Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Car safety & fuel speak...

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Hi my loves!
So here in Australia university holidays start very soon (or have already started), so that means a lot of students will be traveling home or traveling to work placement or just generally traveling. I have a lot of friends (& readers) that will be driving home or to holidays for the summer break. Not only will people be traveling for summer holidays a lot of people will also be heading home or heading to visit family for Christmas! I urge all my readers & friends to take the upmost care when traveling, not only this Summer but always! And this applies to  all my overseas readers who could be planning to travel for the up and coming holiday season as well!! (Christmas is less than 8 weeks away!!) 
So loves I thought I would do a blog post on some of my top car safety tips;
  • Get your car regularly serviced & tyres in good condition! (You should always do this)
  • Check your tyre pressure & that all your wheel nuts are secure!
  • Before setting off of any trip check your oil & fluid levels
  • (If you aren’t sure on how to do the previous 2 get your partner, brother, knowledgable friend, Father etc. to help out & take note on they do everything so next time you can do it for yourself!) 
  • Get a GPS & securely set it up in the car if you are going somewhere you have never been before.
  • Carry a map; just in case.
  • Make sure your jack & spare tyres are all equipped & you know how to access them. 
  • Carry a first aid kit in your glove box.
  • Pack a torch! 
  • Pack a pillow and a blanket. You never know when you may need a nap & a blanket is always handy to have!
  • Program a ‘driving playlist’ on your iPhone or iPod or make a CD before you set off on your drive with only songs you enjoy listening to, as trying to skip songs or change CDs whilst driving is dangerous! 
  • Get a car charger for your mobile phone & always make sure it is charged!
  • Also with a mobile make sure you have a blue tooth system installed in your car! Not only is using your phone whilst driving dangerous it is also illegal!!
  • Pack snacks & water for yourself!
  • Pack a few bottles full of water (such as 2L cordial or milk bottles) these can be used for any emergency & can be used for your radiator. Keep them in the boot of your car!
  • Make sure you have road side assist (RACQ etc.) or at least carry there number with you!
  • If you are traveling with pets, make sure they are fully secured at all times, pack some food & water and a bowl for them, have a leash & harness handy so you can walk them when you have a break.
  • Google the fuel stations at which you should stop at & map them out. You do NOT want to run out of fuel.
  • Google driver reviver stations or plan to stop at the fuel stations for a snack, toilet break & to stretch your legs. Remember fatigue is a major killer on our roads! 
  • Before you leave notify your family or friends how long your trip shall take & your estimated arrival time.
  • Leave your details of where you are traveling too, your license plate, where you are staying etc, with a good reliable friend or a family member.
  • When you make a fuel or wee stop always text a reliable friend or family member & let them know exactly where you are & what you are doing. I.e; ‘Hi Mum, stopping at Caltex at Gympie. Fueling car & grabbing a drink! Traveling safe, see you soon!! x’ Or even just check in on Facebook letting everyone know where you are! Just so you are leaving a technological trail from where you have been, just in case!! 
  • When traveling my car always automatically locks all my doors once I go over 40km, I think this is a great safety feature. So I suggest always making sure your doors are locked especially traveling through towns/areas you don’t know.
  • Do not stop at abandoned rest stops (seriously have you seen the movie Rest Stop?!). Always & only stop at safe & reliable fuel stations. I always tend to stop at bigger name fuel stations (not that smaller ones aren’t as good). I just feeler safer at bigger & busier places. So I normally pull into a Caltex or something similar!
  • Make sure to purchase fuel from a reliable & trustworthy fuel provider (such as Caltex). Bad fuel can cause your car to break down & damage your engine! 
On the topic of fuel, Trent & I recently purchased a new diesel car & we couldn’t be happier with it. Trent previously owned his builders ute & it was a diesel so he wanted another diesel car, but we wanted a more ‘safe & family style car’. So that’s what we got! I was super excited to have my own car that I could zip around town in & have some independence! But there is one down side to owning it & being independent; I have to fuel the car. I always get so confused, where do I fuel up? What fuel stations are the best? Do I judge by cost of fuel or the company & how reliable they are? Boy, it is so confusing... Luckily I had Trent to point me in the right direction... He suggested I just go to Caltex fuel stations as they are reliable & have a good reputation. Caltex is also the company my parents use to fuel their unleaded vehicles. Recently we have started using the new Vortex Premium Diesel by Caltex. It has been specially formulated to clean your cars fuel system while you drive. Using a lesser quality diesel can cause performance destroying deposits to build up on your cars fuel injectors due to engine heat. (This can happen slowly over time, so you may not even notice it happening!!!) The build up on the fuel injectors can reduce combustion efficiency, which leads to power loss, slower acceleration, increased fuel consumption and higher exhaust emissions. Vortex Premium Diesel can help remove all the build up & restore lost power & economy! Not only is the premium diesel better for your car it’s better for us too!! It has an anti-foam agent that greatly reduces the risk of splashing & also reduces that horrid diesel odor that gets left on your hands after fueling (I am super happy about this factor as it always gives me a head ache!!)
You can read more about the Caltex Vortex Premium Fuel HERE.
Thank you so much for reading this blog & your constant support loves! I value all of you & I hope you all take note of some of these safety suggestions for when you travel, as I want you all to stay safe!! 
Love you all! 

My new car and I! I know it's not a Toyota (it's a Hyundai) but still it was fun to jump! :)

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