Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Hair growing tips & revitalising your hair after Summer!

Please keep in mind I am NOT a hair dresser, these are just my own personal tips... :)
Hello beautifuls!!
OK the end of Summer is finally over! That means Autumn is fianlly here!! And with every season one thing is always in style, healthy hair! Summer always means salt, sun, chlorine & hair styling for all those silly season parties (heating tools)... And that means the end of summer = hair that is on it's death bed!! Now I've been growing my hair for my upcoming wedding (July) so I've got some tips to keep it healthy or if it's a little unhealthy, how to get it back to being luscious... And some of you have asked for these tips, so well lets start... :)
  1. Book into your trusted hair dresser to get all the dead ratty looking hair chopped off!! (I TRY to get a regular trim every 6 weeks... It keeps my hair looking fresh & healthy!) After my wedding I will be a it cut shorter well not super short like still past my shoulders, but just so it can become healthier again & to get rid of the dead yucky hair...
  2. Use a good quality shampoo. At the moment I am currently using Sunsilk 'longer & stronger' (black bottle from Woolworths!) I LOVE it... It's cheap & my hair always feels & looks so healthy after it!!
  3. Buy a good quality hair treatment. I normally buy 2 different ones & swap & change them (as I find my hair can get to familiar with hair treatments & they stop having any affect on it) I am currently using, Schwarzkopf 'Intensive Nourishing Mask - Shea Cashmere' (from Woolworths about $12 & makes my hair feel GREAT!), my second one is one I just got for free from Herbal Essences, I actually like it. It's in a red tub and is called the 'long term relationship' it is a split end protector mask & is made with red raspberries & satin... I don't really see the sense in paying lots of money on hair products, I've tried a lot & the highend ones in Groceries stores are just as good as the ones at the Hairdressers. And I've tried out tons of hair products, I use to buy expensive 'hair dresser designer ones', I'm sorry I see no difference except the price!
  4. Brush your hair before you get in the shower & wash your hair. Brushing it first removes all tangles and knots. This makes washing your hair easier & keeps the hair healthy.
  5. Wash your hair only a few times a week. Try to stretch it out, I wash mine probably 2 or 3 times a week. For the first few times you go without washing it, it'll look really bad (so maybe plan to go an extra day without washing when you have nothing on & are staying at home hiding). But the natural oils that your scalp produces are the best for your hair... And constant washing can strip your hair of that. My normal hair washing timetable is Sunday (treatment), Wednesday & Friday (treatment if I have an event on the weekend). But sometimes (like if Trents on nightshift for the weekend) I skip Fridays hair wash.
  6. Try not to dye your hair to often... I went from being bleached blonde in Highschool to a brunette not only is it loads cheaper but my hair has really benefited as well. It's heaps healthier & is way less damaged & I now dye it myself (well Mummsie does!) only a few times a year (well for my wedding it will be professionally done!!)
  7. Lay off the heating tools!! Heat = Hair Death!! Only use when REALLY needed!! I style my hair by pin curling it, it's much safer for your hair & last way longer than any heating tool I've ever used... Check out my tutorial HERE! 
  8. Get a hair, skin & nail vitamin to take (these really do work!)
  9. I've heard the hair product Nioxin is a wonder product! I've personally never used it & it is really REALLY expensive like $99 for like a little 3 pack!! I want to try it really bad, but I really can't justify spending that money on a product that may or may not work on my hair!! But please if you have tried it, let me know!!
  10. I've heard of a lot of strange old 'wives tales' for helping keep your hair healthier; plaiting your hair on a full moon & trimming the split ends, washing your hair in beer, making a hair mask with raw egg, putting natural yoghurt in your hair (this I've tried, it's ok, but kind of weird... ). I don't know if I want to smell like a brewery LOL. But if you have any tips let me know! But think about it before you go & do something wacky to your hair!
  11.  Use common sense, if you need to straighten your hair use a heat protectant spray! If you need to dye your hair make sure you use hair treatments the week before to prepare you hair & continue keeping your hair healthy with treatments and just regular maintenance.
  12. Try to take care of your hair... If it's summer try to keep your hair up & out of the water (chlorine & salt is bad for your hair), you can buy leave in treatments to be used before swimming (personally never used them, but they could work? If you've tried them let me know...) in Winter it's often windy so try your best to keep your hair tangle free. Wear it in braids or buns. And always use treatments!!
  13. At night I either sleep with my hair in a bun or a braid (or 2!), this keeps it knot free (I find leaving it loose when sleeping it goes all gross & knotty!). I've also heard sleeping on a silk pillow case keeps your hair all shiny & smooth.
So these are my top 13 tips (well kind of tips!) for getting your dead summer hair looking beautiful for Autumn & basic hair care tips!!
Let me know your tips!!
My shampoo & conditioner...
My hair treatments...
My hair. Blonde in grade 11.
My hair in grade 12... still blonde.
My hair short'ish in 2007.
My hair here was just over my shoulders end of 2007 or beginning of 2008 I can't remember.
October 2008, I really like my hair here. Yes the pink is an extensions... It just looks cool.
My hair after a good hair cut at the end of 2008...
May 2009... It was starting to look healthier... :)
Easter 2010... Getting LONGER!!
In Sydney 2010...
It looks really long here!! :) End of 2010...
Keeping my hair braided keeps it knot free & makes it healthier & protected from the elements... :)
Feb 2011... See it's longer... :) My hair length now is half way down my back easily & hangs over my boobs FINALLY!! And it's still growing... I will be getting it professionally dyed shortly, so it will be trimmed then... :)
Oh and PS: if you have used this let me know... I just can't see myself spending $100 on a bottle of shampoo. Lol

Anyway guys, let me know what you think... Do you have any tips on growing your hair that I could try out (I am open to anything LOL)... I am trying so hard to grow it out for my wedding! It's slowly getting there.
Sorry this blog took so long to post I just had some drama for the past couple days as some moron hacked my email account, but silly her I got back in. Because I will always be smarter than her... Silly girl.

Anyway, love you all...

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor 1932 - 2011. A star not a celebrity!

Hey readers,
Well I have some bad news to break to you all....
I was just about to switch my laptop off tonight after I did my final Twitter check, but then I noticed something shocking in the 'trending topics'. R.I.P Elizabeth Taylor! Surely not I thought, I quickly Googled it (as Twitter sometimes has lots of false death tweets) & surely enough there was a news article confirming this fabulous woman's death. She was 79 years young & died of heart complications (congestive heart failure) at Cedars-Sinai a popular Los Angeles hospital. So Rest in peace Elizabeth. (Feb 27 1932 - March 23 2011)
Now if you aren't familiar with who Elizabeth Taylor is, well I am sorry but we are not friends. Her name has stared at me every morning I put my make up on from since when I was about 16/17 when I got my first expensive bottle of perfume from Mum & Dad. My Mum has always wore 'White Diamond' perfume, it's a smell that if I smell it somewhere I instantly think of my Mum. Now I do wear other perfumes, but 'White Diamond' has always stood proudly amongst them & it's gold box always stands out. I remember being a really little girl & watching Mum get ready if we were going out & she would use her fancy perfume with the "diamonds" around the lid & I thought she was so fancy and she would tell me about Elizabeth with her extravagant jewellery & her long list of husbands. And if I was lucky she would give us a little squirt of the perfume. It's just memories like that, that I really love.
Anyway, Elizabeth Taylor didn't just make perfumes. She is the Queen of Old Hollywood. She got her start when she was a beautiful child actress in her first movie 'There's one born every minute' when she was 10 years old. Her beautiful eye lashes were so long that makeup director thought they were false! She was a Hollywood glamour, her violet-blue eyes are dark hair & arched eyebrows are something I consider absolute beauty. She went onto star in many more famous movies.
Taylor is also famous for her long list of marriages (8 marriages in total, she married one man, Richard Burton twice!). Now recently Elizabeth Taylor has recently made no movies (her last being in 2001 a TV movie 'Old Broads') but she has spent decades raising millions of dollars for Aids & HIV research & foundations. Her family respects her charity work & ask instead of cards & flowers money be donated to the Elizabeth Taylor Aids foundation.
Elizabeth Taylor won many awards a short list being; 2 Oscars, A.F.I 'Lifetime Achievement Award', 3 BAFTAs, 4 Golden Globes and there are many more to name. It is fair to say she was more than that woman out of Cleopatra with a ton of jewellery and a bunch of ex-husbands. She was really something special. 
She has been sick for the past decade in 2004 she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (which is where the heart is to weak to pump blood around the body & to other vital organs & to the lower part of your body). She has survived life threatening pneumonia twice, skin cancer, having a benign brain tumour removed & has had both hips replaced. She has also had her back broken 5 times, this I assume is because she has publicly said she was born with scoliosis. Doctors were possibly trying to correct her spine. (This is a fact I found the other year & to me is very interesting, as I have the same terrible problem. Everyone has something wrong with them & mine is my spine is twisted. Big deal, so was Elizabeth Taylor's!) and as she became older it made her public appearances more difficult & was seen out less & sometimes in wheel chairs. She had heart surgery in October of 2009 which she Tweeted about saying she was having a 'leaky valve repaired' & that it went perfectly.
So I will stop going on with a bunch of facts, because lets face it, if you wanted to know that you would go to Wikipedia. But tonight (well this morning it is 1:40am as I type) it is fair to say we have lost a true Hollywood Star. She is now up in heaven with her dear friend Michael Jackson... 
So now I leave you with a few quotes & pictures from the inspirational Elizabeth Taylor... She had some pretty good quotes, one I have loved for such a long time & actually edited a photo 3 years ago with it was 'Big girls, need big diamonds'. I love it.
My edited photo from back when I was 20... I think she makes every woman/girl realise that we don't need to settle. We can do it on our own, we can have beautiful things, we can have the man we want & damn it if he is not good enough, we will find someone who is!

  • You find out who your real friends are when you’re involved in a scandal. (she had her fair share of scandals & stood by good friend Michael Jackson in his scandal as well).

  • I am a very committed wife. And I should be committed too - for being married so many times.
  • I don't pretend to be an ordinary housewife.
  • I don't think President Bush is doing anything at all about Aids. In fact, I'm not sure he even knows how to spell Aids.
  • I've been through it all, baby, I'm mother courage
  • If someones dumb enough to offer me a million dollars to make a picture, I'm certainly not dumb enough to turn it down.
  • When people say, 'She's got everything', I've got one answer - I haven't had tomorrow.
  • My mother says I didn't open my eyes for eight days after I was born, but when I did, the first thing I saw was an engagement ring. I was hooked.
  • I'm a survivor - a living example of what people can go through and survive.
Photos of Elizabeth Taylor: (Please note: I DO NOT own any of these... credit goes to all the photographers, these were just found by a simple Google search)!
10 year old Elizabeth.
Elizabeth at 13.
She is just so beautiful, ahh I wish I could look like this!!!
Her gorgeous blue-violet eyes were often dubbed one of her main 'trade marks'
Elizabeth as Cleopatra...
White Diamonds, the fragrance dreams are made of...
One of the most famous photos of her and Michael.
Elizabeth and Michael.
I think she always looks so stunning...
Even as she got older she still took pride in her appearance. Always covered in beautiful jewels & always had on her lipstick. I pray that when I get to be old that I too still care for myself enough to make that effort, to do those little things to make me feel pretty.

Elizabeth you weren't just a celebrity you were a star. You are now with Michael & I pray you have found happiness.
My thoughts are with Elizabeth's children & their families.
Once again remember that her family has asked in lieu of flowers & cards you make a financial donation to the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation.
Elizabeth today I will proudly spritz on the last few drops of my White Diamond perfume. (I plan to buy some more on Friday).
Thank you for being a beauty inspiration & a true star.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Outfit post... Alan Jackson - March 2011.

Howdy ya'll again,
My outfit for the Alan Jackson concert was pretty common, maybe a little more pink then everyone else there, but a lot of people were in jeans, boots & collared, button up shirts. There were also some special individuals that looked, well like try hard country escorts. I'm sorry but who wears little shorts or dresses with high heels or try hard/wanna-be/cheap cowboy boots to an Alan Jackson concert, it's a country music concert not a club!... Anyway, I guess girls like that will always be everywhere.. Then there were some 'older gentleman' that looked like wild, wild west gun slingers... It was pretty funny. But I just picked the safer option as did most of the crowd...

The outfit I wore was pretty typical to what I normally wear, with fancier hair & makeup I guess & for something new I tucked my jeans into my boots, I'm undecided if I like it or not... Opinions?. :)
I didn't go to 'out there' or 'fashionable' as I'm not that 'fashionable', I just went with what I am happy with. I just think once you find something you are comfortable in & feel confident in, why not wear it all the time!? Like not everyday, but if it works, roll with it...
What I wore was;
  • Pink Bullzye Shirt....   It is a child size (hehehe.). I was running out of time & needed to find a cool shirt to wear & everything was way to big & bulky on me, so this one fitted nicely...
  • Jeans are by Guess, they are those skinny jeans, which I am not a fan of normally but these ones are actually really nice.
  • My beautiful boots are by R.M Williams. I love them & they are the best shoes I have ever bought!!  They are my favourite!!
  • The belt is also by R.M Williams... I bought it a few years ago, but it's classic, I love it. & I am pretty sure they still stock it, maybe?!
Anyway this is it... Let me know what you think...
On the steps with Duke-nacious...

So anyway goodnight..

Father Daughter Date to see Alan Jackson!

Howdy ya'll... (hehehe.)
This past few weeks I've been really hooking my family up with the country music scene, this past Sunday my parents & brothers headed to 'Spirit of the Country' country music benifit right here in Toowoomba, they all had a fantastic day, muddy but good!! My brothers rubbed shoulders with the country music stars & they all caught a glimpse of the Prince of hearts - Prince William. (Unlike me, my family doesn't see the need to take photos of every little detail, so sorry I don't really have any photos to prove the above statement!) Thanks to Amanda & Kiki who helped me out with getting the tickets for them!! I appreciate it!!
And then...
The other night (the 11th of March 2011) I went on a date. I got picked up, we went to a concert & I got dropped off at home & walked to the door... It was very fun!! But my date was my Dad, it was one of our last Father/Daughter date before I get married. It was really nice to be able to treat my Dad to a special night out. My Father works extremely hard to give all of us in our family all we want & make sure we are always safe & loved. And he often goes without some things I know he would love to do (like concerts etc). So when he let me know about a competition with Toowoomba Country FM (our local country radio station we all listen to!) for 2 Alan Jackson tickets I knew I had to do whatever I could to win them!! I had heard about the concert a few months ago & Dad was disappointed he had missed out on tickets (as they sold out instantly!) And our whole family are Alan Jackson fans (seriously, the Bartley Family Choir does a pretty sweet rendition of 'Drive' on all our car trips...) So I entered and crossed every part of my body I could & I won!! YAY. So on Friday the 11th of March I got ready all morning so I looked pretty & Dad picked me up at midday after he finished work & we went to Mum & Dads so Dad could get ready then at 2pm'ish we headed off for the fun trip to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Boondall. The car trip was fun & a good time for Dad & I just to talk about lots of random topics. We got down there in good time after listening to an Alan Jackson CD on repeat to get us all hyped up!! So we arrive we go into the venue & have a drink (Dad see's a bunch of people from Blackwater that he knows...) & then we head to our seats. Now I won these tickets & I was not expecting decent seats as I was told they were pretty average. For free tickets they were great!! So we were pretty happy... 
So Mcalister Kemp was the first start up act, they were pretty good. They are Australian country artists... The next support act was another Aussie country singer, Jasmine Rae... She was also fairly entertaining...  And I got to meet both of these artists! So that was cool!! But the main act was Alan Jackson & when he came out the crowd went nuts! He seems like such a down to earth & 'normal' person. I loved his 'deep south' American accent, it is so cool!!
He sang so many great songs, it was a lovely concert & he gave a little personal speech before almost every song, that made the concert that little bit more emotional. It was a fantastic concert (not as good as Taylor Swifts Brisbane concert, but I am a die hard Taylor fan!!)
So I snapped a few photos (of course!!) & did a little bit of filming (naughty...) But I wanted to show my Mum Alan singing some of her favourite songs. Much to my annoyance I used my digital camera for some of the songs than tried out my new iPhone 4 for some of the others, it seems to film pretty good & I wish I had filmed all the videos on my iPhone!!
Head to my YouTube channel to check out all the Alan Jackson videos... :)
 But anyway I could just drag on about the whole concert but I think it's time for some photos... It is really hard to describe though how fantastic the night was.
Thank you Dad for taking me on our 'date'. It was fabulous & I had a great time!! That night I will always remember forever, it was a great moment in my life, thank you.
Make up for the night...
I love him VERY much. My Daddy. I think we look alike, except for the obvious coloring difference. He has an awesome tan & I look like an extra on the set of Casper.
Me being silly. I borrowed my little brothers Akubra hat. (for those interested I believe this hat is the 'rough rider'... Strange name for a hat...)
Looking all fancied up 'Country style' (An outfit post for this outfit is coming....)
On the drive down I saw this boring Holden whatever it is, with a fancy schmancy crown for the number plate... Can anyone help me out & tell me what it means? Clearly they were important, but they were just old boring people in the car ??? ... Ok they must've been kind of important they were reading paper work in the car (high five to them, I get sick if I read in the car...) but Dad & I couldn't recgonise them. So... Maybe it's like a governement car??
My Cowboy boots...
OOoo... Alan Jackson tickets!!!
Brisbane Entertainment Centre... View from our seats... Not to bad...
Dad & I in our seats, iPhone 4 you take CRAP photos!!
Mcalister Kemp performing...
Meeting the band!! :)
Jasmine Rae performing...
Jasmine and I... Dude I am taller than someone, actually I fear she maybe wearing flat shoes in this & I was wearing heeled cowboy boots, so maybe we are the same height!? Either way YAY short chicks!!
In my seat waiting for Alan Jackson to come out & perform!!
Alan Jackson performing (yes these iPhone photos are bad, but I love how the lights turned out )
Alan Jackson performing... It was such an amazing concert!! I loved it!! He seems so genuine & nice & I LOVE his deep southern accent.... Ahhh I wish I had a southern accent.
How nice is he!! He spent like 5-10 minutes just signing stuff for all the fans down the front. Damn it I couldn't get down there... Lol

Well that's that... I hope you enjoyed the blog!! Thanks again to Toowoomba Country FM for the tickets, it was a fantastic night and those memories of going to a concert with my Dad I will remember forever!
Love you all..