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Paranormal Activity 3 review + Outfit of the night!

On Thursday (21/10/2011) Trent & I had a 'night date'... We headed out to see a movie; Paranormal Activity 3. I know scary movies aren't everyones cup of tea. But I really enjoy them! I have seen the first & second movie & I really like them, I like being scared. Not when I'm all alone or the sort of scared I feel when I see a frog or a toad. But fun scared when I am safe with Trent.

 Anyway this movie takes us back 23 years ago to the September of 1988 Kristy & Katie (the main characters from the first 2 movies) start experiencing 'strange occurrences'. In 1988 they are both young girls (about 4 & 8 I think).  It's Kristy who first starts talking to her 'imaginary friend Toby'. I don't want to give to much of the movie away so I won't go into any great detail but I thought overall it was ok. Not fantastic but ok. I assumed as it was taking us 'back to 1988' that it would answer the questions of why the girls were haunted/had something following them. The movie didn't even touch on the 'house fire' that Katie made reference to in the first movie (remember the burnt photo found in the attic). I just assumed the movie would explain a lot more, but it didn't for me. As for the ending, honestly the ending sucked, it was quiet odd. I understood it in a sense, but I really don't like movies that don't have a solid closed ending & leave me questioning what happens next. So I assume perhaps a 4th movie is in store for us? If you didn't enjoy the first two movies, you will not enjoy the third as once again it's a found footage style movie. I really enjoy these sort of movies, to me it adds more of a real sense to them instead of strange slasher style films or movies about trapping bad people, locking them in a maze to teach them a lesson (yes the Saw movies are ok, but after that many of them I really find them quiet boring). **I love gory horror films as much as the next horror movie fan, but 'ghost story' films like this I think are lots of fun!!**
The movie had pretty much the same sort of 'cheap movie effects' as the last two, with swinging lights, moving objects & strange noises. But I think it's those simple things that scare people more sometimes. Stuff like that can happen. We all have been at home before all alone & heard a strange sound and if you are anything like me you sit there thinking "what the hell was that? Ok I am about to die..." So I think by keeping with those effects instead of using huge elaborate special effects really has made these movies more of a success. If they had made some digitalised ghost that we could all  see moving the lights, dragging people & being spooky it wouldn't be so real. I think if there are ghost out there, we obviously can't see them & therefore it makes it that much more scary and real for people. In the movie there were a few times the whole theatre made the gasping sound (or much to my disgust some high pitched screams, I'll get to this point at the end). One of the scenes that made me jump the most wasn't even the darn ghost - watch the movie you will see what I am talking about (*hint; it's in the first section of the movie when they first discover the spooky occurrences)  Another brilliant scare point they had was with a white sheet, so keep your eyes peeled for that scene if you watch it!
 I think the release time for this movie is perfect! Right near Halloween! I would love to go see this movie again on Halloween, but honestly movie ticket prices are ridiculous so I doubt I will! For Trent & I to go it cost $33. I can't believe how much it is just to watch a movie, it's cheaper to buy it brand new on DVD when it's released & I would prefer to do that as then at least I get to keep it & watch it whenever I feel like it.
 I wish they had maybe focused a little more on some of the spooky stuff, it could've had a few more really scary moments & I found it odd that the women in all these movies are so ignorant. Obviously the guys have video evidence of strange stuff happening & they act like it's nothing or that the video camera is causing it all to happen. If Trent showed me a video of our house with lights moving & doors closing the last thing I would want him to do is stop filming!! But it was an ok movie, not as good as I hoped & the ending was not brilliant. It was a pretty scary & twisted ending but it left to many unanswered questions for me.The ending though did link back to the coven/cultural link made in 2. I just wish they would have stuck with full on scary unexplained hauntings, that would make people feel more scared as now it's kind of like if there is no reason you won't be haunted.
 If you have never seen these films before you could probably watch them in reverse (3,2,1) and it would still make sense (as for those that don't know 2 & 3 are the prequels to 1). If you have seen 1 & 2 it more than likely will not phase you (especially if by the second movie you were a little immune to doors closing & things being thrown around) But if they both scared the hell out of you, well 3 will do the same. But if 3 will be your first Paranormal Activity movie you will be scared, I was scared after the first one. Now they are just fun kind of movies, I even tend to kind of play a game with Trent; 'who can spot the spooky thing first'. 

The main down side to this movie for me had nothing to do with the actual movie, it was to do with the cinema. We went to the movies on a Thursday night for the 6:30pm movie. I should've realised that the cinema would be packed full of delinquent 14-17 year olds. Argh, I was so annoyed. They are all just so obnoxious & lame. I understand some laughing or whatever but just acting like a total loser through the whole movie is just plain disrespectful. I missed a lot of talking parts & some of the 'spooky sounds' because people either were calling out to each other, being rude or laughing at nothing. Like it really isn't that funny of a movie. And then my lord, if one slightly scary thing happened & I mean like a light may sway, well that would then cause all the teenage girls to scream like idiots. Like it's a scary movie, prepare for yourself to jump or be a bit scared. But you don't have to scream flat out for like 30 seconds like a banshee, it's just annoying. I just do not understand people sometimes, we had a group of girls sitting beside us & for the majority of the movie they had popcorn boxes covering their faces & then another group had to leave & were like shaking & nearly in tears. Seriously, drama queens much? It is not that scary. Like why would you pay the $12 (or whatever the student charge for a ticket is) + candy bar fees to sit there and not watch the film? It was very odd. So fair to say I was a little annoyed when the movie ended because I didn't get to hear the whole thing. 
*** PLEASE NOTE; I spoke to Birch Carroll & Coyle today & they have given us 2 free tickets as apparently we weren't the only people unhappy with all the teenagers. I am very glad they were happy to try & fix the situation.***

So as far as ratings go I will give Paranormal Activity 3; a 3 out of 5 stars. Not the best one I ever seen and considering how much the 'Bloody Mary' aspect of the movie was advertised that wasn't a big part of the movie at all unfortunately. It could've done with a few more shocking spooky things. The little kids especially the youngest were pretty creepy & they were great at acting out their roles, I think what made them even creepier for me was the fact they wore those long white nighties to bed. To me they those nighties are just creepy! I like the fact they use unknown actors in these movies as it gives more of a real 'found tape' feel to it. It wasn't the most lame movie I have ever seen & I will be buying it when it comes out on DVD. If you are dying to see this movie, head to your local cinema, but my advice is wait for it to come out on DVD.
 Oh and if you are going to take your parents or younger siblings to see this be warned there is an incredible awkward kind of sex scene close to the beginning. It was funny sitting in a cinema & you could tell everyone kind of felt awkward about it as it wasn't really expected. 

I hope you enjoyed this movie review, if you have seen this movie what did you think of it? Have you seen Paranormal Activity 1 or 2? Did you like those? 
Now onto my outfit for the night;

Sorry it's a little rushed, I was running late!! And I had to add in that blooper at the end it was so awkward. It's kind of embarrassing trying to film yourself when someone could possibly hear you. I thought Trent was pulling the car around to the front so I thought I would do a super quick outfit video (which explains why I was quickly doing this). He was quicker than I thought & came inside. When we re-watched this I was going to just delete that part but he thought it was funny and insisted I add it in as a 'blooper'. :)

Anyway outfit details are;

So my loves, that is all. I am off to bed to dream of ghosts & unicorns. I will leave you with a few photos of Trent & I from Thursday night!! You can kind of see in the photos my first really dark smokey eye, I normally don't wear black eye shadow, but I thought dark eyes are appropriate for a scary movie! I really liked how it turned out! Could be a little better, but it's a nice change from the gold, bronze & brown colours I always wear! I am also super undecided if I like my hair with a straight across fringe (bangs) or side swept fringe. Any opinions??
Ok well have a lovely weekend!
Love you all.

My husband and I. 
Mwa... X

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