Friday, 30 December 2011

Kokoda; our new family member!

Hey loves!
I have some great news! I know most of you read the posts about both of my families dogs sadly passing away almost within a month of each other from old age (you can read the posts HERE & HERE) and I loved reading your comments, tweets, emails & messages about those posts it made me feel a bit better about such a sad situation! Yesterday however was a positive day for my family. My Mum picked up her new little puppy! He is a blue stumpy tail cattle dog (just like Rebel was)! His name is Kokoda**, which I think is a great name! I thought I would share with you all some photos of this little cutie! He is a very well behaved puppy and knows how to sit already! My parents cats seem to be ok with him, that aren't thrilled that he is there, but they are not being nasty to him which is great! I am so excited to welcome this little cutie into our family and I thought everyone would love to see some cute puppy photos, because why wouldn't you want to see a puppy! :) 

My first photo with Kokoda. 
My new baby brother (yes in our family even if you have fur you are still considered family!)
Barry the Boar - the toy I bought him!
Kokoda and I. My new baby brother...
Mum and her new baby boy!!
Mum and Dad and Kokoda!
He already is such a loyal & affectionate dog towards my Mum, I am so glad & also very proud to have such a great dog in our family. Mum deserves & needs a good, trustworthy & reliable dog and Kokoda seems perfect!
Can you spot the naughty Ginger in the back ground??? (KABUKI!)
Surrounded by cats! But they don't hurt him, they reach in and pat him on the head but that is all. 
Chewing on Barry the Boar.
Passed out on my lap.
Smile Kokoda!
Argh, I did NOT expect him to kiss me back!!!
Getting a bath this morning.
Trent and his new baby brother-in law!
Kokoda's first photo shoot was today! He sat there perfectly for about 1 minute while I snapped away! He is a perfect dog!
Then he passed out, it's tough work being a puppy this cute!

So that is Kokoda, cute hey! I love him, I know he doesn't replace Rebel or Cooba, no dog ever will but it definitely feels a little more normal now having a dog at Mum & Dads. And as I just said we aren't trying to replace Rebel or Cooba, no dog can but I am sure they both approve of this little fella and would've accepted him into our family! He is already so loved and I am so proud of him, he is amazing! And just for the record he is a pure bred stumpy tail cattle dog, meaning he was born with no tail, we did not dock his tail or anything close to it! It's the way God made him, just like how my cat Mishka has no tail! He comes from a very good breeder just outside of Toowoomba who Mum and Dad said was very nice, I can easily say this is going to be one very loved dog and I am sure he will love us all in return! I will keep you all updated with pictures as he grows etc.
Love you all.

**This name may stick but there is a very slight chance it may change in the near future. But for now I am pretty confident his name will be Kokoda! 

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