fashion GIVE AWAY!!

 Hey everyone!
This is a fabulously fun post for me to write, I was so excited when this opportunity popped up for me, because I love, LOVE being able to give back to my readers...
So please keep reading on for a great competition!!
I was recently given the chance to work with the gorgeous Influence Boutique* online store, they are based on the Gold Coast & stock amazing brands (YAY for them being a local Queensland company). I was given the privilege to be able to select an item from their range that I liked so I could use it in an 'outfit of the day' video/post. I selected a very pretty Shillah collared sleeveless top. 
Images from Influence Boutique. 
These tops are very 'in fashion' right now and similar ones can be found in almost every store. I really love this particular top because of the romantic, girly & classic feel to it. I love the sheer lace on top, it's so feminine & just a little bit sexy... 
The top was shipped over night & arrived beautiful packaged. 
It came in black tissue paper tied with pink & white string...
I couldn't wait to wear it. But I put off wearing it until today (I can be totally useless at times & I didn't want to risk spilling something ridiculous on it, because lets face it 2012 has been a bit shit for me & anything is possible). 
The top is of very high quality & it is a stunning piece that I am now in love with!
I couldn't work out which way I wanted to style this top, I had a few options; shorts, jeans, skirts... But I settled on pairing it with a pair of shorts I've owned for a few years & that my Mother always loves on me (she is a bit bias I know, but she likes them on me & she is the most honest person in my life, so I am fairly confident if they looked horrid she would tell me...)
When styling this 'OOTD' look I planned it around the 'holiday season'. Something that was summer appropriate but still could work for a 'festive get together'...
I thought this outfit was great, I styled it with 2 different shoe options, the heels work great to 'fancy it up' a bit  (tip; nude heels make legs look longer!) And the pretty blingy sandals make it a tad more casual (& comfy) and makes it a great summer outfit that can be worn during the day or to a BBQ or even on Christmas day... To make it a tiny bit festive I added a splash of red with a pretty red watch & red polish on my toes and a hint of green (ok it's more turquoise but it's more of a greeny turquoise) with the very cool but casual tan/green clutch. 
So here is the 'outfit of the day' video, it's a bit different to my usual 'OOTD' videos, but I still hope you all really enjoy it;

The outfit details are;
  • Shillah top; Influence Boutique
  • High-waist denim shorts; Supre
  • Red watch; Guess
  • Nude heels; Rubi Shoes (These shoes I regret buying, they are cute but stupidly painful!)
  • Bronze/bling sandals; Big W
  • Tan/Turquoise clutch; Birthday present from Libbi, but it is from Sportsgirl. 
  • Sunglasses; Guess

After having dealt with Influence Boutique over the past few weeks I feel confident in saying they are a reliable and well run company, as I said above my parcel arrived the next morning after my order was placed... They offer free shipping on all orders over $50 (within Australia) and international shipping is also available! 
And now for the exciting news; COMPETITION TIME!!
If you would like to win a $100 gift voucher to Influence Boutique  (of course you do!) follow these instructions... (This is an Australia wide competition only... Sorry!)
  1. Go Influence Boutique website - click HERE 
  2. Sign up to their mailing list... (You get $5 off just for signing up to their newsletter, they constantly have great deals & discounts so it is worth signing up for!!) 
  3. Select which item you would love for Santa to leave under you tree this Christmas & leave a comment below telling me which item it is & why... Please make sure in the comments you leave your name & email address so if you win I can contact you! 
  4. Winners will be selected at random on Christmas eve and Influence Boutique will be responsible for the $100 gift voucher.  
And as a gift to all my readers the store is offering 15% when you use the coupon code below!! 

It would be fantastic if you could LIKE Influence Boutique on Facebook & follow them on twitter as well they often have great discount codes like the one above & it also helps you stay up to date when they have sales!! :)
Thank you so much for all your support this year & I wish you all the best of luck! 
Love you all.
* & T.Cs; This post is sponsored, but as always I would never promote a company I hadn't personally dealt with, which is why I wanted to see what the delivery was like & the product quality. I have had no issues dealing with Influence Boutique and I trust that they will supply the $100 gift voucher to the selected winner. That being said, once the competition is drawn the prize is out of my hands, I have no responsibilities over the delivery. I like working with companies that offer to also benefit my readers, which is why I jumped at the chance when it was offered to me to run this competition, I enjoy giving back to my subscribers, that was the main reason I opted to work with this brand apart from them having gorgeous clothes & being a local Queensland company. If you want to read more on sponsored posts please click HERE

Monday, 10 December 2012

Music Monday #5 {Better Dig Two}

Hey everyone!
I know I haven't done a 'Music Monday' in a while but I have to share this new song that I have been obsessed with this week. 

This song is awesome, it sounds amazing in my car with the volume turned all the way up! (Thankfully Trent doesn't read the blog or I could be in trouble for that - haha!)
I really love the lyrics to this song, they are very relatable to me. It is kind of like a modern country love song with a dark side. I would never be able to live without my Trent, so I love this song... 
The Band Perry is an amazing band and I'm yet to hear a song by them that I don't love! If you haven't heard any of their music I suggest you check them out now! 

If you want to join in on 'Music Monday' please leave your blog link in the comments below so I can check it out & feel free to use the button below :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and love this song as much as I do...
Love you all.

Friday, 7 December 2012

What I got up to in November 2012...

Hi everyone,
Wow it's been awhile, life has been a bit chaotic & I still needed some time, but if you are missing me please feel free to go on over to my YouTube page and catch up on my latest videos... 
Anyhow, how are you all? I miss documenting my life on here... 
I have started doing Vlogmas, which means I am vlogging from the 1st - 25th of December, yep 1 vlog every single day!! So head on over to my YouTube page & check it out! 
Now let us play the catch up game with my life...
Mid November Trent & I escaped our life for the day and headed to the beach for some relaxation... It was just what we needed, I can't wait to head to the coast more during Summer!
A day of sleeping on the beach, fishing, relaxing, eating fish & chips and being with my husband was just what the Doctor ordered... Well, he ordered bed rest, but this was close enough ;)
I also went to a Christmas card making class at 'The Scrap Cottage' with my friend Ash, that was lots of fun, I love craft classes :)
Aren't these cards beautiful!!
At the end of November just before my brothers birthday my Dad, Trent & the 2 boys headed off for an overnight deep sea fishing charter to celebrate Lachlan completing grade 12. This allowed me to spend some time with my Mum & during that time we did what we do best, shop.
This was the biggest catch of the trip, made by Trent. A big sweet lip!!  
They returned on the Saturday and that Sunday was spent filleting 137 fish! Yum!!
Filleting fish is a family sport - haha.
The next exciting thing to happen was we celebrate my 2 brothers birthdays (27th of Nov). Yes, they are both born on the same day but 2 years apart. Lachlan turned the big 18 & Tristan was 16... That Saturday night we had an 18th party for Locky and it was a lot of fun. 
My outfit of the night details can be found in THIS video! 
Lachlan and I. Can't believe he is 18!
My gorgeous husband and I.
Happy 18th Locky!!
So that is pretty much all the big stuff covered... Trent & I have just been relaxing & taking care of ourselves... 
Life is now pretty busy, every December is busy & with vlogmas it will be even more busy! So I will try and do more updates & maybe post some Christmas'y posts. 
Once again sorry about the lack of posts, my head just hasn't been in the right space for writing & honestly I just haven't felt like writing.
But as I said above I have been posting a lot of videos so please check them out on my YouTube channel!
Thanks for sticking around & still being here! I do actually have a special give away coming to thank you all for your loyalty, that should be up towards the end of next week, so keep an eye out!!
Love you all.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

2012 Christmas Gift Guide!

It is exactly 1 month to Christmas, WHAT? Commence freak out now... 
If you are anything like me I am assuming you maybe a little behind on gift buying? Last year I created a gift guide to suggest some ideas for my readers, this year I thought I would do another... 
I did basically cover all bases in the last gift guide, it was pretty thorough, but I will put a few more suggestions out there;

For the men in your life;
I have 4 guys I always buy for; Trent, my Dad & 2 brothers...
  • Model cars; I know I mentioned this in my last gift guide but I was actually able to track down a pink EK wagon just like ours... So of course I ordered some, it comes in a nice little case & is a very good model car. The only company I have found that makes most model cars (specialises in Australian cars) is Trax/Top Gear. I have spent our whole relationship looking for a model EK & no one ever makes the wagons! So if you have a car lover, I suggest you check out this site!
  • For my Dad this year I think I am going to get him a GPS thing for the car, it's more of a pricey gift but he deserves it. You can pick them up at electronics stores and they do vary in price.
  • I did mention this in the last gift guide but I will say this again, BCF vouchers are the most simple & normally one of the most loved gifts for the average Aussie bloke. I know not every guy likes camping/fishing but a lot do & I know if I am ever really stuck on gifts my husband, Dad or brothers are super grateful to have some extra money to spend in one of their favourite stores!
For the ladies;
This year I am buying for a few girlfriends, my Mum & my sister...
  • Mum is getting some beautiful Cornishware, I pre-bought it during the year when it was on a good sale and she has actually scored 2 of the 3 items already (she got 1 item as a 'get well' gift and another for looking after my furbabies)!! But it's something she really loves & even though it's a bit pricey, I think it's worth it!
  • I often also buy Mum a cute Christmas decoration or ornament. 
  • Candles are a really nice gift, I get the most beautiful candles from Lilly Scents at Highfields! Mum really loves all the ones I buy her.
  • I am actually stuck on what to get my sister, she is a pretty difficult to buy for! 
A great place to also check out this year for gifts is 'Mister Minit', they have a huge range of great gifts for all budgets and most of their gifts are perfect for the person who has everything. Click HERE to find your nearest store!
In the under $20 range;
  • A christmas ornament/keepsake; these would be a great gift to put on the tree to mark a special year or just because they are so nice! They come with free name engraving and a gift pouch!  RRP $10 each or three for $25
  • They also stock a huge range of key rings which make perfect secret Santa gifts! RRP $9.95
Under $60;
  • The Leatherman Kick is a great quality multi-tool that has 25 year warranty. RRP $54.95
  • The Victorinox Climber is another pocket knife, this one has a lifetime guarantee and has a many functions. RRP $57.95
If you really wanted to spoil someone this year;
  • Leatherman Charge with bonus Klean Kanteen Cups. It is a 17 in one multi-tool, has a stainless steel body & a 25 year warranty! RRP $249
  • LedLenser M8 torch. This torch would be great for camping, travelling & off road adventures! It has 8 light functions and a beam range up to 280m. RRP $159.95
'Mister Minit' is a great place to stop by and check out this Christmas season. Their gifts are high quality & a reasonable price. If all the guys in my family didn't already have their own Leatherman multi-tools I would definitely be buying them all one, they are a great thing to own. The great thing also about 'Mister Minit' is they also specialise in engraving so you can get your gifts engraved and make them little bit more special!
I hope this quick gift guide has given you some inspiration this gift giving season... For more inspiration please check out last years gift guide HERE.
Love you all.

*This post was a sponsored post by 'Mister Minit', all opinions are honest and my own. The pictured product was sent to me for review. If I didn't personally shop at this brand or know of them I wouldn't support them, they are a brand I trust and regularly use. Please read HERE for more on my 'Policy & Information'.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Shopping with my Mumma... {Follow me around vlog & haul video!}

On Wednesday I got to take my Mumma shopping! 
We haven't been shopping together in about month thanks to her operation! But she received the 'all clear' from her doctor to have some retail therapy so she was VERY keen to hit the shops... Well, she is a bit of a bad influence because I ended up having a bit of a shopping spree myself! 
I filmed a 'follow me around' type of vlog on this day, so if you want to see what we got up to & how great my Mum is check out the video below... (I am sorry about the crappy video quality, I was just using my iPhone 4, I get the iPhone 5 at the start of next year, if the video quality on that is just as crappy I will just buy a little 'point & shoot' type of camera to film on, it's just a bit impossible to carry around my huge Canon camera to film on... So I apologise!)

I also filmed a haul video after I got home so if you would like to see all the items I purchased check out the video below...

I hope you enjoyed these videos, let me know if you would like to see more 'follow me around' type of videos! I maybe doing 'vlogmas' in December! :)
Love you all.

Monday, 19 November 2012

My brother graduated! {2012} + OOTD video.

Hi everyone!
It's that time again here in Australia, the time schools release the graduating class out into the world... This year was a bit exciting for me, because my younger brother Lachlan was one of the graduates!  
Last Wednesday he had his senior formal (which is just like prom). He wore a suit, Trent drove him in our EK and he said his night was great...
Lachlan looking very grown up and handsome! 
Mum looks so great! After having serious surgery just a few weeks ago she still got all dressed up for Locky's formal.
Dad and Locky.
My parents & Locky.
The family... (Minus Nicole, who is in Mackay)
Lachlan, Trent & I.
Lachlan and his cat Marlin...
Lachlan arriving at his formal with his partner. (I haven't included any photos of her just because I don't really know her, but her dress was purple like his tie)
A few final photos with Lachlan before we left him to celebrate with his friends & teachers. 
Trent and I at Picnic Point. It's a beautiful view, if you are ever in Toowoomba I suggest you go check it out!
And look I filmed a video!! I know it's only a quick 'outfit of the night' video, but hey it's still something!...

On Thursday evening he had his graduation ceremony where he received his senior certificate. Mum was still a bit unwell and couldn't attend the graduation, but Dad, Trent & I went and celebrated Lachlan's success! 
I can't believe he has grown up so much!
All the senior students after singing the school song threw streamers into the crowd!
Dad, Lachlan and I. 
I couldn't be any prouder of Lachlan, it feels like just last week he started grade 1 and I was in grade 7... He has grown up into such a great young man and I know he will have a great future. Love you Locky. x
To any one else that reads my blog that graduates this year, congratulations! Finishing 12 years of schooling is quiet an accomplishment, I wish you all the very best for your future endeavours!
Love you all.