Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween decorations 2011

Hey loves!!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Ok, technically it's not Halloween, but this is my Halloween decorations blog!! In Australia we really don't celebrate Halloween as big as America, but I still love it! I know a lot of people think it's stupid to celebrate an "American holiday". But each to their own I think. I absolutely love spooky scary things. I love horror films, I love being scared & I love gory & disgusting things & I love the idea of haunted houses, objects etc. Yes, I am a weirdo. Anyway, at the beginning of October I started decorating my house for Halloween and I thought I would share with you the photos & video! It's not as good as I would love for it to be, Australia has a limited range of Halloween supplies & most of them are pretty lame! I ordered most of my stuff from Ebay. I got a few things from Australian stores, I find the cheap $2 style stores have the best range. 
So these are some photos of what SOME of my decorations are...For a better look please check out my 2 YouTube videos which will be at the end of this post!! (If you have a YouTube account please subscribe to my channel; BellaInBindyland)

This is what you see as soon as you walk into my house. I love my crashed witch. She came from America.
My scariest prop... This head came from Ebay. 
My wedding bird cage decorated all spooky!!
My tinsel decorations... They were $2 from a cheap store. More cute than scary though.
Halloween tinsel in front of the TV.
My big glittery spider...

These are 2 light up garden ornaments but for this year they are inside ornaments :) And the candle I got from Woolworths for $3.99!!
Our fire place all decorated spooky!!
I forgot to add this skeleton in the video!! I actually have two of them hanging in my kitchen!
My centre pieces.
My Halloween smurf collection!!

Now that is just some of my decorations!! Now for some images of decorations I wish I had...
I love this idea by Bridget Marquadt (from the Girls of the Playboy Mansion).... A black Halloween tree!!!
I LOVE these door way ideas!! 
These decorations give me some great ideas for next year!!
I wish big pumpkins were more available in Australia we can get them from groceries stores but they are pretty expensive... 

So loves I hope you enjoyed this creepy Halloween decoration post!! I love this holiday and wish I had a Halloween party this weekend to go to & dress up. But I don't. :( I am sure some of the night clubs around town will be doing something but I really am not into clubbing that much so I will not be going to any of those!! 
Anyway loves for a better look at my Halloween decorations check out these two videos;

And for the decorations by night check out the sneak peek!!

Hope you all have a super scary Halloween & I would love to hear about what you did for Halloween & if you any photos of your decorations please tweet them to me (@Bella_K) or post them on my Facebook 'LIKE' page. (Just search Bella In BIndyland)
I best be off I have to get ready for a country music concert tonight (The Sunny Cowgirls) & I am also helping my little cat 'Spook' get better, she was just desexed yesterday so she isn't feeling 100%. 
Have a haunted & spooky weekend!! & Happy Halloween for Monday (or Sunday for Americans!).
Love you all...

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  1. this is one of the reason why I miss my time in Australia! :D


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