Monday, 12 December 2011

Toowoomba Carols by Candle Light.

Tis the season to be jolly, fa ala la la la la la... 

On Sunday the 4th of December Trent took me the 4GR Toowoomba Mayoral Carols by candle light! I was super excited, I've never been to carols so I couldn't wait! 
We went to the outdoor amphitheatre at Queens Park here in Toowoomba and it was packed!! We weaved our way through the crowd to find a small spot of grass to set up our chairs not far from the stage. It's times like this I am glad I am with Trent, I would've given up and sat at the top of the hill but he found us a perfect spot in the middle close to the front!
Trent headed off to get us some 'show food' and we dined on chicken chips, hot chips & soft drink! :) And he also surprised me by bringing back 2 matching Santa hats as I was a bit disappointed as I wanted to bring my sequinned Santa hat & Trent said no way because no one else would be in a Santa hat.Well, almost every person there had a festive hat of some sort! Fair to say he felt a bit bad which is why he got us matching hats & they even flash! Very cool!
The carols started with the Toowoomba town cryer opening the event, I can't believe we have a town cryer, he is so cute! The carols were lots of fun & there were so many people, roughly estimated they said about 5000 + people. It was a really nice event, it was great when you hear so many people singing in unison to my favourite carols & waving their candles. 
The only negative things about the event were; they didn't sing 'Rudolph the red nose reindeer' & the 'Disney Princesses' that sung 'away in a manger' sucked! It's my favourite Christmas carol, but oh well it was still a great night!  
The night concluded with fire works & then Trent & I finished off a fantastic night with some ice cream from Baskin Robbins! 
Now for some photos of the night...
On the way to Carols!!
Got my carols supplies!!
No darn Rudolph the red nose reindeer :(
ME!! :)
Gosh I love him & I am so grateful he loves me enough to put up with my extreme love of the festive season!!!
My husband and I at Carols by Candle light!!
My candle...
Carols by Candle light!!!!

Well, loves that was a quick recap of my carols adventure, I had such a brilliant night!! It was great & all thanks to Trent :) 
Here is my outfit of the night video, some footage from the night & a bit of a v-log, you can tell how excited I am in this, I am such a dork! 
(ARGH why is the screen shots YouTube chooses always so darn terrible!!)

I hope you enjoyed this post!! 
Love you all.


  1. Your sparkly eyes look lovely :)

    matched a certain pair of shoes we both love !

    how did you take the pics of the fireworks so well? I know its probably because you have a nice camera, but even on my camera the 'fireworks' setting doesnt take them that well.

  2. Fireworks setting suck (in my experience) I just took like 100 photos I just kept clicking and clicking, I got a few good ones I think. You have to have a very steady hand & a lot of patience. :)

    Thanks, those shoes inspired me to buy that eyeliner.


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