Thursday, 10 November 2011

Outfits of the night, country style!

Hey my loves,
This post is a quick recap on 2 "outings" Trent and I have been on lately. Both are a little 'country'. 
The first was a country music concert for an Australian act the "Sunny Cowgirls" and Liam Brew was their support act... If you don't know who either of them are YouTube them now!! Especially the Sunny Cowgirls!! I think they are awesome!! The concert was awhile ago (28th of October 2011) it was a fun night, we had dinner together first at the 'Highfields Tavern' (oh my gosh, they serve an entree of deep fried camembert, my all time favourite entree!!) I love it!! Then we went to the concert which was great fun and an awesome concert & then came home and watched a scary movie!! It was a perfect 'date night'...
My outfit for the night was;

Outfit details;

  • Top; American Eagle. Ebay find!!
  • Belt; R.M Williams.
  • Jeans; Guess.
  • Shoes; R.M Williams cowboy boots.
  • Bag; Free bag thanks to Target!! :)
  • Jewellery (gold bangle, earrings, engagement & wedding ring) All Wallace Bishop.
  • Gold bracelet; Esteem Jewellery.

Trent and I before the concert...
Make up for the night... I know it's kind of basic but I was thinking of doing a tutorial on it... :-/
The Sunny Cowgirls performing...
Liam Brew, the Sunny Cowgirls support act & I.
The Sunny Cowgirls with Trent & I.
The girls signed the DVD I got given :)
We saw this ute in the parking lot & I insisted on getting a photo with it :)

The other outing was just to a local rodeo. My parents were out of town on a 'weekend away', which they totally deserve! So Trent and I took my younger brothers and their friend out to the rodeo for the night! I really enjoy rodeos and I know some people don't support but them. But each to their own & I honestly enjoy it when the bull chases the rider or the clown a little bit (doesn't hurt them!) It's like the bull is like "Rahhh, I am scaring you back!!" But it was a great night! I love getting out to fun events like this! I much prefer going to something like a rodeo then like a night club. Anyway this is the outfit I wore to the rodeo;

Outfit details; 

  • Shirt; Abercrombie & Fitch.
  • Belt; R.M Williams.
  • Jeans; Jays Jays.
  • Shoes; R.M Williams Cowboy boots.
  • Bag; Guess.
  • Charmed rope bracelets; Cotton On charity bracelets.

Driving out to the rodeo!
Some rodeo shots. Sorry I didn't really take my big camera to get any decent shots of either events!! So these are mainly all off of my iPhone!

I know both of these outfits are kind of similar... But they are really my favourite sort of outfits to wear. I LOVE these shirts. I really prefer to dress I guess somewhat more conservatively & more preppy. That being said I love to wear short shorts, short skirts & singlet tops etc. But not to the point so it's trashy. Anyway I think both of these outfits were appropriate for the events. Let me know what you think? Like what is your favourite out of the two? And do you like these "outfit of the day/night" videos??
Thanks for reading, I appreciate all your support!!
Love you all!!


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  2. I love your pink top, is that the one you wore to Hogs Breath? Either way I love that you wear fitted shirts :):)


  3. I love the pink one too!! :) Yes the red one is the Hogs Breath one!! Thanks I like fitted shirts!! <3


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