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Wave that festive freak flag baby! {CRAFT TIPS}

Christmas is upon us. It's so close. Today is December 6th, if you haven't already your tree should be up & decorated! If you are like me you are running late on getting your Christmas cards out (I have a good excuse, I am hand making all of mine!). This December it has been freakishly cold for the past 6 days, it is meant to be the first 6 days of Summer but it feels more like Winter! Which I am quietly happy about, I did ask God & Santa for snow for Christmas so if Queensland gets snow everyone better thank me! No, but in all seriousness it does make decorating, crafting & watching Christmas movies that tiny bit more fun when you can sip hot tea from a festive reindeer mug! 

Now is also a perfect time to do some holiday craft! Yes, that's right I said it, holiday craft! I am letting my holiday freak flag high and I'm waving it proudly this year whilst screaming "I LOVE CHRISTMAS".... This post will be full of some Christmas craft projects that are easy to do, pretty affordable & also some tips & tricks. So read on and enjoy;

Gold wooden reindeer decoration;

This one is super easy! I purchased the little wooden cut out & stand from Spotlight (Australian craft/sewing store). It was less than $5 if I remember correctly! I had some old gold spray paint so I used that & I added some red paint to the nose with some red glitter! (I am obsessed with Ruldoph and reindeers!) 


  • Tie the wooden object to your clothes line (or a tree, something outside in the open air) with a thin piece of string or fishing line so you can paint it easily.
  • Don't focus the spray paint on one area, this will cause running/drip marks. 
  • Evenly spray the whole area with light constant sprays. You can always do another coat if it isn't dark enough.
Christmas trees;

I also purchased these cones from Spotlight, the big one was about $7 & the smaller one about $4. I did the big red one first it was my 'practice one'. The technique is simple, do coat after coat of paint until you get your desired coverage. Wait until that is dry. Then do a coat of glitter paint, while that is still wet tip some loose glitter on to the paint. The paint will adhere the glitter & make it stay. You can add more layers of glitter if you wish, just repeat the last step! Once it's all dry do a clear coat over the whole thing. (You can use craft glue that dries clear, spray adhesive. Whatever works for you. I used craft glue on the gold one, it is VERY messy and hard to spread. The red one hasn't been done yet I am looking for something easier to use!) 

  • Push a bamboo skewer down the centre of the cone. This will allow you paint the whole cone without getting paint on your hands, it will also allow for better control & so you don't damage the cone when handling it. 
  • Do a thick coat of white paint first to act as a base. Styrofoam absorbs a lot of paint. So by using a cheaper & thick white paint you will save a lot of your more expensive coloured paint from being wasted. (I worked this out after doing the red one!!)
  • Make sure you put newspaper down where you are working.
  • If your brushes go hard from glue or have stubborn paint stains soak them in methylated spirits for about 10 minutes then rinse them out, if they are still the same repeat the process. 
  • Work quickly when you apply the glitter to the glitter paint. Do a thick coat of the glitter paint to ensure you will get more loose glitter stuck to the cone.
  • Be gentle with the styrofoam as it can be dinted very easily. 


I purchased this cute vintage inspired Christmas fabric from Spotlight. I basically decided on a size for my cushions with Mum. For 2 of my cushions they are backed with calico. My cushions are quiet big. To sew them we turned them inside out & sewed around the edges. Now when you get to the last side to sew, leave a space big enough so your hand can fit in. Then stuff it full of hobby fill (stuffing). If you wanted you could sew a zipper into the final edge & place a proper cushion insert, but I took the more simple way. Once you have finished stuffing the cushion, do a simple stitch by hand to close the gap. In future years if the pillow becomes flat or very dirty you can always unpick the small gap sewn by hand & add extra stuffing or remove the stuffing and wash the pillow case. 


  • Use a sewing machine, it makes everything so much easier!
  • If you can, get your Mum to sew the cushions for you! (I would've sewed them but Mum is protective of her machine & won't let me use it, so fingers crossed I get my own machine off of Santa!!)
  • Calico is perfect for the back of cushions!
  • Use the end of a wooden spoon or a similar object (blunt pointed object) to push the stuffing right into the corners.
  • Stuff the cushions so they are very full, the stuffing will eventually flatten when people use them!

These stars are easy to make. I picked up a bag of them for like $2 from a cheap shop. I just painted them the same way I did with the Christmas cones. Base coat, colour & then glitter if I want. The designs you can create on these stars are limited to your creativity! :)
This is the result of too much clear coat!
Pretty gold stars...

  • Do a base coat as they are styrofoam & will absorb paint!
  • Push an ornament wire hook into the top of them for easier control when painting & so you can hang them on the tree.
  • Ornament hooks are available anywhere Christmas decorations are sold!
  • Choose ornament hooks that are the same colour as your tree.
  • Clear coat the star with craft clue or any other clear coat product!

I got this little guy from Woolworths last November. He originally did not have the red nose. I love Ruldoph so I wanted to jazz him up a bit. I had a small red Christmas bauble, I snapped the gold part off & this caused a bit of a hole, I then worked out where I wanted it positioned and hot glued it to that area. Easy & simple, this took me like 2 minutes to do! Now I have a unique reindeer with a cool nose! :) And I love the fact it looks a little too big for him! I think he is adorable!!

Now a few tips for when you are crafting & the Christmas season;

  • Get a festive phone case, they make everything phone related more festive & fun! :)

  • A festive shirt is a must!! One with a reindeer on it is even better, with a red nose is the best!!
  • Whilst crafting pop on a Christmas movie (The Grinch is one of my personal favourites!) or even some festive tunes!! (Yes, I love working to Christmas music, makes me feel like a spirited little Elf toiling away in Santa's workshop. Oh gosh, I've completely gone nuts!)

  • A cat you can stuff in a Christmas hat is tons of fun to have around! :)
  • Put all your balls in one vase (HAHAHA), they make a cool decoration for kitchens & other areas of the house that traditionally aren't decorated. (I use these blue ones as my tree strictly has a theme of mainly red, green & gold. So to prevent waste I pop them in a vase = instant decoration!!)
Well loves that some of my main crafting tips! I still have a lot more craft to do, I'm almost finished all my Christmas cards & they should be in the post by the end of the week! :) If you want a post on some 'card making' tips let know. I can show you how I turn this;

Into this;


I still have 2 more decorations to complete for my tree. I got these 2 baubles from Spotlight & I'm a little stumped on what to put on them. I've painted them both white but from there I'm lost... I was thinking on one our names & wedding date & on the other maybe our pets names... Thoughts? Suggestions? Help?

Well I think this post is long enough! I hope you enjoyed this and please let me know if you enjoyed this craft related post, or not really. It is December so I really hope you are all getting into the festive spirit & waving your festive freak flag loudly & proudly. (Please someone else admit to this so I don't feel so alone!) If you have done any Christmas craft this year let me know, post a photo on my facebook "like" page, I would LOVE to see it! 
Love you all.

PS: I have a give away coming up VERY soon for Christmas!! If you follow me on instagram it has to do with music... ;) 
(Instagram user name is; bella_in_bindyland)


  1. I loved getting my hand made card! Felt so loved and it looked like one you'd pick up in a little boutique :)

    you're such a crafty lass

  2. Thank you! I am glad you love your card.


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