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Wisteria Lane to Paris; OOTD/OOTN Ash's 21st!

Hi loves!!
Last Saturday (November, 19) was a busy a day... I firstly had a craft morning tea/V.I.P christmas sale at my local Kaiser Craft store, which was fun, I picked up a few great bargains & got a HUGE bag of freebies!! So YAY! I loved my outfit I wore to the morning tea, it was 'house wifey' & gorgeous! I felt like I just step off of Wisteria Lane! Anyway this is the 'outfit of the day' video;

Outfit details;
  • Dress by Bardot; But purchased from the Kewpie Cupboard on Facebook. Pop over and say HI to Lisa & check out some of her awesome items! 
  • Shoes; City Beach.
  • Necklace; It was a gift so I am unsure of where it is from.
  • Watch; Playboy.
Sorry I didn't get any photos of the morning tea, it was pretty chaotic and there were tons of 'older than me' ladies who are serious crafters, so it was kind of pretty crazy. But we had punch to sip on, cookies to nibble on and lollies to eat! It was really lovely and a great event. I really kind of wish though that these sort of 'events/classes' I go to had a more younger following. But I guess it's more of an 'older lady' hobby anyway... 
So after that I spent sometime with my Mum at the shopping centre then I came home with my younger brother Tristan to start getting ready for my lovely friend Ash's 21st party! Tristan was my date for the party as Trent was working... 
 We headed out to Ash's parents house which is short drive out of town but not that far from where my parents live :) Her birthday party was so lovely, it had a main theme of 'black & white' (all the guests were asked to come dressed in black & white) & then also the decorations had a 'Paris' theme (Ash loves Paris!) The birthday girl appropriately wore pink!! It was a lovely party & it reminded me of my 21st (which feels like forever ago!) I hope Ash had a wonderful night & enjoyed being the centre of attention amongst all her family & friends! Thank you so much for inviting me Ash, I had a wonderful night!!
And now for some photos!
Ash's 21st...

My present & card to Ash. (I got her a whole lot of baking supplies. Such as muffin tins, cupcake carrier, cookie cutters, oven mits, pot holder etc. She asked for baking stuff, she got baking stuff!!) Hope you loved your gift Ash!!x
The beautiful Ash...
The pretty birthday girl & I.
Tristan & I. Thanks for being my 'date' for the night & being such a cool little brother!
The most awesome birthday cake!! It was perfect for Ash!! And oh my gosh, it was the yummiest cake ever!! 
I was hitting the hard drinks, as I was driving. (For non-Australian readers Pasito is passionfruit flavoured soft drink, not alcohol!!)
The decorations were amazing!! :) The party was perfect for Ash, it had Paris, there was sparkly things (glitter), there was pink & she stood out!! It was a great night!
The lovely Ash & I. Happy Birthday once again love, I hope your night was everything you dreamed of & thank you for inviting me!! x

And now for my 'outfit of the night' video for the party....

Outfit details are;
  • Top; Valley Girl. (2 years ago!)
  • Pants; Bubblegum. City Beach
  • Shoes; Peeptoe.
  • Watch; Guess.
And on Sunday I took my Mum & sister to see the latest 'Twilight' film (breaking dawn). Now to be perfectly honest I am NOT a fan of 'Twilight'. I do not understand how people are so obsessed with it, but my Mum enjoys it so I took her! :) Just a quick question for all the 'Twilight lovers'; why does Edward not sparkle on the honeymoon when he is in the sun? It was made out to be such a 'big deal' in the first movie that he sparkles, but now he doesn't? Ummm... story line fail much? Maybe there is a special reason he doesn't sparkle but so far I haven't worked out why, so if you know please comment and let me know! :)

I hope you all enjoyed this post! I had such a fun & busy weekend and I'm slowly catching up on all these posts, sorry this was a week late! 
Love you all.

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  1. Loved these OOTN The photo of you and your friend Ash is just beautiful! I had a black and white theme for my 20th and I wore green! Its nice to stand out in the crowd on your special night!


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