Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My 'little bigger' brothers birthday and family love!

This past Sunday (27th/November) was a very special day! My two little but bigger brothers, Lachlan and Tristan turned a whole year older (15 & 17). Yes they are both born on the same day but 2 whole years apart!
 To celebrate the whole family went out for a lunch to the 'Spotted Cow' in Toowoomba. It was a great day, we all enjoyed a lovely meal & sat around chatting. It is great having my whole family reconnected & the fact we can all go out together and have fun! I am so grateful for my beautiful family. We may not agree 100% all the time but we all love each other and when we need each other we are there 200% for each other. 
Happy birthday to my wonderful younger brothers, they are both young men now & are my 'little bigger brothers'. Trent and I are so proud of both them and they are such awesome young men! I  am so happy to have such great brothers!! Anyway here are some snaps from the boys birthday lunch!!
Trent and his 2 favourite little brothers!! 
Happy Birthday!!
Lachlan and Nicole...
Tristan and I.
Trent and I.
The birthday boys and I.
The awesome foursome!! 

I think making time for family is such an important thing. Without family we are nothing. (Family for some is made up by furry companions, friends etc) I will always treasure my family and make an effort to be there for them whenever. Every family has it's trials and tribulations but I wouldn't change much about my family. I am very lucky to have the relationship I do with my family. We are all very open and outspoken and we do clash sometimes but a lot of the times we are each others best friends. We are all very close and I'm so grateful for that. We tell each other pretty much everything & I love that about us! :)

Text your family right now tell them you love them, that you are thinking of them, anything. Just let them know how special they are to you, trust me they will appreciate it. I try to see my family at least twice a week, I know some people aren't lucky enough to live close to their families, but I urge you to always stay in regular contact. Family is the most important thing in the world to me. I'm happy I now have my own little family with Trent and our fur babies & that Trent is such a great addition to our family, I'm so glad everyone loves him almost as much as I do... Anyway I could talk about the importance of family and the love I have for mine all day. But I will stop now.
Love you all.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas tree, honesty, positivity & a {WINNER!}

Sorry if this post is random...

Hey loves,
How are we all? Good? I hope you all are! It's almost Christmas! It is less than a month away! How scary is that! Well, my tree is up and decorated. It actually has been up since the middle of November, I just can't have 1 little old month for Christmas, I want to stretch it out for as long as I possibly can!! I LOVE Christmas! But really, who doesn't. 
Here are some festive snaps...
Naked tree...
Decorated!! I love Christmas!!
Our wreath... 
I wish I had a house that looked like this!! :)

I'm sorry if a lot of the blog posts lately haven't been super personal. They have been more direct 'about things'. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be 'holding back' or seem like I'm shutting you all out. I promise I'm not, I guess I've just been in a bit of a rut at the moment. Just down because of some personal things that just don't seem to playing out like I hope they would (NOT my marriage, that is perfect). I hate being in this sort of rut, you know the kind where you loose positivity, you kind of just feel yuk. I'll be honest I am not the most upbeat & kindest person when I get in these ruts. Like I naturally have a bad temper at times & I'm pretty sarcastic most days. But lately I just get really angry and just kind of shut myself off. Not that anything is anyones fault I just think I deal better with things on my own sometimes, which is true to an extent but often I (like any normal person) needs the support of others.
 Oh I have that feeling, you know the sense of falling. Similar to that feeling when you know you are going to fall off of a bicycle (this I actually did that other month, yep. Smack bang into the pavement. I cut my hand open and everything. Right in front of Trent. Not my most glamorous moment!) Anyway back to the falling feeling, I feel myself falling into this horrid place of negativity & being angry. I have a lot of built up anger inside of me from pain caused by others & that is really unhealthy. I acknowledge that it is, but I have to find an outlet. A way I can get rid of it all. I just don't know what to do. Everything I want to do right now I am having so much trouble finding inspiration & that spark of creativity. Its fair to say how I am feeling right now SUCKS! I hate it. But I guess we all go through similar stages in life and well I feel acknowledging it and admitting that there is something wrong can help me move past it all. I just keep thinking of everything positive in my life and hopefully my mood will change and I can bounce out of this rut. Hopefully. 
Sorry this is such a short post... I will be back with more 'happier' posts in a day or so! 

Also a BIG congratulations to Rochelle! You have won the Charlotte Wood book 'Animal People'. If you could please email me your mailing details ASAP that would be fabulous and I will post your prize right out to you!! (email; 
The 2nd commenter on the blog was Rochelle!! :) YAY...

Please don't be discouraged if you didn't win I am planning on doing another small give away soon. So make sure you enter, because if you aren't in it you can't win it!! :)

And now for some images/things that make me feel more positive & happy and also very grateful (when I am feeling down I like to take 'positive' photos, makes me feel better);
Gorgeous sunsets. 
Hot pink glittery nails!! They remind me of birthday cupcakes! I really don't know why, but I love them. I am trying to grow my nails longer (my friend Libbi is inspiring me) so I keep my nails painted = no picking & breaking them!
Christmas shirts!!
I've been Christmas crafting. Yep that's right, I'm letting my festive freak flag fly! I love holidays!!
Christmas crafting + Christmas movies = awesome!!
My faith... 
The man that loves me so much. My husband, my best friend. I adore him!
My new squirrel item!!
Clean sheets & a pretty bed cover. My sister gave us this set for our wedding.
Inspiring quotes... :) 

Anyway loves I'm off, hope you enjoyed this post where I was just a little honest, hope it didn't depress any of you! Congratulations to Rochelle once again! 
Love you all.

Wisteria Lane to Paris; OOTD/OOTN Ash's 21st!

Hi loves!!
Last Saturday (November, 19) was a busy a day... I firstly had a craft morning tea/V.I.P christmas sale at my local Kaiser Craft store, which was fun, I picked up a few great bargains & got a HUGE bag of freebies!! So YAY! I loved my outfit I wore to the morning tea, it was 'house wifey' & gorgeous! I felt like I just step off of Wisteria Lane! Anyway this is the 'outfit of the day' video;

Outfit details;
  • Dress by Bardot; But purchased from the Kewpie Cupboard on Facebook. Pop over and say HI to Lisa & check out some of her awesome items! 
  • Shoes; City Beach.
  • Necklace; It was a gift so I am unsure of where it is from.
  • Watch; Playboy.
Sorry I didn't get any photos of the morning tea, it was pretty chaotic and there were tons of 'older than me' ladies who are serious crafters, so it was kind of pretty crazy. But we had punch to sip on, cookies to nibble on and lollies to eat! It was really lovely and a great event. I really kind of wish though that these sort of 'events/classes' I go to had a more younger following. But I guess it's more of an 'older lady' hobby anyway... 
So after that I spent sometime with my Mum at the shopping centre then I came home with my younger brother Tristan to start getting ready for my lovely friend Ash's 21st party! Tristan was my date for the party as Trent was working... 
 We headed out to Ash's parents house which is short drive out of town but not that far from where my parents live :) Her birthday party was so lovely, it had a main theme of 'black & white' (all the guests were asked to come dressed in black & white) & then also the decorations had a 'Paris' theme (Ash loves Paris!) The birthday girl appropriately wore pink!! It was a lovely party & it reminded me of my 21st (which feels like forever ago!) I hope Ash had a wonderful night & enjoyed being the centre of attention amongst all her family & friends! Thank you so much for inviting me Ash, I had a wonderful night!!
And now for some photos!
Ash's 21st...

My present & card to Ash. (I got her a whole lot of baking supplies. Such as muffin tins, cupcake carrier, cookie cutters, oven mits, pot holder etc. She asked for baking stuff, she got baking stuff!!) Hope you loved your gift Ash!!x
The beautiful Ash...
The pretty birthday girl & I.
Tristan & I. Thanks for being my 'date' for the night & being such a cool little brother!
The most awesome birthday cake!! It was perfect for Ash!! And oh my gosh, it was the yummiest cake ever!! 
I was hitting the hard drinks, as I was driving. (For non-Australian readers Pasito is passionfruit flavoured soft drink, not alcohol!!)
The decorations were amazing!! :) The party was perfect for Ash, it had Paris, there was sparkly things (glitter), there was pink & she stood out!! It was a great night!
The lovely Ash & I. Happy Birthday once again love, I hope your night was everything you dreamed of & thank you for inviting me!! x

And now for my 'outfit of the night' video for the party....

Outfit details are;
  • Top; Valley Girl. (2 years ago!)
  • Pants; Bubblegum. City Beach
  • Shoes; Peeptoe.
  • Watch; Guess.
And on Sunday I took my Mum & sister to see the latest 'Twilight' film (breaking dawn). Now to be perfectly honest I am NOT a fan of 'Twilight'. I do not understand how people are so obsessed with it, but my Mum enjoys it so I took her! :) Just a quick question for all the 'Twilight lovers'; why does Edward not sparkle on the honeymoon when he is in the sun? It was made out to be such a 'big deal' in the first movie that he sparkles, but now he doesn't? Ummm... story line fail much? Maybe there is a special reason he doesn't sparkle but so far I haven't worked out why, so if you know please comment and let me know! :)

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I had such a fun & busy weekend and I'm slowly catching up on all these posts, sorry this was a week late! 
Love you all.