Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Introducing our newest family member... Spook!

Hey loves,
Oh my gosh I can't believe how long I've left this post go!! I forgot to officially introduce you all to our newest little family member, SPOOK! I know I briefly mentioned her in my birthday blog but this post is now all about her! Trent got me Spook for my 23rd birthday as a surprise from the RSPCA. I knew they had black kittens at the shelter but I was unsure if we were going to buy one or not. I came home one day & bam black kitten. Her name was decided before I got her, I wanted a 'spooky' little black cat = Spook! And because I got her on the 29th of September & that is kind of close to Halloween so it was a suitable name! 
Because she was from the RSPCA she came with all her needles done, flea treated & wormed. When we first got her she was still too young (I believe she was 5 weeks) to get desexed so once she reached 1 kg I took her back to the RSPCA and they also desexed and microchipped her for me! And because we got her so young she was originally only 'fostered' to us, but we had paid the adoption fee etc. So after her desexing that is when she 'officially' became our cat! 
She is really loving which is a big change to Mishka! Mishka (my other cat for those that don't know) is a very independent cat. She does not enjoy snuggles (unless it's to advantage herself. To gain warmth in winter , etc.) She will never just come sit on my lap (she will however to Trent). This being said most nights she will sleep at the foot of my bed on my side. 
Spook however wants to sleep on top of me, under the covers, beside me or under me. Pretty much as long as she is close to me, she is happy! She will also come sit on my lap if I am blogging or watching TV. She will let me pick her up whenever I want for snuggles & she doesn't bite! All of these things are so strange to us as Mishka is not a people lover. She is a Trent lover but even some days she isn't happy with him! Spook and Mishka get along kind of good, I guess they are like normal sisters. Sometimes they are friends, other days they tease each other & others they just tolerate one another. They aren't super cuddly friends, like they don't clean each other or sleep snuggled together. But they do sleep on our bed, so in the same space. And they like to play 'tag' a lot. They have never had a big cat fight or anything which is great! Little Spook is not a big fan though of Daisy and Duke, she puffs up and hisses at them through the back door! (This is all the contact she will have with them as they are indoor cats & outdoor dogs. Except in winter the dogs sometimes come in if it's freezing!)  So Spook has settled in really well to our little family & we all love her! 
Now for some photos;
This is the exact moment Trent gave my Spook on the 29th of September... (Yes we have a personal photographer that follows us everywhere. Thanks Nikki)
My little Rag-a-muffin and I on my actual 23rd birthday! Best present ever!
My 2 girls. Not the best photo, Mishka looks like a serial killer & Spook looks like a day dreamer. Actually that's pretty accurate. 
Photo Booth fun!!
Baby cat love.
I love this photo, it is adorable!!
Gorgeous baby.
Sleepy cat.
This is what happens when she see's Duke or Daisy!! 
Before her desexing.
After the operation :(
Conehead. Poor kitty!!
She just loves sleeping on top of us. She is so sooky it's adorable! 
My Spooky cat!!
Spook and I.
My Spook and I. I love her. Yes I am aware that in the bottom photo the poor cat looks terrified!! LOL.

I hope you all loved meeting little Spook! Stay tuned for more blogs coming up! If you want to win a book 'Animal People' by the talented Charlotte Wood head over to my last post HERE... Just comment on that blog post, make sure you are a subscriber and you could be a winner!! It's an awesome book, so make sure you enter!! 

Love you all.

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