Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Post Secret...

I've been a fan of Post Secret for years. I use to love looking at the new secrets every week, I own one of the books & want more but now there is the Post Secret App & I am kind of obsessed. Once you get past the obnoxious attention seeking secrets, the weridos who post naked photos of themselves, Tiger text requests & the people who ask for 'hearts' (if you like a secret you 'heart' it) it's a great App. Some of the secrets on there are just ones that make me smile, others are kind of serious & some are just shocking. But either way I love it... I've posted a few secrets mainly about nothing super exciting or scandalous & last night I posted 2 and they both got to the 'top secret' section. Which is where the secrets that get the most 'hearts' go! Now both got like 40-60 hearts (some secrets have 1000+ hearts so mine really aren't that big of a deal, but still it makes me like YAY people agree with me...) 
These were my 'secrets' not actually secrets but kind of. Like I do wish I lived in America because the cost of make up here in Australia is absolute rubbish (& yes to my over seas readers this 'drugstore' foundation is really that price!! And well the Christmas one was just fun :)
The secrets...
42 'hearts'.
57 'hearts'
Some of my responses. I had 15 on the Revlon 'secret'. I replied to each one and someone said how nice it was. I figure if someone takes the time to send me a response I should return the favour! :)
The 2 secrets in the 'Now' top secret section :) YAY... I like seeing what I say others acknowledge and agree with! 

So I thought I would just share them with all you lovely people. :) I leave you with some of my favourite secrets I've seen on the app, most aren't secrets just witty thoughts but they made me smile or I just like them, so enjoy...
Love you all.
Best secret ever.

What one is your favourite 'secret'? Let me know!! 

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