Saturday, 17 December 2011

Goodbye old mate...

"And it'll break my heart after all we've done, when I call his name and he don't come" (L.K)

This post has taken me a few days to write, it is still hard to deal with... 
Just over a month ago I explained to you all that we just lost our 9 year old Rottweiler Cooba, I also wrote that I was afraid our other dog, his best friend, our 15 year old stumpy tail cattle dog wouldn't last much longer. Not because he was sick, but maybe he would fret without his friend and that we all couldn't really handle losing another pet. It really is the most heart breaking thing. Well, unfortunately last Tuesday (13/12) Rebel passed away.
 Once again the day started out good, Trent, Dad & the boys left early to head to the cattle sales in Ipswich. Which meant I had to drop Trent off at Mum and Dads very early (7am) and I laid in bed with Mum for a while snuggling the cats, then we went to breakfast & then went to do some shopping. We got a phone call in the afternoon from my sister saying Rebel didn't look too good. I rushed us home and when I saw Rebel I just knew, this was it. It was pretty terrible he couldn't really walk, he walked a little bit but he was kind of curved in the middle, I sat with him & patted him whilst Mum got ready to go to the vet he just kept shuffling closer to me, it was like he wanted me to snuggle him, so I did. I also had to make the phone call to tell Dad about the situation, they were all just leaving Ipswich (1 hour away) as I rang, then when I came back to pat Rebel he took a small fit, it was really terrible. Gosh nothing is more difficult then seeing your animals in pain. We  quickly put him in the back of my car & we headed straight to the vet. The vet gave us the news I knew was coming, he had to be put to sleep. He wasn't in pain he said, but he would be scared and confused as by the time we got to the vet he could no longer stand up & he was paralysed in his back end. The kindest thing to do was to put him to sleep. It was just me & Mum at the vet. This was hard, Rebel is Mums dog, she loves him so much, he helps her a lot, she was devastated and I had to try and help her come to terms with what was happening. We had to put him on the table and wait for the vet to come in, seriously I hate this. This was the second pet within a month & few days that I had to watch get put to sleep & also the second animal I had to put down when it was just me and my Mum (Mako the cat was the other, he was very sick). I swear it never gets easier and because it was Rebel a dog that has protected us all since we were little, he guarded our house yard, got rid of any snakes & was a best friend for us all, it was so hard. The hardest thing as well was I had to hold it together, I had to be strong, I had to support Mum, she needed me. Then it was done. 
If you can avoid ever seeing your pet get put down, please do so. It's the most horrid experience, it tears my heart apart even just thinking about it.
 I spoke to the vet and asked what caused everything he said it was just old age. It wasn't a paralysis tick or the fact it was a hot day it was just his time. Chances are he took a stroke & it kicked off all the problems, I am just grateful we got home when we did and got him to the vet so we could help him. I would feel terrible if he had died all alone and at home scared without us. 
We came home and sat on the grass and had a can of Coke & cried together. And still 3 days later as I type this I am crying, it is so hard losing a pet. Like I've said before, it hurts me more to lose a pet than it would if some people I knew died. Pets are always so loyal, they don't hurt you, they just love you and it doesn't matter what sort of person you are, as long as you are nice to them they adore you. Rebel was a special dog and sadly enough we knew this day was coming we just didn't think it would be this year. We thought he would hold out until after Christmas, but it was just his time to go join Cooba. I just hope he is hanging out with all our previous pets in pet heaven & is back in his prime when he was a young, athletic & vicious stumpy tail. 
There is one song that describes Rebel & it is 'Mate' by Lee Kernaghan. If you haven't heard it before you can listen to it HERE
I will miss Reb-dog so much, but like I said I knew this was coming & he has lived such a long life. 15 human years is an extremely long doggy life. But I guess preparing yourself doesn't really help much when it actually happens, it still hurts... 
I have so many good memories of Rebel. To quickly name a few; 

  • When I was younger (under 10) I was doing some colouring in out in the sun on the school holidays & Rebel was spending some time with me. I held my purple pen & I saw Rebel had a white patch on the top of his head, well I thought he would look pretty darn fancy with a purple patch instead. When Mum later asked why the dog had purple fur I said he did it himself, she didn't believe me.
  • We use to have to chain Rebel up if we had visitors (he was a guard dog & was only ok around other children not other grown ups) Chaining him up was a scary process when he was a young & fit dog he would chase us and try to keep us with him. He wouldn't bite us but I guess it was just the fear of him chasing us. He just didn't like the chain, we all dreaded being the one to chain him up. 
  • I know he shouldn't have done this but he pretty much destroyed any snake that slithered into our yard. He protected us from so many venomous creatures and could've easily been bitten himself but he was fearless & no snake stood a chance.
  • He once took off with my Kelly doll (you know the 'Barbies little sister, Kelly dolls') Yep, he had it by the head and sprinted around the yard with it. That taught us to play Barbies outside!
  • He always protected us. If I sometimes felt scared at night (we lived in a big house when I was younger on a property) I knew nothing could get me. Nothing could possibly get into the house yard whilst Rebel was there, it made me feel better. 
And now for some of my favourite Rebel photos;

A much younger Rebel...
Rebel and I. 2008
I took these photos of Rebel a few months ago.
I took these quick snaps on my iPhone about a month ago. I am glad I did.
I know it's not a great photo but this is Mum & Rebel the night before he passed away. He was happy, he was coming over for pats & rolling on his back for tummy scratches. He was just being Rebel. I seriously regret not bring the big camera this night & taking some good photos of him... 
R.I.P Rebel, you were a wonderful dog and I love this photo of us. I told him before I took it "smile for the camera" clearly he is very cheeky and thought it would be funny to poke this tongue out and close his eyes. I know when pets, people etc. pass away they go to heaven but they also stay with us and watch over us, so Rebel I know you protected us for so many years, make sure you continue to look after us. I love you mate, you were one amazing dog & I know you will never be replaced because there is only one Rebel! 

Thanks for reading.
Love you all.

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