Saturday, 31 December 2011

{200th blog post!!} In 2011 I...

Before I start with this post I would just like to say WOO HOO!!! This is my 200th blog post! 200! If you have been with me since the beginning or read every single post, you've read 200! Way to go! How awesome and I find this big number so appropriate to sum up such a big and important year... Yes that is right I am back with my annual yearly review! You can read last years HERE. I like to write these because at the end of 2012 I will look back on this one and remember all the events from 2011, big & small. 2011 was a HUGE year for me, the biggest so far in my life, so lets start!

In 2011 I.... 

Celebrated the start of 2011 with my family. Hiked to the Queen Mary falls. Fell more in love with my fiance'. Witnessed the Toowoomba floods first hand. Had to navigate through the terrible floods that swept through our town of Toowoomba with Trent to pick up my brother from in the centre of town. Felt so much sadness for the flood victims. Donated anything I could to the flood victims of Murphy's Creek, Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley. Was inspired by the love Daisy & Duke have for each other. Won a Playstation 3 and a few games. Celebrated my 2 year anniversary with Trent. Decided on a wedding dress, well actually I made my Dad pick my dress & he picked the best one. Witnessed my dog Daisy steal a big dog food container from the laundry and break into it. Purchased my wedding dress & veil, they were so expensive but I think worth every cent. Finally taught Daisy that it is fun to play with dog toys. Hand wrote letters to my best friend in Ipswich & got hand written replies. Strengthened my friendship with my best friend. Purchased 2 pairs of Guess jeans. Had so many great times with my family. Went to the coast with my family & Trent. Was appreciative for the amazing little bigger brothers God gave me. Went to Rainbow Beach for my good friends wedding. Watched the Super Bowl and backed the winning team again (Packers!) Spent a lot of time with my Mum, shopping, sipping coffee & loving her. Took thousands of photos on my Canon. Celebrated Valentine's Day with my fiance'. Was disgusted once again in someones behaviour. Shopped around for a new car. Went out to dinner with my family & surprised my Mum with a cake and had the whole restaurant sing 'happy birthday' to her. Was spoilt by Mum who gave me 2 antique tea sets. Purchased an iPhone after much hesitation and actually love it now. Won tickets to go see Alan Jackson at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre. Had a water fight with Trent. Went on a picnic with Trent. Took my Dad to see the Alan Jackson concert with me. Attended another friends wedding in Ipswich with my parents. Got surprised with a new car when I was sick on St. Patricks Day. Owned a brand new car. Went shopping for car accessories for our new car. Got very excited about being able to go grocery shopping and fit all the groceries in the back of our new car (grocery shopping in a ute is tough!) Spent countless days with my Mum. Purchased a beautiful yellow sundress I love. Had a bridal shower thrown by my Mum & Melissa. Had a Tupperware party/bridal shower where I was very spoilt. Spent time with my little bigger brothers. Blogged, blogged & blogged some more. Thought we lost our dogs forever when someone let them out. Got our dogs back thankfully. Got more Tupperware than I know what to do with from my bridal shower. Laughed at  how silly my fur-babies are and loved my pets more & more everyday. Purchased some new Ralph Lauren glasses. Got spoilt at Easter. Spent time with Mum whilst the boys went hunting. Successfully baked my first lot of hot cross buns. Watched my brother march in the Anzac day parade and felt so proud. Used the old wood stove in our house to keep us warm in winter. Got my drivers license, finally! Met Jennifer Hawkins with Mum. Baked Trent a birthday cake & celebrated him turning 22. Got matching pyjamas to my cat. Didn't feel sad when the announced Osama Bin Ladens death. Dealt with a lot of negativity, hate & stress on the lead up to our wedding from people who should've been loving & supportive. Drove back & forth to Ipswich many times with Mum organising everything for our wedding. Was super proud of my youngest brother when his hunting story was published in an Australian hunting magazine (Boar it up ya). Was disgusted by peoples ignorance. Picked out Bible verses for our wedding. Built an amazing friendship with someone I never thought I would be this close to. Had to replace one of my bridesmaids because my beautiful friend was pregnant. Watched my brother get presented with the Silver Duke of Edinburgh's award & felt so proud. Picked out wedding rings and got spoilt with the prettiest one available. Survived the "end of the world" or "rapture". Sent out a massive stack of wedding invitations. Helped Mum buy her gorgeous bengal kitten, Kabuki. Finally got my braces taken off. Went and saw the McClymonts in concert with a good friend & met the band. Finally tasted Grill'd burgers in celebration of having no more braces. Started being financially rewarded for all the work I've put into my blog. Witnessed to many beautiful sunsets to count. Met Lee Kernaghan. Got fed up with all the negativity and stress people were causing us so we packed up and left our life for a few days and went to the coast. Went to 'Cooly Rocks On' car show at Coolangatta. Purchased a gorgeous skirt from Kitten D'amour. Loved Mum & Dads cats possibly to much. Won tickets to a Broncos game & went with Trent. Picked out a suit for Trent to wear at our wedding. Purchased our doggies winter coats because Toowoomba gets super cold. Picked out my flowers for our wedding. Actually fuelled my car up all by myself. Split timber all by myself & started our wood stove. Headed to Ipswich to spend time with my lovely friend. Went to Dreamworld with Trent & my 2 brothers. Accidentally char grilled a bird in my wood stove. Successfully paid our bills, mortgage, rates , etc., for 2011. Got a wood heater installed in our house. Got my makeup professionally done for the first time ever (wedding make up trial). Got eye lash extensions. Ate at the Shingle Inn with Mum way to many times. Had a wedding rehearsal. Handmade all my table favours with Mum for our wedding. Handmade all our place cards for the wedding with Trent. Bought a beautiful big blue Guess bag to be my wedding bag. Picked up my wedding dress & veil. Got a surprise parcel from Ireland. Fell in love with how gorgeous our wedding cake was. Got my hair ragged curled. Spent the night before my wedding with 2 of my most lovely friends and had a great time. Had my family come together. Married the man of my dreams. Had my wedding day be so amazing & beautiful. Wore the most beautiful wedding gown & veil. Was hurt by peoples actions at my wedding. Surprised everyone at our reception with a surprise Father/Daughter dance. Loved being a bride. Packed up, told no one (except my family) & went on a secret honeymoon to Montville. Went to the Buderim Ginger Factory, Eumundi Markets & Noosa on our honeymoon. Went to Australia Zoo and Ettamogah Pub whilst honeymooning. Watched movies from our spa in our room & stayed in the most romantic & private cabin on the honeymoon. Won a $1000 Westfield shopping card. Purchased an Apple iMac with the gift card. Decided on colours to paint our house. Started painting the laundry. Got given a brand new dryer for our wedding gift from my parents. Fell in love with Instagram. Purchased a new bedroom suite with all the money we were given for our wedding. Went to a car show in Ipswich with Trent & the EK. Ate lunch at a dine in Pizza Hut. Tried to rebuild the relationship between me & my sister. Was selected for jury duty. Hated jury duty and was put on a terrible case. Purchased tickets to see Taylor Swift play in Brisbane in March 2012. Laughed at the fact my parents sent their feral cat to the RSPCA because he was to aggressive, then collected him because they felt bad & luckily the weekend vet wasn't able to get near him to put him down, now he is much more loving. Had a ladies day with Mum and got hair treatments done. Celebrated Mishka's 2nd birthday. Had my heart break when Duke ran away. Walked the streets of Toowoomba searching for Duke for a whole weekend. Saw how heart broken Daisy was without Duke. Had my heart mended and my faith restored in others when a beautiful & honest family contacted me to say they had been keeping my baby boy safe all weekend. Started making YouTube videos. Watched to much trashy TV. Went to the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. Felt lucky to live in such a beautiful town. Cut my hair, well cut my fringe into a straight across fringe. Embarrassed my Mother by wearing a wags the dog tail around Target. Went to my first ever baby shower for a beautiful friend. Decorated my house for Halloween. Went on a shopping spree in Brisbane. Got surprised for my birthday with a beautiful little black kitten from the RSPCA named Spook for my birthday. Turned 23 years old. Had a birthday BBQ that changed the course of 2 peoples lives, I guess for the better. Saw my sister get ridiculously drunk. Helped my sister have enough courage to walk away from something that wasn't good for her. Fell in love with Spook. Had a family BBQ at Cooby Dam to celebrate my 23rd birthday.  Started bike riding. Stacked the bike. Haven't really ridden since. Won tickets to go see the Sunny Cowgirls concert. Met the Sunny Cowgirls.Got given a beautiful key ring from London from a great friend. Celebrated Halloween. Made Halloween treats. Got no trick or treaters. Cried when our family seal (Rottweiler) Cooba passed away. Went to a craft class. Went to my sisters university formal. Purchased a big beautiful Christmas tree from Myer that will last us for at least the next 5+ years. Had my cats try and eat my tree. Went to the beach. Fished. Cleaned up the beach from fishing line & found $5 floating in the ocean - karma! Celebrated my friends 21st. Handmade some Christmas ornaments. Handmade my Christmas cards for all my loved ones. Had my brothers sleep over & look after me whilst Trent was on night shift countless times. Celebrated my brothers turning 15 & 17. Was so proud of my youngest brother for getting a traineeship as a vet nurse, because he is now one step closer to his dream of being a vet. Showed my lovely friend from Brisbane around Highfields.  Snuggled my friends baby. Won tickets to the Faith Hill & Tim Mcgraw concert in March 2012 (& an iPod, movie tickets, PS3 games, vouchers & so much more) and felt very grateful. Went to Carols by Candle light for the first time ever. Celebrated my Dads birthday. Had to be strong when I had to take Mum to the vet to put our much loved Rebel to sleep. Was once again so hurt & disappointed by someone. Walked my cats on leashes. Snuggled a baby brush tail possum. Made a lovely friend who I can so easily talk to, but yet have never met. Baked sugar cookies. Used royal icing successfully. Celebrated Christmas early with friends. Made Rudolph cupcakes. Celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple. Got spoilt at Christmas with my family. Welcomed a new member into our family, Kokoda Mums new little puppy. Loved to much. Laughed a lot. Cried. Felt the pain of having something beyond our control not go right. Was a wife. Was a housewife. Was a friend. Was a best friend. Was a sister & a daughter. Was a blogger. And loved every minute of it. Appreciated the fact I got older this year. Appreciated every moment in 2011 from the hard stuff to the perfect ones. Realised those who love me are worth the time, those who don't aren't. Lived by the quote of 
'If your presence can't add value to my life, your absence will make no difference'.
Packed up for the night and headed to Brisbane to ring in the New Year with a great friend. 

So that was 2011 for me, how was it for you? For me it was tough, great, sad & brilliant! I say bring on 2012, 2011 was a combination of easy & hard situations so I can handle whatever 2012 has to throw at me and I can't wait for it to start! I am so happy I've been writing this blog & I've recorded so many of my feelings & events, it really is such a great thing & I can't wait to write even more posts in the coming year. Please enjoy tonight & have a wonderful time and most of all be safe...


Love you all.


  1. Your list definitely put mine to shame! I am so proud of everything you have become and I love you very much <3 x


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