Friday, 2 December 2011

A pretty day, with pretty things & a pretty friend! & OOTD.

Good friends are like stars…. You don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.

The other day (30th/November) I had the most enjoyable day, I had one of my best friends visit me from Brisbane. Now Brisbane isn't super far from where I live (Toowoomba) but it's far enough to limit how often we see each other! But we text each other regularly during the week, tweet each other all the time & keep up to date with each on instagram! I really don't have many close friends (honestly I can count the people I class as 'close friends' on 1 hand) so to spend the day with a friend was really exciting for me. I had an idea mapped out in my head on what to do for our day together and I was super excited! 
Selena arrived just before lunch at my house. We did a little present exchange because it is the season for gift giving and then we headed out to Highfields to go to lunch at a little cafe I can often be found at with my Mum. We nibbled on wedges & sipped coca-cola, chatted in the sun about life, love, travelling & even did some gossiping, just because we can! 
I was really stoked to be showing her around all the little home wares stores I absolutely love. Like seriously I could spend all day just poking around in them, dreaming of decorating my dream homes (yes I have more than 1 dream home, head on over to my Pinterest page to see some of them!) It was lots of fun showing her around and we found so many Paris items (Selena has recently returned from being in Europe & loves Paris! If you want to read about her travel adventures & see some of her beautiful photos check her blog out HERE!)
I then drove us out to Carbarlah to show Selena the Cuckoo Clock Factory, which was quiet fun. It really is an experience going there, I love staring at all the beautiful Christmas ornaments, dreaming of filling my house with them... Selena enjoyed it for a while then she kind of got freaked out by all the clocks. Considering there is probably close to 1000 clocks there it is pretty full on and we were the only ones in the store so it was just a tiny bit creepy! 
We made our way back to Highfields and browsed through some more lovely stores near the Chocolate Cottage before taking a break for an afternoon tea. We snacked on handmade chocolates and sipped cold drinks whilst looking out at the spectacular view. I feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful town & I really enjoyed showing my lovely friend some of my most favourite spots in the Toowoomba area!
Once we were done browsing through all the stores we returned to my house to watch a few episodes of some trashy reality TV (Keeping up with the Kardashians) & snacked on a cool ice block & snuggled Spook...
I had such a fantastic day, my friendship with Selena has really had it's ups & downs. Ok maybe for us it went more down & then up. But we have come such a long way & our friendship is becoming more & more secure. I can't wait to have many more girly days and just hang out. It's so nice to have a friend I can spend a day with.  
My Christmas gift, I LOVE it. It's beautiful. Thanks Selena. x
I loved this!! It's great!!
I love this cutlery set!! Gorgeous, it would be perfect if you lived in America for Fourth of July!! :)
Lace in a jar.
I LOVE browsing through Gottabee Country, it makes me want to fill my house with all their prettiness!! 
Highfields is full of cute little home wares stores that are jammed pack full of pretties!!
This is a candle!! How cool!!
Cuckoo Clock store!! For a more in depth post about this place please check out my post HERE it's all about when Trent & I visited it and a few more photos of the amazing clocks!! :)
Cuckoo clock factory has 2 of my most favourite things to buy, squirrels and Christmas ornaments. It takes a lot of will power to not spend tons of money in this store!!
So many pretty things... 
A nice cold ginger ale after a long day of shopping & dreaming of having a big house to fill it with all the pretty things & endless money to buy it all with! 
When the filling in your chocolate matches your nails, you know you are having a good day!! (Musk cream chocolate a the Chocolate Cottage at Highfields!)
Relaxing in the sun...
Selena & I.
Photo Booth fun!!
"Friends are God's way of taking care of us."

And for my 'outfit of the day';

Outfit details are;
  • Dress; Valley Girl
  • Shoes; Gold braided flats. City Beach
  • Watch; Pink Guess Watch.
  • Gold rings & gold bangle; Wallace Bishop.
  • White gold ring; Michael Hill.
  • Bag; Blue Guess bag.
  • Sunglasses; Guess.
Good friends are very difficult to find and when you do find ones you love and trust you should treasure them and hold onto them. A friendship is meant to go through ups & downs (or downs & ups) like any relationship, it just makes it stronger & it also tests the strength. Only the best ones last... 
Love you all


  1. Awwww I love it! So beautiful! You know just what to say <3 xoxo

  2. Looka like a gorgeous day girls! Bindy your dress is beautiful!! Love the quote you used at the end!!


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